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Rumble Build Guide by TheAlteredMind

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheAlteredMind

Rumble of TheAlteredMind:Solo Top and Play Style Guide

TheAlteredMind Last updated on May 9, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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->Revamped Runes adding in multiple Quintessence Options.

->Updated early Item build sequence to reflect my current one.

->Revamped Item building sequencing to encompass countering all other roles in game

->Updated Masteries getting rid of Indomitable and Enlightenment

->Re-tooled tips on playing Rumble at each stage of the game.

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Hey and welcome my Rumble build guide. Now I`m sure most of you who are reading this are wondering who Rumble is. Well, simply put, a Rumble is a champion who can soak up tons of damage, hurt the enemy team while doing so and essentially be a pain in the *** all at the same time. For me, Rumble,The Mechanized Menace is my all time, never to be replaced, favorite champion.

First, let me introduce the really hero here Rumble, and his giant robot-mech, Tristy. Yep it has a name. Rumble is categorized as a Pusher Melee Mage. Meele means that Rumble's attacks are close range physical attacks. Mage means that Rumble has high ability skills and would usually denote poor defenses but Rumble is wonderfully tanky anyways. Pusher means that Rumble excels at forcing any lane he is in back to their tower and is able harass the enemy champions all the while. So if you like being a tanky monster in game, as well as being an adorable yordle with attitude, sit back and enjoy the ride!

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Pros and Cons

Hard to kill
Great lane sustainability
Amazing Harassment, even from low levels
Able to chase down enemies, even under towers
Able to put out substantial amount of damage over time

Somewhat poor AP scaling ratios for his skills
True Offensive potential extremely limited until later levels
Item dependent
Silenced when Overheated
No method of escaping crowd control spells
Some debate over whether or not he falls off late game

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Rumble has 5 skills. One passive, 3 regular and an Ultimate.
Rumble`s Passive is Junk Titan. Every spell Rumble casts gives him Heat. When he reaches 50% Heat he reaches Danger Zone, granting all his basic abilities bonus effects. When he reaches 100% heat, he starts Overheating, granting his basic attacks bonus damage, but making him unable to cast spells for a few seconds.

Flamespitter is Rumble`s Q ability and his most annoying technique.With this skill, Rumble torches opponents in front of him, dealing magic damage in a cone for 3 seconds. While in Danger Zone this damage is increased. This technique costs 20 heat, has a range of 600 and when in danger zone, does 30% more damage

Scrap Shield is Rumble`s W ability and his only self buffing technique.With this skill, Rumble pulls up a shield, protecting him from damage and granting him a quick burst of speed. While in Danger Zone, the shield strength and speed bonus is increased. This technique costs 20 heat, has a range of 20 and when in the danger zone gives a 30% increase to the movement speed boost and shield strength

Electro-Harpoon is Rumble`s E ability. Its a skill shot and will collide with minions, making it hard, but not impossible to hit champions in lane when they are with a creep wave.With this skill,Rumble launches a taser, electrocuting his target with magic damage and slowing their Movement Speed. A second shot can be fired within 3 seconds and costs no heat to do so and if it hits the same target, the slow and damage is amplified. While in Danger Zone the damage and slow percentage is increased. This skill costs 20 heat, has a range of 850 and when in the danger zone does 30% more damage and slowing.

Rumble`s ultimate and R skill is The Equalizer, a devastating carpet bombing of slowing, damage over time. With this skill Rumble fires off a group of rockets, dealing magic damage in a line and creating a wall of flames that damage and slow enemies. This skill is fired in a very unique way. It works on a drag and drop principle meaning you click a target location then drag in the direction you want the rockets to drop. This is very useful as it can be used to create a horizontal line so fleeing enemies have no safe way of escape or straight down along the direction an enemy is traveling.

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Skill Sequence

When deciding to sequence Rumble's skills I prefer to got my Flamespitter first followed by Electro-Harpoon and then Scrap Shield so at level 3 I have one point in all non-ultimate skills. After this I get two more points in Flamespitter to max harassment and then The Equalizer at level 6. Following this I pick up another point in Scrap Shield or Flamespitter, depending on if I feel I want more defense or offense, and then max out Flamespitter followed by leveling Scrap Shield and Electro-Harpoon alternatively, taking the regular points in my ultimate at levels 11 and 16.

