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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author racart

Rumble AP Survivability

racart Last updated on April 27, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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About Me

Before you get all the information I have to offer about this brand new useful champion, Rumble, I figure you want to know who this information is coming from.

I've been playing LoL consistently since the release of Xin Xhao, and have been very competitive since then. I have seen the rise and fall of many champions claimed to be "OP" in my day. I have 600+ wins in normal games, a +35 Ratio, and a short history of playing ranked games.

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Rumble is an extremely diverse character with how spammable his abilities are, and their increased usefulness once you get +50 Heat. His ult is cost free and on a fairly low cooldown. He is different from almost any other AP carry in that your typical mp5/level runes, and your mp5 specs will not benefit him as most other casters would. He is not reliant on mana, or golem buff.

This is a different Rumble build than most I've seen. Most builds would have you get a Rylai's for the AP, health, and slow. The way that I build him usually doesn't require that additional health or survivability, and the gunblade will slow the target you wish to focus, or help you escape. I do not feel the slow on Ryalai's is necessary due to the multiplicative slow on your E, and the slow on your ult.

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The rune choices are fairly straight forward. They give you the ability to take hits early game, with the armor, and late game hits with the magic resist. Rune choices are always optional, and most people would probably opt to take +Dodge seals over +armor seals. However, I have always felt armor to be more useful. The choice is yours. The rune choices I have included within this guide lead to a more bulky stat spread than most other Rumble's will be building, and more than most of the enemy team will be expecting.

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This unique item build provides you with the capability to output different types of damage, while giving you health back in the process.
Once you get your Will of the Ancients, your next purchase should depend on the enemy team, and their main damage sources. If their main source is Attack Damage, buy a Randuin's or a Zhonya's Hourglass. If their main source of damage is Ability Power, buy an Abyssal Scepter, or a Spirit visage. If you feel the slow from Randuin's in unnecessary, other armor options such as Thornmail are also viable.

Q:Why Hextech Gunblade AND Will Of The Ancients?

A: In combination, these items give you a hefty amount of Ability Power, lifesteal, and spell vamp. In addition, these both serve benefits to your team in the way of a slow, and the aura WotA gives your team.

Q: Why not a Rylai's Crystal Scepter, or other sources of straight AP?

A: Rumble is not like any other AP caster in the game, and as such, should be looked at under a different light. The slow on rylai's in an unnecessary addition to the slows you already have, and as such, is a waste of gold and stats. Straight up other AP options built from the beginning, such as Rabadon's, Hourglass and the like do not give you the utility that my item build does. More AP in exchange for greater survivability is not a fair trade to me at all.

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The 21/0/9 spec gives you the extra "umph" you need to deal consistent damage. Not so different from that spec is the 21/9/0 one as well, with the extra dodge and armor/MR that is made available to you in the defense tree you can be even more bulky. I simply take the 9 in utility for the XP and improved ghost.

Different spreads can be utilized depending on your team, and the circumstances.

Other options include;
9/21/0, with an emphasis on being able to tank hits for your team, while still doing enough damage to draw attention from the enemy team. This spread does gimp your damage comparatively to the 21/0/9 spread, but is viable in most games as well.

9/0/21, this spread gives you reduced cooldowns, improved ghost/flash and the magic pen in the offense tree that gives you a significant boost in damage. My only problem with this spread is that the options in the utility tree that don't contain mana are sparse, and arguably less useful than the points you could use in the offense tree.

Final note on masteries:
Just like Runes, there is always leeway in how you spend your mastery points. The way you spread your points has far less of an impact on the game than how you utilize your individual skills. Once you find a stat spread that works for you in the current meta-game, take it and run with it. Realize that you may need to change your strategy as the meta-game changes.

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Skill Sequence

For the first skill-up you can really take any of the three skills. Your Q has a low cooldown, and therefore is spammable. Your W provides a shield and speed boost, which is the least useful of the three. Your electro harpoons give you a ranged skill to last hit minions, if you're facing ranged opponents in lane.

For skill sequence, I place my priority in Electro Harpoon. This is simply because it is a brilliant gap-closer early and late game. Being that Rumble is a melee character, and his skills mostly require you to be up close and personal to do a bunch of damage. (Flamespitter, and his overheat damage) The slow from Electro Harpoon, The Equalizer, and your Gunblade "equalize" to a nearly stationary opponent stuck in your AoE damage.

Just like any other category, there are several different ways to build your skills as well, and the strategy that I just mentioned is what works for me. I do not advise dumping a lot of points into your shield early game unless you plan on tanking, as it gimps the damage that you gain from putting points in your Q or your E.

Important: Each game is different, level up your skills using your best judgment as you go throughout the game.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost/Flash gives you the best mobility throughout the game. They can both be used offensively, or defensively. Flash can help you close the gap even better than your skills can, and ghost can do the same.

However, there are other choices, as always.
Don't be afraid to take spells like; Teleport, Exhaust, Ignite, or Cleanse as you see fit.
Again, it comes down to what you're best at using, and what your team needs.
For example, if your team does not have a teleport, exhaust, or ignite, don't hesitate to ask someone who can utilize it better to take it, and if there isn't anyone, take one of them yourself in addition to Flash or Ghost.

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Pros / Cons

-Great AoE damage.
-Great CC in the way of numerous slows.
-Great battlefield control in the way of his ultimate.
-Great survivability when used properly.
-Can switch from a ranged AP harass to a melee powerhouse simply by spamming his skills, allowing for the easy finish off.

-Cannot utilize mana items, runes, and masteries to their full extent.
-Melee AP damage requires you to be up close and personal with your enemies, potentially leading you to sticky situations.
-Dealing burst damage requires the enemy team to be oblivious enough to stand in your ult, or a team smart enough to CC them in your ultimate.

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Team Work

The most important aspect of teamwork to rumble is using your ultimate properly.
You can use it to help a teammate escape, while still dealing some damage.
To turn the tides of a battle, by bursting their carries down, and creating a wall of damage they will have to try and avoid. Use it to block one person in/the rest of the team out to focus one person down.

Use your electro harpoons to create a target to focus, by slowing them.

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Unique Skills

This build gives you spell vamp and the resistances to keep yourself alive under circumstances where most other builds would get burst down easily. This build also utilizes the potential overheat has in combination with AD items such as the gunblade, leading to a more diverse damage spread between AP and AD.

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As with any other character, farming is essential to your wellbeing throughout the game, unless you get incredibly fed. Early game you can use your E to get last hits from a range. As you put more points into your Flamespitter, it will become increasingly easy to farm many minions at once. Just remember; Last hit! Do not auto-attack. Keep your lane from being pushed up as much as possible, while still getting the crucial gold from last hitting minions.

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In conclusion, Rumble is a very useful character. His ultimate in combination with his other skills is where his real source of damage comes in. Placement of his ultimate is crucial to ending the enemy team as quick as possible. Do not forget to use your gunblade, and harpoons to single out the enemy carry.
Do not be afraid to lunge in as the initiator on your team, as you have the skills to make people afraid of you, and retreat to save yourself. Hopefully by then, your team will have put themselves in the fray, to compliment your damage.

Feel free to add my username Racart on LoL if you have any questions, or would like to play a game. Good luck, happy rumbling!