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Riven Build Guide by Feza D Yudoracil

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Feza D Yudoracil

Riven - The Show of Your Skill

Feza D Yudoracil Last updated on November 6, 2011
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Hello, I am Feza D Yudoracil(a player in the NA server). this is my first guide on LoL so please dont be all mean and stuff. I am not a Elo player yet but I am level 30 and have experiences in the 3v3 battle style(this guide is mainly for 3v3), but still works for 5v5). I know how ppl think Riven is UP, i do agree that she needs maybe a little bit more but she is close OP right now actually. Okay so lets get started!

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Skill Sequence and description

Always start with Broken wings as it deals most damage at level 1. then take a level in W then E and focus on maxing out W first cause its a nuke. an AOE nuke with 1:1 AD ratio. after that I max E giving us better tower diving ability and survivability in general. lastly Q. Also take ulti when possible since its your ULTIMATE.

Runic Blade
SO this is her passive.... Rarely U will se a passive that scales with Your AD. By any means this an extremely strong passive, which i will explain more in the Masteries section.

Broken Wings
Ur Bread and Butter. Ur chase/escape/main dmg tool. this thing will make u a horror when soloing 1v1 any other champion. with the combo: Q, AA, Q, AA, Q, AA u will deal about half or more of their health as dmg. Learn to use this well and u WILL be a monster!

Ki Burst
KA BOOM! and they stop for a split second. this thing is ur Nuke ur very powerful nuke. In a 30-40min game with a nice and fair farm, u should get this up to about 400 dmg. and that is in one blast. auto atk after this and its a pain. adapt to its range and use it second after ur valor or Q+AA and deal a nice amount of dmg.

vroom! and u are there. a spamamble dash+ sheild that helps escape , tower dive, chase etc. extremely useful and this is ur E+W harrass which can also be ur combo starter.

Blade of the Exile
AHHH ur ulti, this is why riven is a monster. Boosts everything by 20% all damage and range. hmm powerful right? at max CDR 27sec so don't need to worry about using it. open it at the start of battle and even if its only gonna hit one person, its worth it. the damage ranges from 100% to 25% so at 25% it deals max damage which u should be aiming for.

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Summoner Spells

Flash and Exhaust. thats my prefered and wat i find to work best with riven.
ghost is nice too, but remember ur dash distances off ur Q and E doesnt increase with Move speed so it only helps if u arent really good with controlling her spells. Ignite is nice, but u have ur ulti to last hit the opponent with.

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as an AD champion she has a really low armor early so getting 6 points in the defense tree is just nice for ur early game. 21 points in offense for the early and late game dmg. while the 3 points in utility gives u a bit more regen for lane stability.

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I take pure AD marks and quints over armor pen and i m sure u may ask why. its simple. look at ur passive. 5 dmg early on... wow 5 dmg even if it is true is like... nothing. then again being an early game champion, why would u take the late game apen over the early game ad?. seals and gylths and armor and mr to maximize survivability.

Edit 1: I have reconsidered armor penetration. Its nice addition but either get all apen quints or all apen marks, try not to get all apen of both the extra damage is always good for your passive.

Edit 2: FINALLY! i have found the perfect balance for me in apen and ad. getting full MArks of desolation and full quints of Strength is just enough for early game.

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i start with Doran's Blade giving me about 90 ad at level 1. that 28 bonus AD from your mastery+ rune+ doran gives ur passive a bonus 21.5 at level 1. ouch, that will hit them really hard at level 1 hitting about 100 between each ability cast. then I work towards getting my Ionian Boots of Lucidity which gives me the CDR i need to use my combos more often. after that i work towards a The Brutalizer. this gives u the power to solo almost any champion at the same level. now here comes the unexpected.... TIAMAT! yes its Tiamat, its like the item built for riven. 50 ad at low price and giving a splash for ur runic blade powered atks making u a really team power. at this point you core is done, u should do fairly well with it as I have scored about 3-6 kills each game with just these items. Right here slide in an Aegis of the Legion and u have 100+ for both armor and mr, then some more hp and dmg. then i build my The Bloodthirster that gives u the life steal and that horrifying dmg. then u finish ur brutalizer into the yomuu's ghostblade. there ur build is done. oh w8, right the Trinity Force is just an addition to the high power u can dish out, but of course this item is highly situational u can switch in a defensive item if u need it.

Riven is rather flexible with items. at points of time if they have casters that are fed/farmed a nice hex drinker never hurts. as for frozen mallet.... i donno, its nice but the dmg isnt too appealing, if u r getting it, geti it after ur blood thirster or tiamat.

This is a renewed set up for Items, similarly I start up with the same items but after The Brutalizer I get my self a Vamparic Scepter then i evaluate the situation. If i need more defense, round up soem gold and work towards the Aegis of the Legion, But if I m pwning I get my B.F. Sword aka Best Friend sword. either way you should end up with a The Bloodthirster and Aegis of the Legion. then i head towards Guardian Angel or Frozen Mallet, Either way works. and finally finish up your yomuu's ghostblade to push towers faster or sell it for a The Black Cleaver.

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Team Work

You have 4 AOE hits and in team fights you should try to hit all of them and at the same time dont for get to AA in between which with ur tiamat is still an AOE. so you are the center of the fight, you will be focused and your job is to either kill them all or damage them low enough and escape leaving ur teammates to handle ( lower than 25% hp average). the only time u should ever spam ur abilities is when both of u are low on hp and u need the procs fast or in laning phase when u are farming. another thing in team fights is that, u can initiate. with a dash in and ki shout u have initiated a fight and ur teammates should join in right after.
when neeeding to save your teamate when they escape, simplily Valor + Ki Burst them.
IMPORTANT! NEVER FORGET TO ACTIVATE YOUR ULTI BEFORE A FIGHT!!!! its more than just important since the bonus damage is just toooo valuable to be ignored.

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Skill tricks

this is the section that you want to read and never forget. I will be explaining some simple but useful tricks u can pull off in battle.

trick 1: Valor + Wind Slash
there is always this time when u are stuck in the middle of 3 and u can't seem to get ur aim right because its lagging, its too messy, they are everywhere. if that is the case simplely dash back wards in the opposite direction and then shoot ur ulti where the enemies are at. this helps u maximize your ultis dmg output in team fights and help u land a successful finishing touch.
this trick has to be practiced alot to get the timing and direction+ feeling right.

trick 2: Valor + Ki Burst or Q+Q+Q back
every one knows this trick but i m using it different here. its used to out lane the enemy usually when u valor to the enemy they expect u to ki burst and they will back off. using this advantage as often as possible and scared them away. with your broken wing u can simplely Q two times to wards the opponent then Q back to the minions and then ki burst. its good when it comes to laning against melee champions or ranged champions.

trick 3: Valor + Ki Burst Q+Q+Q forwards.
this is simple enough, its the tower diving trick. when one tower dives failure or not one qill back away but sometimes the minions wall u off and kills u. so valor in to tank the first hit off the turrent after ur ki burst and then Q forwards away from their turrent when the back away.

Trick 4: stop + Ki Burst + Valor and escape
If u happen to have some health left during an escape, u can stop ki burst then escape to help ur teammates get further away. also valor right after to soak a bit of the incoming dmg.

More will be coming when I think of more.

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when u get ur Tiamat, Ki Burst+ auto atk will clean the casters and leave the melees at low health. plan ur cool downs before hand so u know u got that Broken Wings up for escape.

at level 1 you should take solo top. with your early game power at level 1 2 or 3 you can solo almost every champion out there. just use ur usual Q+ auto atks in between combo to hit them hard and with exhaust, u will score the kill.

with an early first blood u should be on the upper hand and try as much as possible to score more kills off the opponent. then as u get the level 6, u can always go gank the bottom lane so your teammates gets the farms too.

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For those who wants to Cheat

Here are the simplified version of my item selections.
all the extra items aside from the main build will be posted under here.

Doran's Blade

Doran's Blade Ionian Boots of Lucidity The Brutalizer Tiamat

Core extension:
Aegis of the Legion the blood thirster Yomuu's ghost blade
*if u dont need life steal, get another Tiamat and enjoy the teamfight power

Trinity Force

item selections:

Early defensive+offensive item when they have mages that are giving u a bad time.

Last Whisper
get this pesky bow when u feel like u aren't hitting hard enough

Wriggle's Lantern
Supposingly the most OP item on TT. great addition to ur item collection if u want a free ward.

Sword of the Occult
feel like ur gonne ace in the next 2min? get this.

The Black Cleaver
more A-reduc for ur team and urself which makes YOU hit extra hard. also great when that cho'gath/soraka silences u trying to make u useless

will be adding more.

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2nd Build.

I don't really have a name for this build yet but this build works really well too. lately I have been considering a few different items that would fit in the build itself and I found this build to serve me well while against tankier units.

The rune page.
notice I have replaced the MR glyphs with CDR. it helps ur farming, harassing early game. But No Matter What, Rune pages are ALWAYS Personal Preference.

The Skill Sequence.
Ehhh... this one gives more damage over survivability cause I got some more armor early. not much changes anyways.

The Item Set.
This is where things got interesting. Riven is never a great DPS BUT she has great base ATK Speed so why not get some atk speed on her? this build worked wonders and the biggest item in there is The Black Cleaver. gives Riven aproximatly 1.28atk speed which will help her damage output even if abiliyies are on cooldown or silenced. after this is all survivabiity. usually i m the center of attention which is why i choose Guardian Angel.

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Trinity tank build

Okay, so u enter TT and realize u got 2 instalocks, both squishies, wat do u do now? a) be squishy and bet on luck u might win b) use the trinity tank build!. (B) is more ideal :D

So, here I bring u the Official Trinity Tank Riven. WOHOOOOOOO anyways, *cough* well its just the meta game build actually nothing new except it works really well on riven. Its a nice build that comes in handy when u are not a great escaper and ur opponents are hitting quite hard. WARNING! Only use this build when u have learned your way around using riven and is skillful at it or it would be very useless.
The largest skill needed here is to time ur attacks in between each spell cast for max damage.

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Riven is a strong champion early game, take advantage of that, use it to help your late game carries get through early game. I have found luck and strength with this build against 40-50 champions out of the 83 and I really do wish You to find luck wit the build too! GL and HF!