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Riven Build Guide by Zealess84

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zealess84

Riven the girl who loved Doran

Zealess84 Last updated on September 25, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This is my first guild so bear with me Ill try to cover all I know about the fun, fast paced style that is Riven. Like Garen and Kat, Riven runs off no resource pool, so basically the only thing that limites you dagame is cdr. This guide will provie you with a strong early game, great staying power, and the potential to be pretty scary mid/late game.

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Marks- take armor pen this gives you a bit more early game damage.
Seals- are flat armor seals making Riven more durable early
Glyphs- are Magic resist per level which will help us servive those bursty ap characters.
Quints- Flat health regen runes give you staying power in lane.

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Masteries are 21/6/3
Our offensive masteries give us a bit of extra punch.
the 6 in our defensive masteries gives extra MR and Armor which is nice
the 3 in utility is 10% reduction off our death timer. I know what your thinking why, well when I die because Im not perfect I want back in the battle asap. If you don't like the 3 points here feel free to change them.

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Summoner Skills

I generaly take exhaust and flash
they give you escape and offense utility

ghost is also viable
as is ignite but they are not my top choices.

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I start the game with imo one of the best Items in the game Doran's Blade
Try to do your best last hitting minions. Try to stay in lane until at least 825 gold. If your well in lane you might want to stay longer but thats up to you.
Your first back should consist of another doran's blade and boots of speed

Depending on what your laning against affects the next time choice if you are harassing well and are in controll of the lane pick up doran's blade number 3.
If your lane has a bunch of CC and your having a hard time, finish the boots in to Mercury Treads.
Either way we will be getting 3 doran's blades and mercury treads.

Next its time to build the 2 Items that give us our nice damage.

We are going to pick up a Pick axe next then complete our last whisper. This item makes you hit much harder

Next we pick up a brutalizer the damage and armor pen are nice plus you get a bit of cdr

Finish off the brutalizer, into a Youmuu's ghost blade.

At this point your doing good damge and have pretty good bruiser stats.

This is the first time you will sell and you will replace our treasured Doran's blade with a Phage giving you 8 extra damage and 125 more health and chance you slow people running away.

Upgrade the Phage to a frozen mallet. Now you have lots of hp and do great damage.

At this point of the game we have 2 doran's blades left. Depending on the other team you may want to go more offensive and get a Bloodthirster or you might need armor and MR from a Guardian Angel. Thats up to you and is very situational, but you have solid core items so what ever you do you will proform well.

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Broken Wings is your bread and butter. Its a great harrass and provides both an escape/chase mechanic in one skill. WE will be maxing this first at lvl 4 if you can put a point into this skill do.

Ki Burst is our mini stun interupt, allot of people max this skill real fast but personally I wait until the end. while the damage is decent its not worth maxing until the end.

Valor is our shield/dash this skill gives Riven more mobility and a bit of tankishness"im not sure if thats a word but you get what im saying" This will be the second skill we max it lets you engage and gives you shield to soak creap damage.

Blade of the Exile is Riven's signature move, It give her abilities extra range and damage and allows you to use the wind slash skill with a second activation. This skill makes you dangerous, but it must be used at the right time. If you are going into a fight activate it before anything else it has a pretty nice duration. Wind slash is your finisher not your opener so use broken wings combo and ki burst and then follow that with wind slash.

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Laning/Team Fights

You want to stick to the bushes poping out to last hit, save your broken wings for when enemies get close to you. A key example is valor out to an enemy "remeber to have your cusor over them when using broken wings" execute the broken wings combo if you are safe, at the end of the combo use ki burst and escape to the bushes. Valor should soak any minion damage and you health regen should keep you in the fight. remember that broken wings can take you through minions without having to worry about pathing so use that to its fullest.

Also if you have to retreat valor and broken wings allow you to hop skip and cut your way to safety.

Where as you have a good amount of Health and good resists your not a tank in this build don't act like one! You are a clean up crew, once everyone is fighting activate your ult if its upt valor in giving you a 200-350 shield, unleash broken wings apon them followed by ki burst. Windslash anyone low trying to get away. Valor has a pretty short cooldown so if your taking damage activate it.

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Riven is a great champ that brings good damage, mobility, and surviavability to the table. She is a fun fast Paced champ and has the potential to be great.

Thanks for reading my first ever guide I hope it helps you, and if you like it please vote for it =)

Please leave any comments and questions you might have and Ill try to get back to them quickly.