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Items: Disclaimer

Disclaimer: First off, the guide I have posted isn't the only way to build Rumble. These are the items I think are best for Rumble but their ordering is completely situational. HOWEVER, THE FIRST FOUR ITEMS SHOULD ALWAYS BE PURCHASED IN THE ORDER I HAVE OUTLINED!

Doran`s shield provides a nice health boost, decent armor and always appreciated health regeneration. Boots of speed make you move a little faster which is necessary (THEY SHOULD ALWAYS BE TRANSFORMED INTO MERCURY TREADS LATER IN THE GAME). Hextech Revolver provides you with your first boost in ability power and provides you with spell vamp, which will be very effective seeing as you will most likely be spamming Flamespitter.

After these three items, you're next purchase should always be the Giant's Belt component of Rylai's Crystal Scepter. More health = harder to kill = good things for you in lane. Once you get Rylai's your abilities will be slowing like no other. Flamespitter will be magically transformed into a "Slowspitter" and your ultimate will be even harder to get out of. Rylai's is important to get early because since you will be playing as an off-tank champ, the next few purchases will probably be defense related and having Rylai's not only provides you with enough ability power to keep you a threat while you focus on your defenses but also gives you more Crowd Control to help your team.

Like I said before, the first four are mandatory and the next items should be based off assessing the enemy, seeing who is the biggest threat and countering them, HARD.

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Items: Building Sequences

As noted your first four items should always be Mercury Treads, Doran's Sheild, Hextech Revolver and Rylai's Crystal Scepter. Hours and hours of gameplay and experimentation have resulted in my finding that this is definitely the best way to begin.

Once you have these four items you have several choices in what you build next. All options I will describe are the ways I personally would handle the situation and are by no means strict guidelines.

Oh boy, an AD carry

We all love our Tryndameres and Vaynes don't we? THE ANSWER IS NO. Unless they are on our team. AD carries are very dangerous and need to be dealt with ASAP. A good downside to an AD carry is that they generally forgo building much defense so as long as you can outlast them they can't kill you. Easier said then done right? Well yeah, sorta.

The best way to outlast an AD carry is to build armor and health. You should already have health from Rylai's and a bit of armor from Doran's Shield but even still you are at least definitely going to need more armor. Two good armor choices are Sunfire Cape which gives more health and constantly damages nearby enemies along with a nice armor boost and the always amazing Thornmail! With 100 extra armor and the fact that it returns 30% of basic attack basic as magic damage its probably your best, and most likely safest, bet to shut down them pesky AD carries.

Another mentionable armor choice is Randuin's Omen which gives nice health, health regen, CDR and 20% chance to slow attackers attack and movement speed when they hit you. Along with its active, a 35% attack/movement speed slow which last for 2 seconds with extra time added for every combined 100 armor and magic resist you have, Randuin's Omen can be a viable choice over Sunfire if the enjoy the option of slowing the enemy both while you fight them and in case you need to flee. The only other viable armor choice in my mind would be Zhonya's Hourglass. 50 armor and 100 AP is a nice, and hefty, boost plus the active that renders you invulnerable for several seconds combines to form an item that is a decent, if situational, tradeoff for Sunfire Cape.

If working to counter an AD carry I would not recommend ignoring or switching out Thornmail. It provides too much armor and the fact that it returns damage makes it too useful to be left out for anything. You may also want to consider choosing Ninja Tabi over Mercury Treads if you seem the AD carries as that much a threat.

AP Carry time, Oh Joy

Whether its Ryze bursting you down with a flurry of spell spams, Cassiopeia poisoning you to death or Lux "FEMACIA-ing" you with a one-hit death ray there is not doubt that AP carries can be just as dangerous as their AD counterparts. One important difference between AD and AP carries, besides the damage coming from different sources and requiring different counter methods, is that while both AD and AP carries are both relatively squishy, AP carries generally come with more tricks that allow them not only to harass and escape you but to keep you from even getting near them in the first place. Morgana's Dark Binding, Annie dropping the T-Bomb straight on your face and Gragas knocking you back with explosive alcohol are all good examples of ways AP carries can often be a harder thing to counter than AD.

First things first. To counter AP you build Magic Resistance. It's pretty obvious but still worth mentioning. It's also important to know the best MR items that benefit Rumble. For me personally there are only 3 MR items that you should always find yourself building to counter AP carries and one situational item.

If you follow my recommendation and build the first four outlined items you should already have Mercury Treads as one of your items. These shoes are great for countering AP carries and for Rumble anyways. Magic Resistance and Tenacity let you push through the AP carries CC right into their face where you can start doing damage. When countering AP carries there are no other boots I would suggest.

