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Rumble Build Guide by Valeryan

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Valeryan

Rumble The Fearless

Valeryan Last updated on March 3, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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30-4-2011 - Adding some pics
30-4-2011 - Adding played games pics
09-7-2011 - After many many games, and patch nerf, this is THE WAY

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Rumble is an extremely rare char, coz also having played with him many times, I don't know how to clasify him. It's somewhat like a mage, but not a true one, obviously not a DD, seems like a tank, but squishy early on. So we can consider him like an AP Carry Off-Tank Support?
The point is that your job changes while game goes on. Starting like a front DD with flamesplitter on, then a runaway mage with the arpoons, and become a hardy tanky guy when u riach the propper health. All this way is extremely funny, and hot for sure, that's our problem, because overheat it,s the only thing that we need to control.
Let's explain this a bit and give some advices to this 50% AP bonus machine.

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The rune choice it's a standart mage rune, with fully AP focus.
As marks I take the magic penetration ones, because they are the best choice for any mage.
The AP / level seals or the AP ones are my choice, but also tryed with hp/lvl and dodge and works fine as survival ones, but i personally dislike them, coz more damage you do, less damage you take from scared enemys.
AP/lvl glyphs are a must, so no explain needed.
As quintesences we got some options. I personally like to pic +5ap ones, but magic penetration or +1,5 speed works so well, so try each of them and pic the ones u preffer.

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On the mastery tree, most of the guides will take a 9-21-0 coz as mague, the magic penetration is somewhat like a must. Defence tree works fine for this char, because yu need to run with the flamethrower activated to damage your enemys and you will take some damage on the way. Also the +4%ap is fine, and the utility tree don't offer anything interesting, and the cdr is fune jyst fr ultimate, coz your habilitus got a low cooldown on their own.
Have to say that already tryed an offence tree 21-0-9 and 21-9-0 but not so much benefits on this way. Got the first kills easily, but and mid-late game, too smuch squishy char to run insidr the fights, so i discard this ones.

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On my item set is explained just what I consider the core of the build, and yes, it's a huge core, but not that bad to get as any other can be.
As starting item, I've tryed many, as doran shield, doran ring, bootsor any other tipycal ones, but the most usefull is just a tome, to get the hextech revolversurvival asap, and start with the build focus.

When I get the hextech usually wait to finish revolver+boots on the same time, but when we need to choose the boots, have to check wich enemys we got, like magic resist, cc and things like this will teach us to get CDR(funny as hell for ultimate), magic penetrationor magic resist ones. Personally I dislike +3boots and +5are useless on this character.
I usually like to take the CDR ones, because I love to spam ultimate each 36 seconds with mana buff so enjoy this ones.
With our boots taken we will rush into rylaias mayb the most important item on this build, and for this character. Flamespitter will slow-ga all the time, as we can spam 24/7 this hability with a minimum control on overheat. Also with harpoons slow+rylai noone will runaway from our flames.
After rylaiis complete, focus on the deathcap, and then take a min to breathe, and cooldown your machine.
Now we got like 450 AP that are strong enough to burn anyone to hell, so survival will take our attention, so we can take warmog, thornmail, force of nature, abysal scepteror any other half/full defence item depending how the game is going for our team, and wich kind of them we got in front.
From my own experience, no game will last more than a warmog, or the next item you will pick.
Facing a balanced team my persoanl build is to focus on HP with warmog, and force or nature to help with the speed, and give some resist to the casters, so I can rush in and focus somewhat squishy without wasting the ultimate. Most of the times I go in too early and ends in my own death :( so don't forget you'r not an invincible tank.

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Skill Sequence

This section is short enough as we just need to spam all the time our flames, and trying to hit with harpoons the champions that try to get experience near the tower.
When you wanna catch someone up, start always with flame, hitting with an harpoon, while through equalizer, then harpoon again, and just use shield if need for the speed up or to get danger zone on start.
Q-E-R-E-Q if we'r already fighting and got in danger zone with harpoon
Q-W-E-R-E-Q in we'r starting from 0 heat, to get full damage on the harpon and the second flames.

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Summoner Spells

We need to run a lot to hit with flames, and to slow enemys, so:
Ghost is the perfect choice. Escape catch, and with the slow, you can catch champions for to let your team destroy them. Consider it as a must.
Flash is for survival, and on rare times, use it to catch someone up, but survival is the main reason for this one.Ignite; many guys think that is nice for this guy, but I disagree, coz if you get someone, rare times he can scape with speed, and extra damage is just 1 or 2 harpoons trys before start the fight so discard it.
Teleport is the spell that all guy can have, as it's alway helpfully to defend a lost tower, or to take down a new one so the ones who like it, try.

Any other spell, I think it's just a waste, but many ppl like clairovoyance, or heal to those moment of dot, but I dislike them all.

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Try the build a few times and you will get the point of danger zone and overheat easily, and will get surprised how high damage you can do on a simple level 1. You will start to think what you will do with the fully build.
As a new champ, many changes on the build will come so keep the track of it and . . .
Let's get ready to RUMBLE!!!!

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Played games pics

Some different builds used in some games: