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Rumble Build Guide by ArmyofPandas

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ArmyofPandas

Rumblin' Up Top

ArmyofPandas Last updated on February 1, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 10

Honor Guard

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Strength of Spirit

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In Progress... HAI

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Pros / Cons

Can go off tank or ap carry
Ult can split enemy team
Great for ganks and harass in lane
More coming soon...

Coming soon...

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In Progress...

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Summoner Spells



Great summoner spell for rumble, adds to his already high damage output and ensures a kill in a team fight due to the healing reduction. Also great for getting first blood and those champions like tryndamere and kassadin who just run with 10 health left.


This will help you with any situation, with the ability to appear right next to their carries and burn them with your flamespitter or flash out of of a gank with your scrap shield. Flash is one of the best summoner spells out there for any champion, take it or be prepared to take a lot of damage before you even reach the carries.


If you just don't like flash or are just more used to ghost take it, more of a personal preference choice between ghost and flash, they can serve pretty much the same purpose but if your enemies have a lot of stuns, slows, snares, ect. then take flash because you won't get much chance to use the speed boost. Or another option is to replace ignite with ghost if you prefer mobility over damage.

Secondary/Situational Choices


All around ok spell for rumble or any champion a player is new at. Helps get out of those early game ganks and mid game fights but is virtually useless late game.


Good spell for ranked games where you see that the enemy team is heavy on CC, if you take cleanse then also take ghost because then you can use ghost to its fullest potential.


Personally I hate teleport but I feel i should put it in here because some people love it. Take it if your a fan but otherwise igntie, flash, ghost and sometimes even cleanse are better choices. Don't take this unless you absolutely can not play without it.


Well this may help some lower ELO teams without supports, a good cv can help with placing your ult around corners, other than that no reason to take this spell.


Pretty much a replacement for ignite if your ad carry or jungler does not take this or because they have a lot of ad (jungle tryndamere and top gangplank is an example).

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Greater Marks of Insight:

Standard marks for every caster, gives your spells more damage and surpasses flat ap and ap/lvl marks.

Greater Glyphs of Force:

Now you can have a little bit of choice here, you can either take these ap/lvl glyphs or flat cd reduction ones. Which ones you chose will be based on whether you take blue buff or your ap middle does, if the ap middle does, go cd reduction, but if you take blue go ap/lvl.

Greater Seals of Force:

Now this may be an area of hot debate, taking secondary runes over primary ones. I have tried greater vitality, flat armor and armor/lvl seals in ranked and in the end i still prefer ap/lvl but take whatever seals you want, all comes down to personal preference in the end.

Greater Quints of Potency:

Now here, like the glyphs, comes a little bit of planning ahead. Read what I wrote about cd reduction and ap/lvl in the greater glyph of force section and chose accordingly.

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Skill Descriptions

Junkyard Titan

Your passive, this is one of those passives that can make or break a fight (smaller skirmishes not large team fights) just make sure you know what your heat bar is at and time when you want to overheat. The best time to overheat is when you have just used flamespitter and scrap shield and use your harpoon to overheat you, this will allow you to catch up to the enemy champion because of the harpoon slow and scrap shield speed buff and deal heavy damage due to flamespitter and overheat. IMPORTANT: The silence from your passive will not stop you from firing your second harpoon.


This ability is what will make your lane opponent hate you and what will completely destroy squishes in team fights. Do not be afraid to use this often, it is what transfuse is to a vlad and what siphon is to a morde, also it does 1/2 damage to minions which is a blessing in disguise because it will not push your lane too much. IMPORTANT: Using this from brush will not reveal you to your enemies, use this to your advantage.

Scrap Shield

Let me start by just saying I personally think this thing is made to make people QQ, I can't begin to count how many times I've killed someone and gotten away with less than 50 health and watched as they raged in all chat. That being said this skill is perfect to fix little mistakes like overextending too far or chasing someone that is very low on health, not only does it give you that little extra health to block a turret shot or ability but also a movement speed boost to run or chase. Also this has the hidden ability, with flamespitter, to completely terrify most players that your charging towards.


Compared to Rumble's other abilities this one is a little worse. It's an overall good poke and good ability to slow pursuers and fleeing enemies but in team fights all this will do is slow the tank that's right in front of you instead of allowing you to catch up to that pesky ashe or anivia (unless your playing against horrid mages and ad carries who decide to run far away from their tanks).

The Equalizer

Now this, this is the reason that you want to be on rumble's team and not against him. A giant line nuke that causes damage per second to enemies who stand in it. This ability will literally win team fights though pure damage and its ability to split the enemy team in two. I see many rumble's use this as the team fight initiator, please do not do this because it gives them more time to run out of the area, it is best used right when you enter the team fight, see the next section about team fight skill rotation.

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Skill Rotation

Alright team fight time, what should you do? First let the tank or support initiate, then stand back for about 2-3 seconds until you see a chance to hit all 5 (or 3-4) enemy champions with your ultimate and lay it down. Then as panic ensues in the enemy formation charge in with scrap shield and flamespitter to completely wreak any squishes that decided not to flash and run in fear. At this point your team should be winning the teamfight (unless thier going like 0/10), proceed to chase down the squishes as your team takes out the tank. Rinse and repeat until the giant victory banner appears.