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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nikeah

Rumble-Cocked Locked and Ready to Rock!

Nikeah Last updated on May 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to Rumble Cocked Locked and ready to Rock, if you are reading this then clearly you are ready to have little Yordle syndrome and compensate in some big ways. Rumble is an amazing Tanky Nuker ready to save his team and melt some enemies in a moments notice. I hope you all enjoy and find this guide helpful.

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I will start this section off by saying Runes are one's preferances, I really like my own set up while some others may make some tweeks and find that working for them better, no one way is right, no one way is wrong, here I will detail my choices and offer a brief explanation for each.

Greater mark of Insight - This rune is incredible for giving Rumble that push in damage, every character has at least some MR and you aren't Karthas who can just stack all AP and call it a day by hitting R (no offense made to any Karthas players) I feel as though this rune is extremely important however other options here might be Greater Mark of Resilience or Greater Mark of Fortitude.

Greater Seal of Evasion - Whats better then less damage? No damage, whats better then No damage, No damage plus a buff. When using this guide the Evasion helps you spark that move speed bonus, when Ashe thinks she's got you and suddenly your in her face, you'll understand. I really don't like any other Seal's here for Rumble, I believe this is a must have but am willing to hear peoples in opinions in comments.

Greater Glyph of Warding - We've covered early damage, we've covered AD champs, lets get something in there to survive those pesky nukers that try to do half your health in a shot at level one. This offers you a nice early boost and lets be honest no stat is ever bad late regardless of how miniscule it may seem. Another option here would be Greater Glyph of Potency, if your really looking for an early advantage in damage. (I tested and Liked the potency but found overall that Warding seemed to allow me to bully people around better)

Greater Quintessence of Fortitude - I love this quint, I swear by it, every champion, every build I use this Quint, am I saying its the end all be all no, but after having tried others and always coming back to this one I highly recommend it.

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I honestly don't have a whole lot to say here, its a pretty standard tank build with no specs into any Spells because of the lack of a need...I do recommend if you decide to take Exhaust you change to spec into it as well.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells, wow I've seen more players argue this is better then that or that is better then this that I know most of you will use whatever it is you are most comfortable with, and I think that is a great way to do it. I will go over some pros and cons of a few popular ones and hope it helps.

Ghost - The tanky champs out and in, no one should be killing you quickly, so the sustained advantage of ghost over flash should be more then helpful to you Rumblers. Not calling Flash bad, just think that ghost is a better choice for your champion when you want to chase people down and usually be chased for longer.

Ignite - Who doesn't love KSing their friends with ignite? Its fun, its funny, okay all jokes aside, this helps Rumble get that little extra damage in and the decreased healing makes him hell to 1v1, nice lifesteal Nocturne better luck next time.

Exhaust - I always feel like this spell is viable, although after trying it on Rumble, I'm less then impressed. It can save you, it can save your friend, sometimes it nets a kill, if its your bread and butter go ahead.

Flash - Always a good choice of spell, can't decide what to pick go with Flash. I personally think that flash is better for Squishies and Gankers, but no one can ever say OMG NOOB FLASH? (well they can but you'd ignore them anyway)

Clarity - Not viable for obvious reasons

Heal - Viable for team fighting, individual help not so much.

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Okay lets get into the bread and butter of any Guide, the items. What do I buy when? This is really why your here anyway right?

Beginning the Game-
Amplifying Tome - An early AP boost, and easily builds into other essential rumble items, and leaves you some gold for a health potion.

Health Potion - Might as well grab one, your in for the long haul when laning with Rumble.

First trip Home-Okay its decision time, have you been doing well...are you here because your your laning partner a herpa derp? All things to start thinking about.

Mejai's Soulstealer - This item is such a win more item then a turn around, and take this into consideration. Rumble is a solid champion, this AP boost can make him soo menacing. However if your gonna go 1 for 1 on kills...don't bother, save your gold and go ahead and move on in the build.

Boots of Swiftness - There is a disclaimer here, I am not going to put 3 different boots into the items and have people spamming the comments box calling me a noob. Now this is just in General the set of boots I choose. Frequently there are better choices I'll detail them in a second. The move speed boost here lets you flamespitter your enemies so easily and its very easy to see why this set is soo good.

Mercury Treads - If there is a ton of CC on the enemy team you MUST have these, I feel that way for just about any champion but these are very good depending on enemy team make up. When your fighting against Shen and Sion, you can't do anything while stunned/taunted...don't help them! On the same note these can be utterly terrible, other team has no CC...don't even glance at these.

Ninja Tabi - To be honest I haven't had a game yet where these were the boots of choice, but they are tanking shoes so I feel they should be considered.

You all are thinking wow this much thought just for Boots. Absolutely, if you want to play Rumble or any champion well you have to be willing to make decisions during the game quickly.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter - This item is a must have, the AP boost is nice but the extra slow is sooo crucial...You WILL be trying to kill people with Flamespitter...THEY WILL BE TRYING TO RUN. This just makes that task soo difficult for them. The health boost is nothing to sneeze at either.

Sunfire Cape - What's a tank without a Rumble you want to be up close and personal...this item lets you do that so much more effectively, Armor check, Hp Check, AoE damage...double check.

Next decision point here we go.

