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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author FrasLoad

Ryze, The Backup Generator

FrasLoad Last updated on May 27, 2011
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Whatup fellow Ryze players. This build will contain awesome material from the champion Ryze. Have you ever wanted to kill a Vladimir one vs one in mid? Well you´ve came to the right place.
This build is mostly for Ryze if you like mid, but you can use this for all time but i will explain only the one v one battles throughout the build. So get your coffe and your lube because this is going to be a bumpy ride folks.

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Summoner Spells

Flash For applying burst if mid has low HP, pursuing, Flashing through walls, fleeing etc. and awesome summoner spell
Ghost Makes running more fun basically
Ignite This spell suits ryze like a condom on your ***** or as something the same for girls, it gives you and extra damage, help versus tanks, and will get you kills and how the best way to do that.. read the down below.
Heal It is gay i know but it´s good if your insecure
Cleanse This spell is and alternative to Cleanse imo, because you can turn the table quite good with it and not spending the next 3decades bieng stunned ( this will improve your health so you don´t smash your keyboard broken.. atleast it did for me )

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The items may variate in what team your up against, for example when i just finished a game not so long ago, i faced a Trundle wich was just a pain in the a**, he got a early so me and my friend Brand was bursting all we could but no result. Then you can buy a early in the game so you can deal with him.
Just try to stick to the items i chosed but of course that depends on the team is and optional item because depending on the team ofc but 9/10 Rylai is much better imo, i suggest you go for the items above for maximize your damage if theres one tank, if you see that there´s two tanks and one person which start buying Magic resist. You really should start thinking about buying
The boots may variate in how you want to play but i always go for Sorcerer´s Shoes but there is ofc another choice if your a mentaly handicapped person or just dissoriented in any undespicalbe way that you should go for Ionian Boots of Lucidity.
I saw at the top-rated Ryze build that he diss the Rylai, personally i love it. They can´t flee from you, and that is epic. You also get 500hp which is also really good, i prefer that as my 5th item, since begining with it is dumb, you need the mana and the damage to make it ifficiant. With Rylai in ganks makes your champion one of the strongest in-game imo, that slow will help the team so much, usually you see people going out of the gank, think that just that they are slowed, this will assist both your team positive and the enemy team negative, a kick-*** item imo.

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Pros / Cons

Strong mid
Infinity burst
CDs ain´t a problem
Good Harrassment
Lot of item combinations

Squishy early game
Need perfect timing
Low damage w/o Core items

Get kills or die...

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Anoying ****!

You might encounter the problem as you play AP champions that you´ll leave people with 100hp after your burst so you get ksed. This happens with ryze aswell but with the ignite and the low cd on Q it´s getting better and better, but some **** will still happen, example with a champion as Akali which is a suitable champion for the example because of her ulti which last hits basically everything in the game, so be aware of that so you don´t need to go and buy a new keyboard because you "broke" your last one. He´s also squishy in early game but you can manage that really good with the right amount positioning and correct burst.

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Skill Sequence

Focusing is the bets choise in my opinion, it gives you the damage and the harrass that your looking for against every champion
You want to run against the enemy using and right after and then your going for the . When you´ve used your 3 abillities your is back for the taking, just keep spamming it on the champion your facing in mid for the optimal harrass. Remember to pop your ultimate when your sure for the gank or when you farm minions,BUT, make sure that you will not need it during the cd because it´s a very strong gank spell. Ryze´s passive makes the bursting continue for 3years if the mana agrees since it lowers the CD of your spells the more you cast them.
I found that the best way to one vs one another champion in lane is to harrass and then wait for your to get out of CD and then use this exact combination of attacks: [Flash]----[Ignite], and that folks is a kill.. To be reassured that you get the kill use your again on the target.

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This is something wich i get really frustrated when people do this particular wrong with ryze, you have to harrass and the go back and just keep doing that, for example a scenario when i meet a Miss Fortune in mid i want to use the easy trick to get her to not last hitting the minions by standing at the side of them, basically when she goes forward i use and , that will scare them of so keep that in mind when your mid with ryze.

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Facing Champions

Some of you might know this but i just want to run it through anyway since some champions is difficult to play against
-Ashe, DON´T TRY TO KILL HER BEFORE LVL 3, she will crit your blue-*** of.
-Vladimir, harrass is the key to win vs him, never stop. Your "Q" has a longer range that hes "Q" so this is at your advantage if you pull it of.
-Brand, stay behind minions and harrass
-Karthus, movement is the key to win against him, when you burst-move around
-LeBlanc, this is where your skills with your champion will really show,harrass and snare her when she decides to do her burst and if you face her in mid rush [item=Banshee´s Veil size=34]
-Katarina, cakepatrol-tvs she´s extremly squishy and MELEE this is like a dream come true---harrass and harrass
-Morgana, this is rather anoying since she´ll get her hp back and her shield wich will make your burst low
-Mordekaiser, i hate that champion so much because your burst doesn´t bite, he just hits it up, but you just gotta burst him as soon as he gets infront and wait out the shield.. i will show video
-Heimerdinger, such a gay champion overall.. looks like ****, and is rly anoying because he´s turrents, my tip is to let him push and as soon as he walks infront of he´s turrent range you will go for burst.
-Annie, basically harrass and go for the kill, be cautious..
-Anivia, this is difficult unless you alredy know the tricks.. you gotta move to the side when you walk to her.. video will come i hope.. get her into "egg" position ( i know it can be missenterpetaded ) and be wary of that getting that "egg" in the middle of mid, otherwise it will be difficult to get the kill.
-Caitlyn, her long range will own you unless you move smart and harrass with "Q" and then roll in for the kill.
-Ezreal, powered champion so he´s not that cake anymore, move alot and wait for kill until lvl 3-5.
-Kassadin, the ultimate caster killer, he must die before lvl 6 atealst once!! or it will be reeal difficult playing throughout that midbattle.
-Kennen, easy, just snare when he´s going in with hes lightning.
-Kog´Maw, long range will be anoying but your burst will make him go back and you will have advantage.
-Lux, you have the upperhand because your spells is much easier + stronger than her, just harrass and don´t get caught!
-Malzahar, i bloody hate that wannabe "protoss guy" try to harrass but he´s rly difficult to play again but try to harrass and finnish him before he gets ulti.
-Miff Fortune, Movement and harrass with "Q" since she doesn´t have the range that she can kill you.
-Twisted Fate, i like facing him because hes squishy so have that in mind but don´t get to cocky, just try to land your whole burst alot.
-Vayne, new champion, extremly squishy!! she will drop on your burst so i think that facing her is easy
-Veigar, Don´t get caught and try to burst him alot, movement is also good versus him.

-The rest champions probably wont go mid i´ve just covered the ones that i face in mid.

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Maby you wonder how you would kill another Ryze?
Easy, just harrass him and stay out of range of him when you see him go towards go you back 2yrds, and then you lay your burst and then backs of. Summary, -turn-burst-back. Keep doing that and it´ll work as a charm.

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I hope you like this build i will maby add a video for further conclusion, rate and comment and help me improve :)
I want you to think of this.. If god didin´t want us masturbate he would´ve given us tiny t-rex arms.. thank you