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Rumble Build Guide by zimit

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author zimit

Rumble: The Bigger They Are The Harder I Hit Em!

zimit Last updated on June 21, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Well hello guys, and welcome to my little build of Rumble. This is a test build but i have been working very fine with it. dieing 1-2 times a game with around 15-20 stacks in lategame. and above 7+ kills and same assists. I haven't been playing so much because of school but i have done my best and he got unique spells and the whole new vector ulti!. It's so funny to play around with and make small strategies all the time.

THIS IS MY GAME TO PLAY WITH HIM, YOU DON'T NEED TO PLAY HIM THIS WAY. Don't -1 without reading it! give explanation before voting!

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Basic info about Rumble

A little explanation about he's epic spells.
Flamespitter is a really hard spell to master, you need to use alot of time trying it out in different ways and so on. well not at all hard to master, haha but you need to have some small tips how to use it to be carefull but still using it. Because you are meele champion you can actually stand a little away from the minions and turn their way and hit them without being to overextended and getting killed.
Scrap shield
Scrap shield is a lovely spell that you for the most of the time using to engage and get away from champions, it won't block that much damage. At level 5 it will block 170 hp itself, but more because of your ap.
Electro-Harpoon is usually be used to slow somebody well actually used for that, that's why i put only one point in it until level 14, you won't be able to do that much damage again with it that you can with flamespitter. And also the Scrap shield is more worth it to get away and block damage and therefor stay in lane more.
The Equalizer
The Equalizer is one of my favourite ultimates in the game, i love it so much! really extreme slow with 35 % it self and if you plus rylai up it gives you a lovely 50 % slow! and if you harpoon them i think it stacks, 1 time = 65 % and then 80 % if you hit twice on the same champion. thats preeeeety much slow!

- His role
His role in the teamfights and game is to be a aoe offtank, he need to slaughter down the enemy team but in the same time be one of the first going in to shield the squishies or squishyes. You need to think alot about when to use your ultimate and where to put it cause it's very easy to escape from if you put it wrong. :) later on this month i will be making small paint pictures or something where i show how to put it. You are off tank Always remember that! You can always be carry, but i play him off tank.

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Pros / Cons

Alot of Survivability
Good aoe damage with Flamespitter and Equalizer.
Alot of cc = Slow cc with Equalizer and Harpoon


Problems with nukes and long ranged carries.
Hard to master, wierd spells.
Hard to farm in start because flamespitter makes it hard to last hit
Hard to watch the heat in teamfights, Heat can be hard to watch and you can get silenced when not wanting to, and hard to proc when you want to proc it.

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Runes + Masteries

Well i just took some basic runes, thought about getting some magic penetration for my spells and damage in teamfights and also the ap pr. level and cooldown reduction.

I took the decent 9 in offensive to get the magic penetration and the cooldown, and then i putted the rest 21 in defense because i play him off tank then i put alot of hp.

im also thinking about taking 21/9/0 or 21/0/9 don't know yet haven't tried them out yet.

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Summoner Spells

I take ghost and ignite,
Ghost because it gives me the posibillity to chase and to get away fast. my all time favourite summoner spell is flash but in my opinion it is not that good on rumble cause he don't have any stuns or immobilization spells.
You can also take for example Exhaust or Teleport but that is not that much a alternative cause they won't be that effective because Exhaust the slow is your harpoons and teleport is better then your w but not good enough to replace with Ghost or Ignite.

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Now the anoying part....
The item part, this is probably the most discussed part of a guide.
well i will try keeping it simple telling why to take the first item in early game, why to take different items and so on, maybe later on i will add some alternatives on but not at the moment.

BEFORE I START I WANNA SAY THAT THE HEXTECH REVOLVERS DON'T STACK! i know that nerf :). but i have found out that hextech revolver + will of the ancient works just fine and you have your 45 % spellvamp.
Pro tip: i have also found out that people can stack will of the ancients, not on 1 champion but the 2 ap carries can buy it and woop 50 % spell vamp to all around em when they go together.
i trolled a game with 95 % spell vamp. that's pretty insane.

I start with a Dorans shield because of being off tank and survive in lane a little more.
I rush 1 or 2 Hextech revolvers, depending on how much gold i have farmed. but i the hextech revolvers because it gives you about 40% spell vamp which makes you extremly durable in teamfights, nearly full health in the end of a teamfight if used the ulti right and doing alt of damage and having the shield up.
I build my shoes, because you know movement speed and the mr penetration is also great :).
I go build will of the ancients for even more ap and spell vamp and build rylais to get the slow. if you're chasing someone they get 15 % slow from your flamespitter + the slow from your Harpoon and even if you got ulti on top of that you got the most extreme slow ever, and nearly impossible to get away from. i build the rest of the items for the damage. rabandon a classic mage choice, hourglass if you get focused and the lichbane for the hitting between your low cooldown attacks, i have never tried getting this far. i can tell from the Hourglass and the rest of the items is pure theory cause i have always won before that. they always surrender ;). but yes. and then i end with building the other hextech revolver into the gunblade cause of better use of space and more bonus stats.

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Well hope you like my first little fast made build. i hope you liked it. Thumbs me up with a 1+ if you liked it ;).
I hope i will be making different videos on how to put for example, his ulti, some montages with him and maybe a little commentary video
Or comment if you want to discuss anything with me i love getting constructive criticism :)