Abyssal Scepter - This item is nice if you are staring down another Rumble (normal mode) or a Mordekaiser, or anyone else that thinks they are cool withh their tanky APness. This isn't always the right item here though, sometimes its Force of Nature, an item that offers a tank so much more survivability against the mage heavy team. Annie bombing you down...get that instead. The third option is Banshee's Veil, and while I despise waisting effects on items, the effect of Banshee's is so Unique and amazing that it can't be ignored...this is only rare where this is the choice over the other MR items though.

Rabadon's Deathcap - YAY AP...big boost, especilly if your rocking out 15-20 stacks at this point. But once again sometimes not the right pick. I love lets you nuke a lot harder then the enemy is expecting (although to be fair you are probably already doing that) but sometimes it leaves you too vulnerable. If you are having survivability issues in game look towards more Armor/MR/Health, you are probably your teams Offtank, take that survival seriously. Rabadon's Deathcap doesn't always have to be given up though, if you find yourself the focus of the enemies fire, get rid of Mejai's First.

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Skill Sequence

Okay, this skill sequence isn't rocket science.

We are rushing Flamespitter to max because we love fire, and flamethrowers...and crushing our need to understand why more damage is good.

Scrap Shield - I level this ability second, its move speed buff is soo important to chasing enemies with Flamespitter and getting you out of sticky situations, use it often, use it frequently, get back to your lane faster, stay alive. I love this skill I think it is what makes Rumble what he is.

Electro-Harpoon - This skill I've found more lackluster then the others, way, but amazing...not really. Its a skill shot slow...its range isn't amazing, but its usefulness is. Understand that any CC is good CC and having a built in slow is important, taking it once early doesn't hurt you and it offer you some extra damage, use it wisely.

The Equalizer - So worthy of the name Ultimate, this skill truly lives up to its name. I've run into multiple team fights and turned them around with this skill alone...combine it with some others and the other team is running...if they aren't already corpses use it wisely, utilitze the slow and DoT, you can save teamates, drop enemies fast or just keep them out of the fight altogether.

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Pros / Cons

Pros of playing Rumble

You are instantly cooler
You are a rat
You have a friggin flamethrower
You are an offtank with surprisingly good damage.
You lane extremely well.

Cons of Playing Rumble
Some people will laugh at you
You are a rat
You lack some of the more consistant CC as other top end tanks
Your range is not amazing.

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Team Work

3v3 Team Work

First I would like to start by saying if you are doing 3s, you should be working with others you are familiar with, this format is so defined by team selection and play that the better organization you have the more you will shine. However, Rumble is house in 3s, being a high survivability champion with quality Damage he is near to unstoppable in threes. I have managed to carry 3-4 3s games single handedly with both of my teamates having 0/5+ scores. Is this optimal, no, but seriously this is Rumble's bread and butter abuse him here and you will be highly successful (this goes for ranked 3s as well)

5v5 Team Work
Laning Choice-

Solo top-is a decent place for rumble, being uninhibited to farm frequently and able to push other champions around this can be a great choice. However 1 on 1 you will oftentimes find yourself pushing the other champion back without noticing much to the frustration of your Jungler, so be cautious...if you can kill yourself then abuse them, if not maybe this isn't the spot for you.
Solo mid-personally I don't think you belong here, you aren't ranged, and with no help I can easily see you getting eaten alive, does this mean it can't be done...No...would I recommend it...avoid it unless you must.
Duo Bot- My favorite place for rumble to be honest, I personally don't think there is a need to be greedy since your build isn't terrible expensive and you can get double kills here. A quality laning partner of the DPS persuasion can be your best friend working together in cohesion=lots of kills, lots of zoning, and just all around good times.
Jungling- Please...just DON'T!

Team Fights-
Initiating- This is not Rumble's best attribute, but if your there go for are sturdy (unless you type /j) and you can offer the slows that allow teamates to focus efficiently. If there is a better choice...don't take their job away.

Middle of Fight- Flamespitter -> scrap Shield -> Flamespitter -> slow who needs it -> Flamespitter (notice a pattern) do damage and keep yourself alive, position yourself well between the enemy and your squishies and you will do well.

Clean Up time- If your late your Rumble, chase those lowbies...if they stop to get saucy, kill them! Notice all 5 still up and team down, okay you were too late...go defend. Play smart play well make good decisions.

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Ranked Play

In my opinion this required its own section cuz I believe that about 50% of ranked games are won in champion selection. If you are in a 3s, Rumble all day long. In 5s, be intelligent, this isn't a highly popular champion and to be honest probably never will be. There's no need to waste a first pick on a Rumble if one of the big 4 are available (Shen, Amumu, Rammus, Malphite) or if you have someone who really wants Nocturne. Be willing to trade down with teamates who may also have Rumble. I feel this is extremely noteworthy because its very annoying to watch a team get Shen because your first pick decided he HAD TO HAVE TF!!! Play smart, if you play ready for fights.

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In conclusion I would like to let everyone know that I'm starting to believe Rumble will likely see a nerf in the near future, perhaps he's just the champion I've been waiting for since I started playing but I picked him up and immediatly did well. Day 1 of rumble I went a combined 11 wins, 1 loss, and Day 2 I managed to go 6-2. I have yet to have a game where I needed to be the one being carried or felt useless, we all have our bad games and bad teams but it seems Rumble might be a bit on the OP side. So I encourage all to enjoy it while you can, be the Rumble in the Bronx, and LETTTTTTS GET READY TO RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBLLLLLLEEEEEE!