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Rumble Build Guide by HamrioMusica

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author HamrioMusica

Rumble, The Mohawked Yordel

HamrioMusica Last updated on June 24, 2011
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Hello, and welcome to my first guide for Rumble, The Mechanized Menace! My name is HamrioMusica, and I would like to offer a few tips on how to play and build Rumble as an AP champion. Please comment below on certain things you would like to see in this build, and I will do my best to update it ASAP.

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Rumble's skills use a system similar to Renekton's Fury; allowing him to cast spells efficiently while receiving bonus effects for continued use. However, Rumble has more of an expanded bonus effect area when considering Renekton gets two maximum bonus effects for a full fury gauge.

Here are a few pointers for sustaining the "Danger Zone"
- Flamespitter has the lowest cooldowns among each of his skills. Each use adds 20 heat to his gauge. His cooldown brings him down approx. 10 heat until the skill is ready to be cast again. Remember it will take about 6 constant uses to reach a good area in the Danger Zone. after reaching 75+ heat, I personally wait for the heat gauge to drop down to 60-65 before I cast another skill. Constantly use your flamespitter to maintain the Danger Zone.

- Using all 3 of Rumble's basic skills will immediately put him into the danger zone, so after level 4, you should be able to be more lenient as to what skills you use to maintain heat.

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Gameplay and Skill Sequence

When I start out with the game, I purchase boots of speed and three hp pots. Not only does this give me the advantage with movement speed, but it allows me to constantly harass and chase the enemy down with Flamespitter. On my way down the lane, I am using Flamespitter to increase my heat in order to automatically be in the danger zone by the time minions spawn. Because of the low CD on Flamespitter, it allows you to add approx. 10 heat per use. If you are laning, you obviously have the advantage with another champion on your side. If you are looking for kills early on, team up with a champion with either stun or knock up (Preferably Alistar, Jarvan, or Xin Xhao.), giving your the opportunity to deal both physical and magic damage with melee + Flamespitter combo. If you constantly keep your heat at 65-95, overheating and receiving first blood is a cinch.
I like to pick Flamespitter first because it is a great harassment tool, his basic AoE (not including ult), and also has decent reach. Immediately I add Electro-Harpoon, adding in sudden burst damage, plus a slow. It is a nice combo to get 80-85 heat, wait for an opportune moment to strike with your E, overheat, and chase them down. Do not forget your second charge! At level 3, put another point in flamespitter, (it is a real nuisance early game, because most champions can't afford the proper MR unless they've made some kills.) and following up with Scrap Shield at level 4. After that, prioritize your Flamespitter, Ultimate, Electro-Harpoon, and Scrap Shield respectively.
For those that do not agree about choosing not to balance Scrap Shield with Electro-Harpoon inbetween, note that I usually tend to use Scrap Shield as a method to close some distance, and either join or initiate team fights.

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Laning in Mid with Rumble

Building an AP Rumble makes decent damage in almost any lane. I favor mid overall, because it only shows how rumble can dominate in a solo lane. With boots and 3 hp pots, and some knowledge of mid champion gameplay, You can decimate most if not all ingame. Make sure while initially running to the middle turret that you are constantly using flamespitter. With a 5 second cooldown, and continued use, your heat will raise into the dangerzone, dealing 30% more damage with your offensive skills, and a 30% movement speed increase to your buff with scrap shield. After you reach level 6, if you are in decent shape hp wise, let them push, or hurt them to a point where you can gank or they are far enough from their turret to ult and destroy them. Rumble generally will win mid 1v1's usually through their ult. Ganks are exceptional as well because you can use your ult from so far away, causing massive confusion as to where you are exactly located.

Last hits on minions are key! A farmed rumble is a bit hard to incorporate with keeping your heat balanced, but you should get the hang on last hitting with BOTH your flamespitter and melee attack. I generally use flamespitter when minions are about 1/3 hp.

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Ultimate Placement

Rumble's Ultimate is by far one of the best in team fights. Being in the path when it is initially cast causes a nice burst damage, while staying in the line of fire deals nice DoT to enemy champions.

Some tips on using his ultimate:
- Never waste your Ult on one person running away during a TEAM FIGHT! It only causes your team to suffer without you.
- 1v1 situations are amazing with your ultimate, you can easily turn the tables just by hitting them with one missile. Keeping them in the line continues to deal damage.
- Remember that you can also save a teammate with your ult, even if you can't make a kill. Most enemies generally chase after an ally in a straight line, allowing you to slow them quite nicely. Aim the Equalizer a little bit in front of your ally so the slowing effect continues during the chase.
- Equalizer cancels after you die, so be sure to be a bit behind the front forces of your group before heading in.
- Don't forget to click and drag to aim, some Rumble's I've played so far tend to immediately cast, causing them to shoot and miss at a failed attempt to save themselves.
-When aiming your ult in a 1v1 situation, be sure to have them either in the middle of the ult, or at the very top (seeing as you will be in the front, so running towards you is a quick end.)of the path. This leaves them 4 choices:
A. Run left
B. Run right
C. Ghost/Flash away
Or my personal favorite D: Stay in the path while trying to take on a person who just went and slowed you (twice!), used his shield, and activated his flamethrower, all while overheating in the process.

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Pros / Cons

To start off, allow me to explain the pros and cons on building an AP Rumble.

- High damage output with Q,E, and of course R
- Decimate in 1v1 situations
- With Rylai's, slows stack onto Rumble's E and R, essentially crippling any champion in a team fight
- 90 second CD on The Equalizer, making Rumble excel in ganking and saving situations.
- Rumble's Flamespitter has one of the best CD's in the game, also adding on to the effect that Flamespitter is not canceled during Rumble's Overheat phase, adding in constant magic damage while hitting them for increased damage
-Electro-Harpoon is an excellent skill to use right before you overheat. Just like Flamespitter, this skill doesn't cancel while in overheat (Electro-Harpoon gets 2 shots per CD) allowing you to catch distance up and wail on the opponent.

- Overheating is a double edged sword, seeing as you are silenced for about 3 seconds while you cooldown. Don't forget to continue to check your heat constantly!
- Farming for Rumble is harder than most champs early game, because to constantly stay in the "Danger Zone", you must keep using skills to stay within the confines of 50-95 heat to keep bonuses on your skill, making last hitting difficult.

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Team Work

Rumble is all about teamwork during a group fight. Always make sure you initiate with the Equalizer when it is availible during a team fight. Preoccupying them with the stress of a DoT slow while being assaulted by you and your teammates. When an enemy is running away and just out of your Electro-Harpoon's range, use Scrap Shield's effect to give you an extra boost to slow them and seal their fate. Even while you are stunned, Flamespitter is still shooting damage off and hurting the enemy, so remember to keep Flamespitter as the first choice for attacking, ESPECIALLY when you have Rylai's.