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League of Legends Build Guide Author PlasmaWafflez

Rumble Ganker

PlasmaWafflez Last updated on May 24, 2011
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Even amongst yordles, Rumble was always the runt of the litter. As such, he was used to being bullied. In order to survive, he had to be scrappier and more resourceful than his peers. He developed a quick temper and a reputation for getting even, no matter who crossed him. This made him something of a loner, but he didnt mind. He liked to tinker, preferring the company of gadgets, and he could usually be found rummaging through the junkyard. He showed great potential as a mechanic. His teachers recommended him for enrollment at the Yordle Academy of Science and Progress in Piltover, where he may very well have become one of Heimerdingers esteemed proteges, but Rumble refused to go. He believed that Heimerdinger and his associates were sellouts, trading superior yordle technology to humans for nothing more than a pat on the head while yordles remained the butt of their jokes.

When a group of human graduates from the Yordle Academy sailed to Bandle City to visit the place where their mentor was born and raised, Rumble couldnt resist the temptation to see them face-to-face (so to speak). He only intended to get a good look at the humans, but four hours and several choice words later, he returned home bruised and bloodied with an earful about how he was an embarrassment to enlightened yordles like Heimerdinger. The next morning he left Bandle City without a word, and wasnt seen again for months. When he returned, he was at the helm of a clanking, mechanized monstrosity. He marched it to the center of town amidst dumbfounded onlookers and there announced that he would join the League of Legends to show the world what yordle-tech was really capable of, without hiding behind a foreign banner.

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Some parts may seem slightly unorthodox, but trust me, it works. I've gone 14-0, 23-2. etc. Always scoring high kills. If you go mid, you will be much more effective throughout the entire game.

Always try to keep yourself in the Danger Zone (above 50 heat), this will greatly increase your damage. 30% is ALWAYS a lot more. It's a lot of damage at the start, and it's a lot of damage at later levels. Going in at level 1, just keep using Flamespitter the second you're able to and you can maintain the Danger Zone heat level.

The most important thing I can't stress enough is don't die. This puts you back too far, and especially rolling with Mejai's Soulstealer, you don't want to lose your stacks. And be careful, because once you start going on a killing spree with no deaths, the other team will target you, and they will target you hard. Later in the game, don't leave your team mates because they'll find you. And while you may be able to take 2-3 opponents on your own, if all 5 pop up out of nowhere you're probably still going to die.

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The rune page pretty much speaks for itself; cool down reduction, ability power and magic penetration. Every little bit helps!

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The main thing here is the cooldown reduction. The more often you can use your ult, the more you're going to be able to kill people. That's pretty much the bottom line here. Of course, the magic penetration helps too. If you play careful you should be able to avoid dying without having any mastery points in defense.

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You can replace the Sorcerer's Shoes with Mercury's Treads if the other team has a lot of slows, stuns, and crowd control. Everything else, follow dead on. Lich Bane at the end of the build, though it does make you spend some gold on mana which you don't actually use, let's you hit about 700-800 damage after using an ability (which should be every couple of seconds.)

I think it's obvious but just in case you can't figure it out, you have to sell your Doran's Shield to start building your Lich Bane.

Once you've maxed out on items, don't forget to buy an oracle if the other team has anyone with stealth abilities, and the elixirs too. Buy in that order, because that's the rank of importance. The blue elixir's only use to you is the cooldown reduction.

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Summoner Spells

The Flamespitter is great for harassment. Spam it all the time, staying in the danger zone it deals copious amounts of damage.

Bust out the Scrap Shield as much as you can. Later on it makes a great shield for turret hits. Also, use it to move places quicker. It only gives you a speed boost for a second, but there's an additional 30% boost if you're in the danger zone. So use Flamespitter along with Scrap Shield to get into the danger zone (not the Electro-Harpoon because that stops your movement.) For escaping, Scrap Shield's speed boost makes a nice addition to Ghost.

Don't hold back with The Equalizer, it does massive damage and slows people. It makes a great end gank, or makes it easy for you to catch up with them, fire your Electro-Harpoon and slow them down even more and finish the job with your Flamespitter. If you use The Equalizer on an opponent with full health while laning, they will usually fall back with their low health, no confidence to try to gank you. By the time it fully recharges, the opponent should still be in range. Drop it again and chase them down with your Electro-Harpoon and Flamespitter, and you will destroy them!

The Equalizer can also be very useful defensively. If you're trying to run for your life, make a smart drop in the enemies path and slow them right down, while also dealing a massive amount of damage.

Also, when you go tower hunting later in the game, you can make yourself intentionally overheat to hit extra damage on the towers. This is a very effective technique.

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If you follow this guide dead on, you should end up with a ridiculous amount of kills, and everyone on the other team will be really pissed off at you. If you play the game right, you will get to level 18 well before everyone else. When you're done your build, you can pretty much solo Baron, though you might need to use heal. #Winning

Here's an example of one of my games using this build.