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Diana Build Guide by Deathskybolo

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Deathskybolo

Runeglaive Diana Jungle

Deathskybolo Last updated on July 6, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi guys with the arrival of Runeglaive in the jungle I decided to share my Diana experience with you. I love the new runeglaive as it gives a spell blade proc in Diana combo, more mana early (which she desperately need) and a good early/mid potential. In this guide i'll be sharing the jungle route that I use, a farming method to use the most out of that runeglaive . How to use shen proc properly when fighting enemies as lots of people seem to have never used a spellblade on Diana before.

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Runes, Masteries and First Clear

Runes :
First off all, Diana got an amazing clear time, so in my opinion your runes shouldnt be used to speed that up even more as you will have to wait for smites. In my experience the best way to have an amazing first clear is by having the runes suggested. Full armor as monsters damages are all ad and half half magic resist for the later tankyness, as magic resist in the build paths comes very last. Quintessence on movement speed as it will help you everywhere faster. Level 6 faster .gank faster. dive faster. catchup faster .etc.
Masteries :
I've tried lots of setup and this is the one I like the best so far is this one 21 6 3. movement speed is really nice on junglers.

First clear:
I always start Krugs no mather what, blue side red side. I want that stun buff as it will make my first clear really easy, as mentioned Diana got a good clear its more about taking less damage then dealing more.
1 krugs - smite str8 away then stun him with your basic attack and only after the stun is off that you will pop your shield as the stun will prevent your shield to do his full job.
2 Razors - Those little one are so easy for Diana, Throw a Q pop your W then AA the small ones as they will die quickly( try to keep your stuns for the big one its one the fist and 6th AA.
3 Red buff - Now your smite should be around a 15 to 10 second cool down depending on your leash. start the red buff and smite him later on to get that health back. If you did it right you didnt use your potions your low on mana, but have almost 3/4 of health with out taking pots.
4 Blue buff = No smite take a potion while fighting that guy.
5 Gromp = Smite him take last potion after and go for wolf.
6 Wolf = pretty str8 foward camp from here you can either back or continue. is suggest you back but i know my Diana well so i tend to go back for razors again and krug for that 4th smite. then i back for sure.

Buy Stalker blade, saphire crystal boots. wards potions.
After that first back if i did the long run with 8 camps i go back str8 to gromp smite him then wolf again razors smite if your gonna gank, keep your smite for red if not.
if i did the short run with 6 camp I go to krugs to get the stun buff again and farm till 6.
What i like about the 8 camp long run is that you get 6 before the respawn timer of your red so you can actually pull a gank in between :)

After few more camps you should be able to buy your runeglaive

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Runeglaive Farming Technique

So first of all use W AA. AA. Q AA AA R AA AA Q AA AA R. or Q AA AA R AA AA W AA AA
The trick is to space your abilities to get the most out of the Runeglaive. You need to wait for 2 aa between your Q and your R. Once you get 40 % cdr you can actually just combo with your Q and R pacing AA's between.
Here's a long as combo for the dragon you can solo it quite fast once you get runeglaive.
Q AA AA R AA AA W AA AA Q AA AA R AA AA E AA AA Q AA AA R AA AA W AA AA. you can actualy almost chain it infinetly. You un fortunately can'T pull that on baron as your R kind of stun yourself on baron.
You could also use this combo on a tank.

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Why do i rush nashor tooth after the runes glaives. First i want to get 40% cdr and more Attack speed to get one of the fastest clear. but also cause it allow my passive to deal 100% of my ability power plus the magic damage every auto. After the Nashor tooth i go for a kindle gem... life is nice and well your just 10% of cdr away so here you go. after that i go either for tankier with a randuin or more damage/sustain with a gunblade. In anycase after those two items i go for the the spirit visage. if we get to very late late game and i get way too much gold and cant end the game i will sell my tanky items and get rabadon zhonya as other tanks on the team can probably tank enough by now.

Sometime i also take the will of the ancient instead of gunblade and get Abyssal instead of spirit visage. Its really more of a whats your team comp is and what you're facing.

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Ganking/ Split Pushing/ Team fighting.

Okay so i'm not gonna sit here and write how to do a team fight and how to split push and how to gank as there is tons of information out there already. Just know mather what you choose to do runeglaive makes it better.
Ganks :
I wont elaborate too much on that besides that ganks pre 6 are lame I dont even bother if you can get some lane experience though when a laner is backing always take that free xp and farm as this need to go in one champions xp pool or your whole team is in a way loosing.. the jungle camps will still be there.
After 6 just get in there and do your thing. pick a target a kill him with your team
you can do small tower dives on out of cc champs because of your shield and the extra armor I told you to take in your runes. You can always do the QR reset on the under tower target and then R back again on a close enemy minions thats is out of turret range. Like Akali would do

Split pushing :
With runeglaive, nashor tooth plus her passive, Diana an amazing waveclear and tower taking potential. combine this with the gift of heavy hands buff ( smiting krug will make you deal 200 true damage to a turret once then loose the buff ) And you'll get a tier 2 tower gone in no time.

A good way to do it is to get runeglaive procs between AA's when ever you can. Q W E are all usable even when there's no target so go for it. remember its a an internal cool down of 1.5 second so pace your self.

Team fight :
Your a initiator, this means you dont always have to use Q R combo to start the fight. You can pick a target or two off by dashing str8 with RWE on them. once your team gang bang them you can actually fall back a bit as you will get deleted fast once your shield is down. Until you get Spellvamp and randuin/spiritvisage you are quite squishy for an initiator and need to be carefull doing so.
As a bursty/dps mage you can burst down adc's and midlaners really easily once that is done there is really no need for you to risk more.
If your team as another initator try to wait for them to do it as it will help you alot to actually land a QR combo as this will enable you to get back in the fight sooner..or do more damage wit the double R combo.

I really sugest you to keep your ult up till you have to fight the Garen's, Nasus's and all the tanks this meta can send us right now. Tripple ulting the tank is pretty fun and easily doable once you get 40% cdr. as you will be melee fighting them use Q AA W AA E AA R Q AA R AA R AA . ouch that chaining R . you can actually wait longer for the last R depending on there health and yours. By that i mean wait for Q to come back to actually ult him 5 times in your fight

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If you like this guide plz up vote, share with me your thoughts on this guide and how good that runeglaive felt on Diana after my few tips.