I regularly use Abyssal Scepter even when I don't need to counter AP carries. 70 AP, 57 MR and an Aura that lowers the enemies MR making me hurt them more makes this item a commonplace if not key item to anyone's Rumble build. Abyssal fills two roles with countering AP carries, it makes you tougher and them weaker. This item should let you survive the initial burst or pokes and let you push right on up to them where you can make full use of your Aura.

Finally there is the incredible Force of Nature. This thing definitely deserves the name Riot gave to it. 40 Health Regeneration/5 seconds, 76 MR, an 8% movement speed modifier and a passive that restores 1.75% of your maximum health/ 5 seconds makes this item the Thornmail of MR. When looking to counter and AP carry, this item is your best friend and potential savior.

The only other possible MR item that I would deem viable for Rumble would be Lich Bane. This item truly shines in the hands of an AP assassin but on Rumble it works well enough. 80 AP, 30 MR, 7% Movement speed modifier and a passive that grants your next basic attack damage equal to your ability power after activating an ability makes Lich Bane seem pretty tempting to build for Rumble. But wait, hold on, one big GLARING problem here. Mana. Yup, Lich Bane grants an extra 350 mana to your champion. And guess who doesn't use mana at all. Rumble. This item is in fact an Ok choice for Rumble mainly due to its passive. Since you're going to be up close and personal when you fight most champions why not grant your basic attack damage equal to all that AP you built right? In theory this works and in practice it works too but only if you are fed and the other team isn't. Lich Bane doesn't provide enough MR to be viable in countering an AP carry, especially one who is fed.

Do I have to fight the Tanks and Bruisers? Yes I guess I do

Ugh, Tanks and Bruisers. Beefy, thick, unkillable Tanks and Bruisrs. From Mundo going where he pleases and ulting back all his health to Shen dashing through walls and healing when he attacks you to Irelia Hiten-styling you for true damage, Tanks and Bruisers are perhaps the hardest thing for Rumble to deal with. This is mostly because Tanks are going to be building tougher then you are and Bruisers are going to be building more damage then you are and since Rumble's skills generally don't put out massive burst damage, except for perhaps The Equalizer, most Tanks and Bruisers have no problem with skirmishing with you, leaving for a bit and healing back what you did while you are still hurting.

My tips for dealing with Tanks and Bruisers is to build items that counter whatever amounts damage they may do and not engage in prolonged fights one-one-one, they will most likely kill you or keep you around until more of their team comes and then kills you. AP Tank/Bruiser, get a Force of Nature and Abyssal Scepter. AD Tank/Bruiser, Sunfire Cape and Randuin's Omen (AD Tanks and Bruisers generally don't have enough damage or auto-attack enough to warrant a Thornmail). Essentially what it boils down to is that you can't kill them and they can't kill you and you can both exist in that awkward limbo together.

Do I even need to mention Supports?!?

I honestly shouldn't need to do this but in an effort to be encompassing in my explanation of Rumble I guess I will. Supports on their own pose almost no threat to Rumble. They generally do even less damage then Tanks will and are squishier then Tanks are too. In a one on one, Rumble should roll the face of nearly every support in the face. Disclaimer: I'm talking TRUE supports. Not Morgana, Lux, Kayle, Nidalee, or Teemo regardless of what Riot calls them.

The only problem with Supports is that they are either accompanied with a carry of some sort or the entire team so actually getting to one is the tricky part. To counter a support simply counter the carry they are supporting. Work towards be able to kill the carry quickly, pushing through the Supports help, and then either fleeing (cause nothing is more embarrassing then death by Soraka) or continue pushing knowing that the support lacks the damage to kill you themselves.

Hybrids and On-hitters

Amalgamations of AD and AP damage, Hybrid champions like Jax and On-Hitter champs like Kayle and Teemo are even worse than Tanks for Rumble. Not only are they building both forms of damage but also attack speed so they do both kinds of damage fast. Nothing, I repeat Nothing, is more annoying then On-Hit effect Teemo (even when you chase down the bastard you still got to look out for his Mushroom landmines!).

