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League of Legends Build Guide Author LittleBunnyQQ

Rumble, The Yordle Immortal

LittleBunnyQQ Last updated on April 29, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Rumble is a very unique champion, dealing consistent magic damage, while remaining extremely healthy and having good control of team fights. I build Rumble as a tanky AP character. This allows him to get in your opponents face with your Flamespitter, and also to occasionally make a clutch escape.

As he is a new champion, this build is somewhat rough, but I think it's definitely a good place to start.

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The runes I choose provide some great early game armor, which helps with auto-attack harass, a problem when trying to farm with Flamespitter. Magic Penetration is also a good choice, obviously a good damage augmentation, and the CD/level cooldown glyphs and quints for the use of his ultimate and other skills during team fights.

An alternative rune page provides some dodge with Seals of Evasion, though dodge might seem odd on a Rumble, it synergies well to harass in lane. What you do is open up on your target, and hopefully gain some minion aggro. Using the 'Nibleness' mastery (10% bonus MS after dodging), and your Scrapshield you can easily chase and close distance with your Flamespitter, which, in most cases, is your core damage while chasing.

The second alternative provides great health regen with Seals of Regeneration, which synergies well with your Doran's Shield to make Rumble immovable in lane, which helps with shrugging off harass or staying in lane after a gank.

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The Masteries i use provide Rumble with a great deal of Cooldown Reduction, improved mobility, and some Magic Penetration. This provides Rumble with practically everything he would need to fulfill his role in lanes and teamfights.

Going down the defensive tree is an alternative that I would recommend as well, putting 9 into offense or utility depending upon what you want to accomplish.

The defensive alternative masteries I chose compliment the fact that rumble is a tanky mage. Grabbing AP per level, cooldown reduction, and Magic Pen in the offensive tree, while maximizing my ap and tanking ability in the defensive tree. Ardor also provides a great edge when overheated, providing attack speed and Ability Power. This mastery set can be modified to go down the utility tree if you'd like some experience gain bonuses, or more CDR when you devote more to it.

Another option is 0/9/21, which allows you to reach the 'Nimbleness' mastery in defense, which synergies fantastically with dodge seals, if you happen to be using those. Unless you are running dodge yellows, however, you are better served going the traditional 9/0/21 route, as outlined above.

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All of these items maximize Rumble's innate ability to tank and deal a considerable amount of magic damage. Doran's Shield is a great early game item, as it gives Rumble the lane longevity he needs through health and HP5, as he does not use mana.

Another first item for Rumble could be Boots of Speed and 3 health potions, making his Flamespitter all the more potent for chasing and harass, while the health pots would keep him healthy after harass.

Mercury's Treads provides a great deal of magic resistance and the reduction of cc, which can help Rumble channel his abilities to the fullest extent, like landing his Flamespitter ticks, or freecasting the Second Electro-Harpoon.

Rylai's is probably the most important item within this item build, giving him a great amount of health, ability power, and the slowing effect on his spells, providing an AoE slow on his Flamespitter, and a slow on his ultimate, making it much more effective in escapes, chases, and at choke points during teamfights. If any item, Rylai's would arguably be the only item that would be picked up every game.

Zhonya's is a fantastic item on Rumble as well, giving a good deal of armor and AP. Though the active can be useful for surviving, due to the nature of Rumble, and his ability to deal decent autoattack damage, or chase people with his Flamespitter, it general isn't as useful as the AP or armor provided otherwise.

Abyssal Scepter is another great item for Rumble, providing once again, ability power, but including some magic resistance to sweeten the deal. The most positive aspect of Abyssal Scepter, however, is the passive. Reducing enemy magic resistance when in the heat of a team fight is a major asset for yourself in practically all of your spells, (as they are mostly close range) and providing a damage boost to the AP carries on your team.

Rabadon's is somewhat of an optional item, finishing the AP growth for the build. Guardian's Angel is another one of these items, giving a good all round boost to defense, and the extra life for when team fights go wrong, etc.

Other items i would suggest would be Randuin's Omen, providing ever needed armor, a great active, and some cooldown reduction. Force of Nature is the other situational item I would recommend, the speed boost is great, and the health regeneration is fantastic for late game farming, and it gives Rumble magic resistance to boot. These items, I find, work really well with each other, but I'm sure others would work as well. Though almost any item can serve Rumble well, due to his hybrid nature, it is fairly undisputed that Rylai's, Mercury's Treads, and Abyssal Scepter are all the best to maximize his offense and defense.

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Skill Sequence

The Skill sequence I chose is rather self explanatory, maxxing Flamespitter first for great farm and damage, later getting Electro-Harpoon for the Slow, and putting a point in my ultimate whenever I can. I get scrap shield just for the utility, making moving back to my lane much easier, and giving some shielding to block some harass damage.

Another option that is viable is taking Electro-Harpoon first, to provide great damage and cc, without pushing your lane. Flamespitter would be taken second if you choose to go down this route.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost and Flash provide a strong amount of mobility for Rumble, both being great for a chase or escape. I feel he doesn't need the damage from Ignite, or the map presence from Teleport, given he already has a speed steroid. If you don't want the mobility, I recommend Clairvoyance for perfect ultimates and scouting, plus it is a good niche roll to fulfill for your team, or if neither of those appeal to your playstle, then take Exhaust if you want to really shutdown a carry.

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This build is rough, as expected from a new champion, I plan to update this as I go, so please check back later to see if I have made any changes.