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Ryze Build Guide by DaZzLRaZzL

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DaZzLRaZzL

Ryze: No I Won't f***ing DIE!

DaZzLRaZzL Last updated on September 9, 2011
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Welcome to my 1st ever guide, about my favourite champ! The ever-underestimated Ryze!
I am writing this at level 26 on my first ever account having been playing for just over 2 months. So since never having played ranked yet alone played in high elo games I have no idea how this guide will stand up! But despite being very new I have considerably more wins than losses with this build. Even got a pentakill! But any feedback on its uses at higher ranks would be great! Hope you enjoy!

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What this build does!

This build gives you great survivability, with great DPS. Want to play an unkillable carry? Check out this build! Ryze is a terrific 1v1, a terrific kiter, fantastic in a team fight, massive survivability and isn't a half bad farmer!


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The runes i use are just personal preferance. I use flat cooldown glyphs. As I find the use early game before the purchase of the Frozen Heart to be more useful than late game advantages of using a greater glyph of celerity, particually when late game you should never be without blue buff. Cooldown is ESSENTIAL for Ryze in order to be a true threat. Without enough CD your DPS will not be good enough to be a truely effictive off-tank/carry. Magic Pen quints and marks I use as I tend not to buy magic pen items so these help make up for that shortcoming. I use flat mana regen seals, as early game harassment and kills can be difficult when you have no mana!

Greater Glyph of Focus x9
Greater Mark of Insight x9
Greater Seal of Replenishment x9
Greater Quintessence of Insight x3

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Masteries are 9-0-21. This gives the CD reduction that Ryze needs for his keyboard smash KO's with the magic pen he needs! I use the ghost mastery but this is just personal preference. Switch around to whatever suits your play style! I find the 3 points in quickness really does pay off. It can make the difference between a successful gank escape, and can ensure you get an extra Q off on that escaping opponent. Bagging you that extra kill!

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Skill and Skill Sequence

Q is by far your most important skill. Massive burst damage and CD reduction. Hence why I level it to 5 as soon as possible.

W deals some decent damage, but most importantly binds. Don't level instead of Q but getting 1 level in it at level 2 really is important for your early game kills and survivability. It makes a great escape tool. (But remember, it is NOT a stun. They can still use abilities)

E is by far your weakest skill. I get 1 level in it at level 3 to allow for the Q-W-E-Q combo and sometimes use as a bit of harass but otherwise leave alone until late.

R your ult gives you a little spell vamp, some extra AP and makes your spells have AOE, great for teamfights. But the primary reason for leveling is its passive. The extra mana. Adds about 80 damage to your standard Q-W-E-Q combo at level 7. So don't knock it!

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The items are just a general guide. To be honest I 90% of the time end up with the build but it really should vary depending on your opponents. I sometimes get 2 Frozen Hearts if the opponents have lots of physical damage. Sometimes if my team is struggling to push towers I sometime build my tear of the goddess into a manamune. But use your head. Anything which provides mana with any sort of magic resist/armour or health is great for Ryze.

Suited Items
-Archangels Staff -(Not worth upgrading from Tear of Goddess until banshsee's, ROA and FH are done)
-Frozen Heart -(Stack if required or if you havn't got CD runes)
-Sorcerers Boots -(You need the magic pen)
-Rod of Ages -(Only get a second as your 6th item)
-Banshee's Veil -(A perect Ryze item)
-Quicksilver Sash -(If they have alot of CC. Or have alot of magic damage)
-Abyssal Sceptre -(If they are stacking MR this will help!)
-Guardian Angel -(A good 6th item choice. Particually if your getting focused)

-Anything AP focused.
-Lich Bane/Sheen -(Whilst it does give a nice bit of mana, your damage comes from your keyboard smash. You shouldn't be faffing about with alternating auto attacks and skills.)

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Summoner Spells

I tend to use ghost and ignite. But this is just my preferance. Flash, Exhaust, Cleanse are also very usefull!


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Other Bits & Bobs

Ryze stacks with mana far better than with AP. People buying Zhonya's & Rabadons are fools. There are far better items for Ryze.

Ryze is one of the best kiters in the game and tends to be continually underestimated. A fake retreat is a great way of bagging some easy kills.

Farming is seen as an issue with Ryze. But whilst he is no trynd, he is far from bad. Mid-late game farming with his ult is great. You can easily destroy a wave of minions, and with Ryzes passive and enough CD. It will be refreshed before the next wave arrives. Early games you should simply be focusing on last hitting to allow you to sit safely under your tower!

Your Q has very good range, great for harrassing.

Skill sequences! Q-E-W-Q. Your standard damage dealing combo! Maximum damage dealing combo!

ULT!-Great for ripping apart your opponents in team fights if they are stupid enough to stand close together. Combo I use is R-E-Q-W-Q. Your ult provides spell vamp and a bit of ap so its good for turning the tide in a 1v1 which isn't going to plan!

Here is a piccy of a full build. Got 2 ROA because I was carrying well and they were not doing very heavy damage to me. (Notquite full stats as missing a few rune slots & masteries as I was level 28 at the time. But near enough!)

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Hope you like the build! Please rate and give your thoughts!

Thanks for reading!