However Hybrids and On-Hitter champions suffer from the same drawback as AD and AP carries, they will generally be squishier then Tanks and can't survive a drawn-out, prolonged fight with you. Build the toughest, tankiest most resistant items for both kinds of damage. I'm talking Thornmail and Force Of Nature. After that grab your damage dealing gear and get ready to shut them down. They will want to skirmish with you, wearing you down until they are ready to chase you down for the kill. Force an up-front, in their face fight because either you will outlast them or they will flee. Avoid building lots of health because both Hybrids and On-Hitters can easily work in a Maddred's Bloodrazor to counter that.

Are the Scary People Gone? Yeah! Sweet, time for Rumble to start hurting!

Once you have countered all the things you need to its time for you to start working on hurting. After your first four items, Quintessences of Potency and likely and Abyssal Scepter you should have just over 200 AP. An alright amount but you are going to be needing more so you don't fall off. This is where the debate over Rumble falling off comes. If you build to Tanky then you have no damage output but if you build heavy damage then you yourself can't withstand much. With my off-tank build, geared towards countering big threats while working to become one yourself, I rarely ever finding myself fall even the slightest bit off.

Good solid finishing damage touches for Rumble are Rabadon's Deathcap. A necessity on practically every AP damage based champion Rabadon's helps make up for Rumble lackluster AP scaling ratios with a massive 140 AP plus and overall 30% AP increase. This item should always be in your build and rarely ever omitted. Also as we finish our defenses there is our good and quite patient friend Hextech Revolver. Its been with us since around level 4 just waiting to be upgraded. There are two choices here Gunblade or Will of the Ancient. Originally when I first started playing Rumble I would rush Will of the Ancients right after Mercury Treads for increased lane sustain but unless your team is based heavily off AP and no one has had the sense to buy one of these books yet I would not recommend it as an end game item mostly because the spell vamp won't be as effective. Instead these days I prefer to keep my Revolver until after my Tank items and Deathcap is finished then build it into a Hextech Gunblade which provides much better stats overall for Rumble plus gives him a point and click slow that deals 300 damage.

The only other possible end game damage oriented items I would label as viable for Rumble would be Lich Bane for the AP bonus to your basic attack damage or Void Staff for the magic penetration which should help melt other champions even faster.

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For Rumble I take 3 points in Mental force and full points in Sorcery, and Arcane Knowledge from the offensive mastery plus 1 point in Summoner's Wrath. The 3 points of ability power aren`t really useful but the skill cooldown and the magic penetration aren`t bad at all and the increase attack and ability power while ignite is on cooldown form Summoner's Wrath is very useful.

The other 21 points go into the defensive tree with max points in the following skills: Resistance, Hardiness, Vigor ,Durability, Veteran's Scars, Initiator, Honor Guard and Juggernaut. All of these masteries add to either Rumble`s health, health regeneration, armor, magic resistance or his ability to take damage. When playing Rumble, the defensive tree is the best place to focus.

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For Rumble I suggest taking Marks of insight for Magic Penetration, Seals of Defense and Glyphs of Shielding for armor and magic resistance buffs respectively and Quintessences of Potency. These Runes should ensure that you end up with decent armor, magic resistance and early game power. The magic penetration adds to Rumble`s offensive potential and is essential for early game.

Other viable options only exist in the Quintessences in the form of Vigor for increased Regen, Fortitude for more early game health and Swiftness for increased movement.

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Summoner Spells

For Rumble I emphasize only spell and recommend three others.

I STRONGLY EMPHASIZE FLASH. As Rumble has no effective means to escape harassment save for Scrap Shield, this spell will allow you to quickly escape from any sticky situation you find yourself in. It can also be used to catch up with fleeing opponents who are low on health so you can finish them off.

I recommend either Ignite, Exhaust or Teleport for the other spell. Exhaust to give Rumble another slow and a better chance of chasing down fleeing enemies and out damaging them situations, Ignite for helping wear down or finish off weakened enemy champions and Teleport in case you feel you want the ability to quickly port back to the Well, grab some items then get right back in lane.

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How to use Rumble (General Concepts)

As I mentioned before, Rumble is a pusher. This means he excels at driving the enemy back up their lane. When playing Rumble there are several key things to keep in mind. First, HARASS! While focusing on last hitting creeps is essential early game, Rumble really shines when you turn him on the enemy. With skills like Flamespitter, which deals damage in a cone to all enemies inside it, don`t hesitate to switch from punching a minion to punishing a foolish champ who has ventured to close. Being a bully in lane is what Rumble is all about!

