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Rumble: Flaming Pew Pew

Rumble: Flaming Pew Pew

Updated on April 29, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kroton Build Guide By Kroton 3 4 7,341 Views 11 Comments
3 4 7,341 Views 11 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Kroton Build Guide By Kroton Updated on April 29, 2011
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  • LoL Champion: Rumble
  • LoL Champion: Rumble


Welcome to my first champion Guide!!

In this guide, we will be looking at Rumble!

Rumble is a new type of Bruiser, introduced to league of legends!
With great pushing ability, and able to take down just about any champion, Rumble makes a good place in any Team Comp!
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Pros / Cons

Pros / Cons

An offtank
Great lane pusher.
A few CC's ( 2 from his ELECTRO-HARPOON, wit Rylai's Crystal Scepter, his flamespitter becomes an amazing CC tool.
Great team fighter.
Good for chancing down low hp enemy's.

Spamming skills can result in over heating.
Ult can flop.
Being in danger mode can be risky.
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Mid Lane:
Mid lane has to be the best lane with Rumble!
Rumble has such great pushing ability's with his FLAMESPITTER, it having a nice CD, he can push just about any champ, meaning having control over you're lane, and with no other champion to help him, you're bound to get a kill as well, tho you shouldn't push up to the point where there tower hugging, and making sure to grab 2 wards for the bushes if theres a jungler.

Solo Lane
Rumble works great in solo lanes as well, vs 2 champs at 1nc!
Feel free to grab a solo lane with no worry's!

Side lanes:
Works alright if you got a teammate thats dependent on mid or really wants it.
Have the right teammate (such as some one with a stun or a nuker) and the lane is you'res!
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Skill Sequence

Note: Depending on who you are against, any of these skills (ELECTRO-HARPOON or SCRAP SHIELD) can be maxed out 2nd, tho I prefer to do both at the same time after FLAMESPITTER is maxed.

Junkyard Titan
Rumble's abilities generate heat. When Rumble is above 50 heat, he is in the "Danger Zone," causing all his basic spells to have additional effects. When Rumble reaches 100 heat he overheats, silencing himself and causing his physical attacks to deal additional magic damage. Rumble loses heat over time.

His passive. Pretty much meaning his skills use heat, with the max heat of 100.
When 50-99, he goes into "Danger Zone" increasing his other ability's. Entering 100 heat makes him silence, unable to use his skills except for

Try to say out of danger zone while simply farming minions, staying in danger zone can put you in danger if you got to use your skills to fight back and you end up entering Over Heat mode. Keep you're heat close to danger zone when your ready to charge on a single or double target.

Rumble torches the area in front of him with his flamethrower dealing damage to all units in a cone for several seconds. While in the Danger Zone, this spell deals additional damage.

His wonderful flamethrower, simply, shoots a line of flame from his "flame gun" in a straight line from him self. This move can be done while moving, enabling you to chase down your enemy's, burning them alive! This skill has a really low Cool Down, almost able to use it right after its finish its attack.

Tips: Have SCRAP SHIELD enabled while you chase you're enemy down, you will run faster.

Scrap Shield
Rumble creates a shield blocking incoming damage for several seconds and granting a short duration speed boost. While in the Danger Zone, the shields strength and speed boost increase.

Yet another shield skill >_<
Well this one has 2 uses:
Protects against damage (Not much but enough to survive an attack and a tower hit)
Speed increase, minor but nice!

Tips: Use when attacking a group or tower diving, also use when chasing with flamethrower.

Rumble launches a missile that deals magic damage and applies a stackable slow on the target. A second shot can be fired for no additional cost within several seconds. While in the Danger Zone, the damage and slow percentage is increased.

A magic missile that slows on impact. This skill can be use twice in a row, but if the 2nd shot ain't use soon after the first one, it will go on Cool Down.
This skill stacks up as well on a single target.
Great for chasing down an enemy and also good for running away.

Tips: Use on the one you want dead!

The Equalizer
Rumble calls down a line of rockets over the target location. Enemies in the scorched area take damage over time and are slowed.

Ah Yes! His ultimate! This skill can be really great if used right! Dose lots of damage if you're enemy manages to stand in it long enough! Also really great for those out of reach low hp champs.
A few ways to use this skill is:
If you're enemy is running away, line it up in his running path, then chase down with you're shield and flame thrower = dead!
Launch it right in the middle of the team fight, if the other team feels like staying on it to kill you're team mates, you're going to see them drop down quite fast!

Tips: Practice the aiming! Its a new type of aiming to LoL.
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Lets keep this simple!
Offers the magic pen to do more damage.
Greater Seal of VitalityArmor More health is always good for a offtank! Helps early game pretty well!
Nothing like spamming you're already low cd skills! How about having even less CD? Able to keep FLAMESPIITER on almost all the time in team fights!
(tho you don't want to do this when not in a team fight to keep you're cool down!)
Extra HP for early farming! Always good!
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Since Rumble is a Bruiser, hes going to need some survivability!
Best way on doing so, is going into the defensive tree, making sure to grab evasion, which goes with the dodge runes.Then going into Offense tree to grab the magic pen.

Going all the way down into the defensive tree is not to required, you may want to go into it part way and put more stats into Offensive or even Utility.

As such: This Tree
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These 3 main items are the main core items in this build.
Are more of "optional" items but recommended for this build.

Mercury's Treads Giving some CC protection, as well as Magic Resist.
Rylai's Crystal Scepter Giving more HP and some good CC, works best with FLAMESPITTER.
Zhonya's Hourglass Giving some Def, as well as some ap. If you are in danger, slap on FLAMESPITTER and toggle Zhonya's Hourglass, and watch you're enemy's burn while you're invincible!
Abyssal Scepter For magic resist, and ap, as well as the aura to decrease the enemy's magic resist.
Sunfire Cape For more armor and hp, as well to burn close by enemy's, since you're going to be up close with you're FLAMESPITTER, this works well!

Reasoning for these items are: You are (should) be an off tank, being able to take damage while putting out damage, these items add support to being tankish while giving him the AP he needs to do damage.

If you feel you need more AP, change the hour glass for this!
If they have lots of magic resist, and you are having trouble putting off good damage because of so, take this! Also extra AP!
If you think you can go with the CC resist and tiny bit magic resist, take these for magic pen!
If you really think you need this, grab it!
If you don't want to build the full Banshees Veil, but want some way to get/protect against CC/Dots or any of the sort, get this! Works better then you thing! Say good bye to Vlads/Karthus's ult! As well as Mord's ult or any of those types! As well as ignite ;)

If you need to be more tanky, follow the 2nd item build at the top of this build!

OR look here!

Basic Build (My fav)

Multy More Tankish Item Build:
Get the Magic Resist for DEF based on what you need most. As well only get 1 or the other if you only need it, follow by getting one of the items above.
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Summoner Spells

Great for escaping, even better with SCRAP SHIELD! Also works great for chasing down you're enemy's!
Help finishing off enemy's, stop healing, what more can you ask from a summoner spell! Ignite is almost a must with this champ!

If you're not feeling it with Ghost, get one of these instead!
Works quite well with this champ, if no one else in you're team has it, I recommend thinking about grabbing it based on what champs there are.
Flash, works for pretty much every champion! Tho, not my fav for this champ, but can still work! Grab it if you like it! Might save ya! Or even get you a kill!
If you think you'll need it, or just want it, grab it! Can be a good replacement for ghost!

Other spells, leave em alone!
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Thats it for now for my build!

More updates to come!

Rate! (Up)
Suggestions please!


PS: Color coming soon!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kroton
Kroton Guide
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Rumble: Flaming Pew Pew

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