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Evelynn Build Guide by neonlights14

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author neonlights14

Roundhouse Kick Hybrid Evelynn

neonlights14 Last updated on July 16, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi! Welcome to my Evelynn AD Build. You may all know Evelynn as the squishy, burst AP-assasin mage who excels in jungling as well as 1v1 against squishy champions. This build will mainly focus on making Evelynn's health balanced (not squishy, not tanky), making her have high sustain, give her more ganking opportunities and of course, making you a better Evelynn player.

My name is NeonHalo and I comefrom the PH server of LoL which is one of the most competitive (and toxic) communities of LoL. Here in the PH, few reach the Challenger Tier because most of us belong in the Platinum or Gold tier. I myself is in the Silver Tier but don't judge me! I was just demoted because of continous defeats because of unbearable lags and rage quits.
Here is her champion spotlight so you will have a slight idea of how to use her.


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I picked runes that are mostly for Fighters because this Evelynn is kind of like that but more squishier.First off is Movement Speed. Evelynn, because of her passive, is known to be a good roamer. Basically you will need this rune to roam fastly and to jungle faster.
Second is Critical Damage. You are a fighter and your goal is to deals tons and tons of damage, and of course, with the help of Critical Damage which gives you 200 percent of your autoattack damage. Also, Evelynn does a roundhouse kick whenever she does a critical attack, which is cool.
Third is Scaling Health. Since you are a fighter, one of your goals too is to receive damage and also because you are melee.
Last is Attack Speed. "Kick Scratch" *repeat "Kick, Roundhouse Kick Scratch". This is mainly Evelynn's attack with this rune. And who wouldn't love to Solo Baron with that hell of an attack speed.

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The masteries I picked are mainly about attack speed, enhanced armor and roaming capabilities.

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I Love It When They Scream
So I picked Spirit of the Ancient Golem for sustainability. Also, for the cooldown reduction for the ridiculously long cooldown for you ultimate.
I picked Bloodthirster for the amazing shield it grants and it's high lifesteal bonus.
I picked Phantom Dancer for the high attack speed and critical chance it gives.
Picked this item for it's critical chance. Nuff' said
Picked this item for the roaming capabilities and it's attack speed.
Picked this as a last item for the lifesteal and spell vamp.

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Skill Sequence

Hate Spike makes your jungle route very fast, gives you the kiting ability, and serves as one of your most painful strikes evah. (except if your build is AP, then this is your primary attack)
The passive from this ability is actually like Sivir's passive, only that it is an ability. Plus, the passive gives you the ability to chase fleeing enemies. The active is also good for escaping because it is like Garen's first skill.

Basically, this is your ganking tool because it gives you attack speed steroid even if your level is low. Plus, this is your main damage tool (and also your basic attacks).
Evelynn's ultimate is good for initiating teamfights, escaping, bursting down enemies, starting a gank and for 1v1's.

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Pros / Cons


    Burst Abilities
    Passive gives you sustainable mana
    Ulti makes up for her squishyness
    Easily countered by CC
    Has only 1 weak cc
    Squishy without ulti
    Weak early game
    Vulnerable to counter jungling

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Ranked Play

During ranked games, always be sure you have a trinket with you to avoid counter jungling. Put a trinket at your red and have a teammate who will leash you at blue guard blue and another to guard red.

Just follow the jungle route and you will be fine. Take note that your stealth works until you come too close to a champion. When ganking, NEVER, EVER STAY TOO CLOSE to the champion you will gank and be sure that the champion you will gank does not have an open spot to escape to.

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Creeping / Jungling

First off, make your teammates leash you on blue buff. This will be your main supply for mana.
Then, directly go to your red buff. Use potions depending on health lost then gank either mid or bot. If the gank is successful, go to the wolves, then the tiny wraiths. Repeat this until middle game where you can gank top lane.<COUNTER JUNGLING>
First off, secure your blue buff or even take it to be sure. Then, go directly to either blue or red buff (blue if jungler does not need mana, red if he does.) Do the counter jungling opposite of how the enemy does like, if you did blue buff, you will be on the red buff, so that is mainly where you need to go to. Repeat, gank and do until mid game.

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Thank you very much for reading this summary and I hope you learned quite a lot with Evelynn, the sexiest vampiric widowmaker. Also, I will give you a guide on which Evelynn skin you need to buy ;) (extra)Shadow Evelynn is simply a recolor of Evelynn's skin. I call it "Human Evelynn".
This skin is a good one, except for the fact that you are always stealthed and enemies won't be stunned with your sexiness in that Tango Dress. (because once they do, they'll be dead *wink wink*)
Masquerade Evelynn is now a Legacy skin (it won't be sale unless there will be a special event which sometimes happens during Christmas Season). This skin gives Eve a sexy mask and a blue S&M clothes. It makes her look like a stripper or a BDSM girl. (lol :P)

That's it and thank you for reading this guide. PLEASE COMMENT FEEDBACKS THAT ARE TROLLS, CONSTRUCTIVE COMMENTS because I don't really care. (P.S. I also troll at other guides lol :P )