Second, DON`T GET GREEDY! While this is a pretty straightforward and universal concept, it is especially true for Rumble, even more so early game. While Rumble is a greater harasser, once a champ has got a face full of your Flamespitter and a basic attack or two if they got too close, don`t chase unless you are sure you can pick up the kill! Rumble is prone to getting ganked and since he doesn`t have any crowd control except for a Slowing skill shot, it`s pretty easy to go from `Happy Laning Rumble` to `Oh ****, I`m Dead Rumble` if you decide to get cocky. Later game, once you have built some armor and magic resistance, this completely changes but still remains something you should stay aware of.

Finally, WORK WITH YOUR TEAM! While Rumble is a wonderful harasser and when paired with an assassin or a champion who can burst really well, playing against that lane becomes a nightmare for the opposition. While Rumble`s skills are mostly damage over time, or straight ability power damage, an enemy probably won`t think staying in lane with less than half health to be a bad idea. I mean, they can always run back to their tower if need be right? Wrong. While Rumble may not seem like a threat alone, his ability to wear down enemy champions is second to none and when paired with a champ who can leap in for the kill once that champ has been worn down enough, the enemy will be much more tentative when laning against you.

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Playing Rumble (Early Game)

For Rumble, the first minutes of the game are crucial to how the rest of the game will proceed. Here, you should focus on getting enough gold for your first three items. Doran`s Shield (what you will initially buy), Boots of Speed, Hextech Revolver. After these three you should already be starting on Rylai's which you should hopefully finish before mid game.
Once you have these three items, you are set for the early game. Early game, Rumble should focus on getting last hits on creeps to build his gold. Taking Flamespitter at first level wears down all creeps in the cone, making this easier for you to get those minion kills. Flamespitter also serves to fulfill the second job Rumble has early game, harassing. This must sound like a broken record now but its an essential part of playing Rumble. While laning and focusing on creeps, if an enemy champ gets within your Flamespitter reach, turn up the heat on them! If they are a melee champ you can also get in a basic attack or two, which doesn`t hurt at all. Once you have pushed them back from you, get back to those creeps and earn that much needed gold.
The last thing Rumble should focus on early game is protecting the teammate if you are laning with one. Since Rumble has the ability to scare enemies off himself, if you see your partner in lane start to get focused, give them a hand immediately! If you can, scare them off your buddy, and if the enemy does end up killing your partner, hopefully they will be sufficiently weak enough for you to waltz in and pick them off with Flamespitter or a basic attack.

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Playing Rumble (Mid Game)

Once you have got your first three items and are dominating the lane (hopefully), it is time to start looking for kills and assists, as well as rounding out your build. I will start with getting kills. Rumble isn`t a `Head Straight for the enemy champ and f*ck him up champ` like Garen or Master Yi. Rumble works best by taking advantage of his enemy`s mistakes and wearing them down until he can finish them. Flamespitter will pretty much be a skill you will run for the entire game, as soon as its off cool down. Using this to pick away at the enemy champ`s life, then rush in with Scrap Shield`s movement speed boost once they are exposed, tagging them with your Electro-Harpoon twice and then melt them away with another Flamespitter is just one example of how Rumble can take an enemy champion from `I can still lane against this guy` to `Wait why is he doing tha....Oh My God where did my health just go!` In the mid game, Rumble should work on picking a target, usually whichever champ is foolish enough to stay within Flamespitter range, and harassing him until Rumble can kill him with the utmost certainty. Again, working with an assassin or burst champ who can pick up the kill on a weakened enemy is another great way to dominate the lane, because if the enemy is dead and you have destroyed their tower, it doesn`t really matter who got the kill does it?
The second part of Rumble`s mid game is building his armor and/or magic resistance. The best way to determine what to build, armor or magic resistance wise, is to look at who you are laning against or what they are building/focusing on. If you are laning against two melee attack damage champions, an early Randuin's Omen, Sunfire Cape or even Thornmail if necessary can work to shut them down.

If laning against two ability power based champs, rushing Force of Nature or Abyssal Scepter from a Negatron Cloak will go a long way to shutting them down while providing you with useful benefits as well.

If you end up laning against a hybrid group, an attack damage and ability power, you should work on getting a Chain Vest and Negatron Cloak around the same time, then building a more advanced item based on which champion you deem as a bigger threat. Remember, when playing Rumble, once you have your first four items, BUILD DEFENSES FIRST, you can focus on raising your ability power later.

