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League of Legends Build Guide Author Brisheagin

Rumble:The Junkyard Titan

Brisheagin Last updated on April 28, 2011
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Hey guys, this is my first guide and I would like to show you how I play Rumble:The Mechanized Menace. If you are looking for a nuker or heavy tank, Rumble is not the character for you. Rumble, in my opinion, is a reliable AoE/CC/Off tank character that is extremely valuable in team fights. What's unique about Rumble is his interesting use of heat as a resource. His passive:Junkyard Titan is what makes him so valuable. It is how you use your passive that makes him good.

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I set Rumble up with a good amount of starting AP as well as HP per level and magic pen. These three rune sets make Rumble a very good bruiser early game.

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For my Core Items, I start off by rushing a Rylai's, followed by Boots, and a Trinity Force. Rylai's Crystal Scepter is a great item for Rumble, simply because of Flamespitter. Given that it is an AoE cone that projects from the front of Rumble, Rylai's makes Flamespitter a very vital CC in chasing and in team fights.

As for Boots, the choice between Mercury Treads, Sorcerer's Shoes, and Ionian Boots is somewhat situational. If you find yourself needing magic resist and that great passive from Mercury Treads, go with them. If you want the enemy to feel your flames and Electro-harpoons, go with Sorcerer's Shoes. The most interesting of the three I feel to be are the Ionian Boots. The CDR allows for the use of skills more quickly, thus building heat faster (Which I will get into more in Skils).

Trinity Force gives Rumble's Flamespitter a devastating combo where you follow up your slowing flames with a pounding melee attack. Trinity Force also offers faster Attack Speed and movement speed, making Rumble an extremely fast champion.

Malady: Malady, an item that I found quite useful for Rumble, gives him increased attack speed, as well as Ability Power. Its Passive gives your melee attacks a magic resist reducing de-buff as well as 20 magic damage per hit. I choose Malady, simply because of Rumble's amazing passive.

Rabadon's Deathcap is quite self explanatory: Rumble needs AP.

Zhonya's Hourglass is an item I found to be very useful for Rumble. The increased Armor and great passive allows Rumble to engage enemies closely that much more effectively. Additionally, the AP on the Hourglass is simply astounding.
If you need to pierce your enemies Magic Resist, get a Void Staff or Abyssal Scepter. I found them both quite effective.
For an AP Heavy Team:I found myself getting an Abyssal Scepter quite often when fighting an AP heavy team, for it's magic resist and passive magic reducing ability makes it great for Rumble. Also, getting a Banshee's Veil for the magic resist, passive spell shield, and HP/Mana is great for any champ.
For an AD Heavy Team:Fighting an AD heavy team can work great for Rumble, given the right items. Don't be afraid of getting a Thornmail to compliment a Sunfire Cape. A beefy Rumble that can do amazing damage is a good Rumble!

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In engaging Enemies, I almost always open up with a Flamespitter and a Scrap Shield. Electro-Harpoon is great for harassing and chasing enemies, or slowing those two chasers that might just get the Ace off a fleeing team. Remember, although Rumble can be build beefy, do NOT engage multiple enemies without confidence in your team backing you up or a situational advantage.

Junkyard Titan(Passive):Junkyard Titan is what makes Rumble so unique. When Rumble hits 50+ heat, he enters the danger zone, giving his abilities bonuses. Flamespitter and Electro-Harpoon gain 30% additional damage. Scrap Shield gains 30% more shield and movement speed as well. What makes Junkyard Titan especially interesting is that when you hit 100 Heat, you become overheated, giving your melee attacks a passive magic damage increase. My build tries to utilize this passive to the most of its amazing potential. Giving Rumble increased attack speed and high AP makes this passive insanely strong.Additionally, adding CDR to Rumble allows him to Overheat faster, making him able to use his passive more often. Be CAREFUL, do NOT engage enemies whilst overheated if you think you are going to be juked or CCd. Remember, you will be silenced while you are overheated, so use with caution.

Flamespitter:The bread and butter of Rumble. Early game, with Danger Zone heat above 50, you can harass the enemy team exceptionally well, given you have a descent teammate. Be careful not to overextend with Flamespitter or rush in thinking you can nuke them down with it.

Scrap Shield:You will find Scrap Shield to be your best friend and your enemies bane when it comes to fighting. That extra shield in a 1 v 1 or team fight can mean life or death. Additionally, it gives you a speed boost whilst on, making it a great tool for chasing and escaping.

Electro-Harpoon:The ranged harass and CC capabilities of this skill are simply amazing. Given you can shoot two of these out at your enemies makes it an extremely valuable skill.

The Equalizer:Rumble's Ultimate uses a unique placing system wherein you can choose the location and direction of your ultimate where ever you want in the Ultimate's large targeting radius. It is the perfect ability for ganking and team fighting when places correctly. Remember to keep in mind the target enemies movement and how well grouped they are. Using this skill properly during a team fight can change the tides of the battle.

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Pros / Cons

Great magic damage
Reliable CC
AoE damage for team fights
Good escape and chasing abilities
Can be built beefy

Very susceptible to CC
Often targeted first in team fights
If not used correctly, Ultimate can be rendered useless

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I hope everyone who reads my guide enjoys it and finds it useful. This is not the only, nor the best way to play Rumble. It is simply how I play Rumble, and what I find to be successful.