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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ArcticFox7

Rod Master Anivia

ArcticFox7 Last updated on April 19, 2011
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This is my second build on MoBaFire for Anivia the Rod Master. While this may seem like overkill it really works and makes you tanky as all get out in a team fight. it takes a long time to DPS down a essentially 6k health caster and during this time your team is doing a lot of damage.

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Pros / Cons

-Lots of health
-Mana problem solved relatively early after chalice
-Lots of Burst damage
-good in jungle engagements
-Can function as a portable fortify
-Can hold a medium health turret with little fear of death
-Can only be turret dived by high DPS champions
-good AoE damage in team fights

-takes a bit to snowball up damage
-Egg is wasted if ever caught alone

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- Magic pen Marks- As a caster you need to be able to penetrate past the enemies magic resist and it makes minion farming much easier

- Mana Per 5 per level Seals- these help along with the fact that you have a huge mana problem early if you are using your powers to farm, especially after your ult is gained at level 6. late game with the huge pool of available mana and double archangel staffs you should be fine for mana.

- CDR per Level Glyphs- These help with the fact that Anivia is a rotational damage mage and only can pull her Combo every few seconds.

-One Mana Per 5 per Level Quint- there to further help your hungry mana bar stay full

-two Ability Power Quints- These help with the lack of actual Ability Power items bought early on in giving you a little bit of extra DPS to farm with your ult or Frost Bite the enemy.

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Close to standard Caster Spec I take full points in good hands as this is very important in case you die. As Anivia as long as you know when you can and cannot be daring or stubborn you shouldn't be dieing at all in laning phase. Max spec down to the CDR and points in flash and teleport.

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Early Laning Phase

Start with a Meki Pendant and a 2 health pots for mana regen and surviviability, you do have your Egg passive but you don't want to have to waste it too early on. Once you have 605 gold go back and build your meki pendant into a tear of the godess. This will start building up your mana pool so it wont be as small and get burned by your ultimate once you hit level 6. Continue to farm and wait for 1250 gold to go back and buy your Chalice of Harmony and your basic boots. Then prepare to slow push down mid as you burn every minion wave with your ultimate and make the minion go either straight for the champion or the turret.

If you have a Jungler and he doesn't need blue ask if you can take the blue buff as Anivia with blue buff can run her ult indefinitely and never run out of mana.

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Skill Use

Playing Anivia is all about skill at landing your skill shots. Check how competent the enemy champion in mid is by throwing a flash frost right at them after about 5 seconds of auto attacking minions in mid.
If they dodge it then your landing of harass will be a lot harder, if not then slowly flash frost harass them down and move for the kill with frost bite after a few hits.

[Q] Flash frost- This is one of the slowest skill shots in the game but who cares it passes through everything it touches. Using this correctly takes skill and practice, as it can be triggered at any time along its path it doesn't have to go the full distance. Make sure when trying to harass with this slow shot to aim for the minions to get hit by the travel of the flash Frost so you can pop it early if you are certain they have dodged it already.

[W] Crystallize- One of the best powers to help you get Fed and have a lot of kills. If a low health enemy champion is being stupid and hiding close to the front of the turret and you have at least 3 points in crystallize ruin their day for them. trow the wall along the turret to prevent their escape and pull your ult, flash frost, frost bite combo. This before a team fight can turn the entire fight into a winning battle as the fight is now a 5v4 and you can take a tower.

this is also important to use in jungle engagements. When people are luring enemies into the jungle ruin their day by throwing crystallize to prevent their retreat again. this not only makes escape impossible but backup has to stand and watch as you combo the enemy down with help.

[E] Frost Bite- Single target nuke ability this should only be used if the enemy has been afflicted with flash frost slow, glacial storm slow, or any other slow for that matter as it does double damage.

[R] Glacial Storm- This is your favorite move as its a really low cool down AoE move that farms minions like several bosses. With this Skill Combined with teleport you are a portable fortify to keep enemies from taking towers. even if there are enemy champions and the turret is still in saving range (half health) teleport in, drop glacial storm and combo the champions if they were dumb enough to stay.

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Mid Laning Phase

Anivia is a farming boss so once you have teleport off cooldown from porting back to lane the second time go back and buy either a rod of ages or a catalyst depending on how well you have been farming. In other words, after your tear, chalice, and sorcerers shoes rush Two Rod of Ages next in the build. This will allow them ample time to snowball up the mana pool and health to make you a bad target to focus since you have so much health. Then go for your Archangels Staff for a large Ability Power jump. Archangels staff turns that huge mana pool you have been siting on into a very effective weapon to nuke entire characters i one combo.

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Helping the Build Along

Many Middle Lane's Don't realize that they are in a very good position and need to take advantage of a side lane being hurt. If one lane is being harassed hard or being forced to turret hug you should be going ganking to get extra money for your expensive build. Initiate with your ult for the slow followed by Flash Frost. Once flash frost has hit (which it should with the enemy being slowed) hammer them with frost bite and throw down your Crystallize just to mess up their movement path and keep them on glacial storm longer. Keep on them if they are not dead yet with another flash Frost into Frost Bite for the kill if your lane has been assisting you in killing the enemy champions.

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Late game

This is when Winter starts to cast its hard and cruel hits against the enemy as now your AP start to exponentially go up. The Enemy team has thought that you were doing lots of damage based on the fact that you get 2x scaling on frost bite when slowed now you start to accumulate actual Ability power. get your archangels staff first followed by either another Archangel's Staff or go for Rabadon's Deathcap and then proceed to get the other once you have enough gold. At this point you can literally probably one combo any squishy that you can hit with Flash frost and Frost Bite with 2 ticks from your ult.