In mid game, once armor and magic resistance are secure, Rumble gains a very nifty ability. He can now chase down opponents, even under towers. The increase in armor and magic resistance allows Rumble to focus a champ in lane, withstand their attacks, and once their life is down, rush in with Scrap Shield and chase them till they drop. Scrap Shield is key for Rumble`s chase as it provides a movement speed boost and a shield which can absorb incoming damage, so even if the enemy gets under his tower, Rumble should have no problem walking right up to it and blasting them with Flamespitter then Scrap Shielding out of there. But be careful, like any champion, even with increased armor and magic resistance, Rumble can only absorb so much damage. Dying under a tower to pick up a kill isn`t worth it, when the alternative would be taking the tower after the enemy was forced back to base.

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Playing Rumble (Late Game)

Nearing the end of the game, if all has been going well, Rumble should have high stats in both armor and magic resistance, several kills, a few assists, and as few deaths as possible. The health regeneration from items like Randuin`s Omen and Force of Nature will have kept you alive and let you push your lane past the first turret and towards the second (hopefully). In the late game, once armor and magic resistance has been firmly established, Rumble should focus on building ability power or if needed, even more defensive items.
When building Rumble`s Ability power late game, the best items as I've said is Rabadon`s Deathcap and Hextech Gunblade.
A side note for late game Rumble is that if you find that the enemy is still hurting you too much, its better to go for more armor or magic resistance to counter them then ability power, except for Rylai`s and Rabadon's. The longer you can last against an opponent means the more time an ally has to come help you.

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Rumble (Against opponents in lane/single champs)

In lane or gainsaid single champions, Rumble should work on focusing one/the enemy down from a distance with Flamespitter and Electro-Harpoon, then getting close with Scrap Shield, firing up Flamespitter, overheating, and pulverizing/melting the opponent away. Once overheated Rumble is silenced, which is troublesome when you are surrounded, but he also gets an increase in attack damage. In a blow-for-blow fight against one opponent, this completely makes up for the silence, provided you have the upper hand. If you find yourself getting low on health while laning against the enemy, you might not want to trying to get close with overheat, since you wont be able to get back out with Scrap Shield until the overheat passes. Instead, back off, push the minion waves and wait for your health regeneration to do its thing, then try again. If you need to flee, remember Scrap Shield gives a shield and movement speed boost, so if you are close to overheating, save Scrap Shield as a backup instead of using Flamespitter or Electro-Harpoon to push the lane or champions. You`re goal as Rumble vs a single opponent is to hurt him enough, either from a distance or up close, to have him start fleeing. Once the enemy champ turns tail you can zip in with Scrap Shield and Flamespitter or lead with The Equalizer, aiming it so it drops on the path the enemy is moving along for max damage then zip in with Scrap Shield etc.

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Rumble (In team fights)

In team fights, you`re goal as Rumble is to cause a ruckus and disrupt the opposition, either by picking off the weakest or most injured champion first or by dropping the equalizer onto the entire group. This will hopefully make them scatter to get off of its trail, where you will be waiting for the closest one now that his or her team mates are completely spread out.
As Rumble, you should also stay acutely aware of your teammates health. If you see a mate start to get focused, turn and flee, and get chased, GO AFTER HIM OR HER. You do this for two reasons. One, as Rumble you have a powerful slow, Electro-Harpoon, and with Rylai`s Scepter, a slowing Flamespitter. These two skills should slow and damage an opponent enough for your team mate to flee, turn and help you finish him or cause the opponent to start to flee. The second reason to follow a teammate being chased is that any champion chasing your teammate will be completely separated from their team, making them easy pickings for your incoming Rumble.

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Other Notes

Blue Buff can greatly add to Rumble`s harassing abilities, if you can get it easily, go for it. Other than this, Rumble should never be in the jungle save to make ganks and should take buffs as little as possible.

Rumble can solo lane rather easily with this build and actually benefits from the rapid enhancement and extra gold which allows him to buy his defensive items quicker making him much harder to lane against even if Rumble solos

Rumble Is EXTREMELY WEAK when trying to flee as he only has Scrap Shield to escape with. Be careful of possible ganks, have teammates call MIAs and never push a lane without knowing where the other team is.

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Fun Facts About Rumble

He is the only champion able to inflict a crowd control effect on himself

Has a crush on Tristana, hence why his mech is nicknamed `Tristy`

Since not many people play Rumble, almost no one knows how to counter him

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Hope you have enjoyed my build guide and found it very useful. Now as Rumble says `Let`s get into the fight!`