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Rumble Build Guide by Lusthawk

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lusthawk

Rumble-San: If Do Right No Can Defend

Lusthawk Last updated on September 28, 2011
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I've mained Rumble for some time now, and often get asked about my build. I will now just reference them to this guide and save myself any further exlpanation. This guide will be short and sweet, and focus on the main points specifically to solo lane and become an insane late game carry. IMO Rumble is one of the most OP champs (even post-nerf) in LoL. I play 1v1s for fun sometimes, and have not lost a 1v1 with Rumble yet; granted probably only 30 games or so but most of them were challengers touting how badly they'd rape Rumble 1v1. Every one of them lost (rage quit, surrender, a few gracious losers here and there). :-) I'm understand fully that this is a team game (and Rumble exceeds here with his AOE dps as well), but wanted to emphasize that 1:1, he is a nightmare.

Rumble video from the past few days (Including some of the Dominion Beta:)

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Pros / Cons

- Even post-nerf, flamespitter terrorizes
- Superior harrassment capability
- His ult is a gamechanger, and CD is relatively low
- Harpoon + Rylai's + Swiftness Boots + his Ultimate's slow + exhaust (when needed) = inescapbable
- Insane mix of damage AND resilience (can off-tank very well considering his high damage output)

- You're going to get focused
- Despite what the madbros tell you, he takes skill to play *correctly*. If played correctly, there are no other real cons.

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Summoner Spells

I go withandmost games.

Flash is a must. I do not swap this for anything. Anyone with a solid understanding of LoL gameplay knows that Flash is OP as hell, and we are still amazed that it has not been further nerfed or removed altogether. Some people from other MOBAs have said they don't play LoL just because of this spell, lol. Don't trade in Flash... ever.

Exhaust, however, is purely up to you. Rumble has more than enough capability to run down kills without it. I use it as a 'guaranteed kill' card.

Do NOT bother with.

I don't bother witheither, b/c of this build's speed. You may consider, butis a much better finisher.

In Dominion I go within this slot to push one turret before moving to capture turrets on the other side of the map (don't underestimate promoted minions ability to neutralize points when left uncontested)

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Skill Sequence

: This is your main source of damage, for obvious reasons. Level this as priority #1. At level 1-2, spam this carefully to always keep your heat in the yellow for harrassment, or if anyone is foolish enough to early gank with a Rumble on the other team (this overheating AOE is decimating to enemy teams early game). When you pick up Rylai's, this skill along with Harpoon will keep them slowed.

: Frankly, another OP skill. A quick movement boost with a nice shield for good measure. This should be leveled as priority #2. Use this with Q to solo lane harrass like no other. If spammed often and at the right times, you'll be able to time any hits you take to hit your shield instead of health, and hold your lane down for as long as you'd like. This skill along with harpoon make it very difficult to get away from Rumble, or catch you if you're running.

: While you only need to level this once early on (at level 4, or level 3 if you're laning against a squishie that you can kill before level 6), it may be last, but not least. Some people level this for damage output early, but it's unnecessary, as flamespitter will cover more than enough damage, and having the speed and shield capability of scrap shield outweighs a little extra damage from a harpoon shot.
: This skill probably doesn't need introduction or much explanation. Draw a line of devastation with your cursor. This ability is heavy damage, slows the target, and has a surprisingly short CD considered the power. You can use this to initiate ganks of course, but it can also be used to herd enemies away from areas you don't want them, or into your teammates!

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Early Game

One good thing about Rumble is you can build him pretty much the same every time with little variation, due to his versatility. Rumble has a huge advantage right at the first wave of minions (or gank if 3v3) if you spam level 1 flamespitter and keep your heat in the yellow for much more damage (rushing 3v3 gank against any team with Rumble is often just a bad idea). Once you get scrap shield at Level 2, the real harrassment starts.

Here's a video I recorded just today for this guide so you can see an example. Harrassment vs. Karth, who can harrass like an SOB, but again, few harrass as annoyingly as Rumble! You can usually get your first blood early on with harpoon, but if your opponent plays conservatively, you're still pretty much guaranteed a kill at Level 6. It looks as if I'm not doing much, but if you pay attention, you'll see I'm outleveling him. It's a shame FRAPS cut this vid off, b/c the harrassment just gets worse and I kill him 30-45seconds after the vid ends, and own him throughout the rest of the laning phase. This happens basically every time I solo though, so I'll FRAPS another vid and replace this one soon :-)

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Late Game

Late game Rumble is equally deadly. His slow ability with E & R along with Raylai's and the swiftness boots makes him basically inescapable. He's an insane tower diver (not quite Garen-status, but he's a beast in the turrets when built correctly). After my offensive items have been built, I am typically well-fed, and start working on major defensive items, as I am now being focused heavily. Here is where you want to go withandif AP is your biggest concern, or a combination ofandif AD is your bane.

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I start withand, and immediately go for(you should play very aggressive, yet smart, with your tanky overheating Rumblebeast!). I then finish up. Those items you should go with pretty much EVERY time. From here however, you have some options. If you have been dominating, and are not being challenged, go right forand perhapsorHowever, if you are being focused down, go with eitherif mostly AP dmg, or a combination ofandif AD.

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Sorry for the sloppiness, but as I said, this is beast Rumbleplay in a nutshell. I play every champ in the game, but when my pre-made team decides to play VS. each other, one of the conditions is often that I'm not allowed to choose Rumble. This build has it all, speed (mobility), damage (Rumble has this without much help from runes/masteries/items) and Toughness (via Runes, Masteries, and late game items). Enjoy!