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Rumble Build Guide by Peytar

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Peytar

Rumble: AP Top Lane Dominance

Peytar Last updated on September 5, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey guys, i have been very busy the past few weeks, so i am sorry if this guide is somewhat incomplete. Any feedback for when i do work on it would be appreciated.

Hello everyone! This is my first Mobafire guide, but because rumble is my favorite champion and he is so underplayed, I felt like making a guide for him. I am very open to feedback, as i want to make this a helpful guide. If you feel like something should be changed or added, please say in the comments. Remember, this guide as of now is a work in progress.


Rumble is often seen as an offtank/bruiser, but i feel it is a waste of potential not to build heavy on damage. i still get items like Zhonyas hourglass and maybe a Sunfire Cape or FoN, But most of my items focus on damage and any durability is situatonal. In this build he is more classified as a melee ranged mage.

(On a side thought, The only real core items I see on rumble are Rylias and the Deathcap, the rest of it is very flexible)

Sorry in advance for the walls of text you may be seeing, i will try to get some method of recording games for you guys. If people can give me feedback on the pure content of this guide, i would appreciate it. :)

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Insane AoE damage
Great Survivability
Amazing Bully in lane
Not seen often, so many people do not know how to counter him
A correctly managed heat bar can bring him up to being a very very powerful duelist

Not as good at extreme burst damage, but can get the job done
Sometimes ultimate is hard to hit everyone
Quite squishy early game, until you get your giants belt

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For runes, again these are somewhat flexible, but i tend to grab AP quints and blues, as well as magic pen reds. these with the proper masteries can give him around 32 ap at level 1, with a decent amount of health and magic pen. For yellows, i run with flat armor or flat health, to try to counter his squishyness slightly.

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For masteries, i go mostly offensive with some resists and health regen from the defensive tree to help his already amazing laning phase. Taking the point in summoner's wrath is optional, but it really helps as the free ap and ad help his damage with Flamespitter on in the early game.

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As with runes and masteries, you will have some room here. I prioritize magic penetration and health with an early hextech revolver, giants belt, haunting guise, and sorcerers shoes. later completing Rylias for amazing slow with harpoons and more ap and durability.
Right after i grab a Rabadons Deathcap to bring my damage into the insane level, and depending on the game i may go for sunfire/fon, or more damage by finishing revolver into a gunblade or WOTA. A Zhonyas Hourglass is a great item for both damage and survivability. Ignite, Flamespitter, and The Equalizer can all be going at the same time if you have correct positioning.

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Skill Sequence

For skills, I grab harpoons at level one for early harass, and prioritize Flamespitter by maxing it first. I used to max Scrap Shield second, but the pure damage and utility the harpoons provide is amazing for exchanges and poke. Get your ultimate, of course, at levels 6, 11, and 16.

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Managing Heat

Heat is probably my favorite resource in the game, as like rage, it actually buffs you for having it. It is always important to keep it above 50, so you can use flamespitter and harpoons for poke without overheating. If you overheat while laning, your opponent will usually have time to do serious damage. That being said, there is a combo you can do to set yourself up to overheat for maximum damage. Wait until your heat reaches 40, and then activate scrap shield. This will take you into the danger zone. Then, a single harpoon followed up by flamespitter will overheat you, so you have the movement and shield from your w, one harpoon remaining, and Flamespitter going while you are overheated. you can always ult and ignite as part of this combo for added damage.

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Summoner Spells

Ignite and Flash will give you great movement and extra dot damage. Ignite + Harpoons + Flamespitter + The Equalizer+ Overheat attacks= win.

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Team Work

Your main role in teamfights is to lay down massive aoe damage prioritizing the ranged or ap carry. the more people you can hit with your ult, the better.Your Flamespitter and Harpoons should be aimed at the squishies and you should be ready to pop Zhonyas if your flamespitter is on and you are taking a lot of damage. Doing this you can easily take out the priority targets in the back.

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Lane Matchups

As with any lane, some things can go wrong. Remember, if you are losing, always call for a gank. If you feel you will be able to get a kill on someone a bit dumb, go for it. Remember, once you get your ultimate and your enemy is very low (say if you are dominating your lane) you can actually kill them and their lower level jungler if you get ganked. That being said, always get wards if you are pushed up.

Darius: Oh god, Darius. He may seem scary at first, but try to stay out of pull range and poke him with harpoons and kite with scrap shield. When initiating a fight, try to pop your ult early and kill him before you get low enough to be ulted. Harass before this can help a ton.

Gangplank: Quite an easy match up, once he shoots his q go in with Flamespitter, Scrap Shield, And harpoons. Back off when your harass is done and try to win the exchanges.

Jayce: Be VERY CAREFUL around Jayce, as he can set up ganks and do amazing poke and burst damage with his thundering blow and shock blast. Let your lane get pushed and call for a gank if possible.

Nasus: Very easy, just harass when he goes in for a last hit, as he is meelee and is not too scary early on.

Singed: When he goes in to fling you, kite him with Scrap Shield and harpoons. Be wary of his gank setup potential as well.

Teemo: Be very aggressive, as you can usually stay on him and blinding dart affects you very little when not overheated. Poke really hard with your Q and E.

Riven: Try to abuse your range and poke until you think it is safe to go for a kill. Use your W to try to soak up some damage or avoid her stun.