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League of Legends Build Guide Author Obliza

Ryze's New Groove

Obliza Last updated on February 18, 2011
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Ryze's New Groove

After trying many different builds the above the best I have found for utiltiy,damage and survival.

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Mana Crystal + 2 Health Pots.
This gives ryze a large boost to his inital damage, allowing him to cast more spells and is more useful in my opinion then starting with a Dorans or boots.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity
I get Ionian boots early game simply because reaching the cooldown cap as fast as possible is a huge advantage to Ryze, Boots + Masteries + 10% CDR from overlord is 35% CDR as soon as you hit level 9. With Ryze's passive he basically goes past the 40% CDR Cap due to his passive meaning you are constantly flinging spells.

Next Item is Catalyst, this is once against a boost to your mana and also your health, it is a very useful item for staying in your lane longer, deceiving enemies and getting kills. Later to be upgraded into a veil for the shield and magic resist.

Glacial Shroud
You can either hold off getting this item or get it now to get some armor and hit the CDR Cap I personally get it at this point purely for the armor and mana boost, the cdr is just a bonus.

Lich Bane
This is the main item that I feel really needs explaning as I am sure it will confuse a few people.

You get Lich Bane for the mana, magic resist and movement speed. The sheen proc and ability power are simply for late game.

The most important stat this item gives is the movement speed buff
With Boots - 2 + Mastery Bonus + Quint Bonus and Lich Bane bonus you are extremelty fast, moving around at 431(Ish) movement speed. This allows you to essentially be a teemo. Always being unreachable by your enemies, and if any flash/jump you you can prison and just walk away.

It is funny being chased by a tryn, only to prison him when he chickens you and just walk away with him unable to catch you.

Banshee Veil
I choose to get Banshee (normally) before Rylai's generally because boosting my magic resist over 100 and the amazing spell shield is more useful then slowing my opponents. it is your choice however and will often depend on the enemies you are vsing.

Rylais Crystal Scepter

Rylai's makes Ryze completely ridiculous, you can shutdown an opponents ability to move or catch you with ease.

Archangels Staff
Finish your Archangels to make your spellflux pack a late game punch and your lich bane proc deal a substantial ammount of damage. You can finish your archangel anytime you like but I leave it to late game generally because ryze already does enough damage, defensive iems are more important.


Frozen Heart + Mercury Treads
Finally Finish off Frozen Heart and sell your ionian and get mercury treads

You can get mercury treads when ever you choose or skip ionian completely and instead stick to blue pots and golem buff, up to you.

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I run with
8.5 Magic Pen
Flat Armor and Magic Resist
Movement speed Quints.

The other option you could run with would be mana per level but I don't personally believe it is worth it for one champion as no other champion uses them.

Movement speed quints are explained in the lich bane part of the items section.

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Standard(Ish) 9/0/21
Defensive tree also works, I run with 9/0/21 for the magic pen, max mana increase, movement speed increase, summoner spells cooldown reduction and flat cooldown reduction

All of the above are just too good to pass up.

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Summoner Spells

Really just personal preference, I run with ignite to simply score kills more easily and Teleport

Only tip I can give you is don't waste them they are both extremelty useful spells. Don't use teleport because you can't be bothered to walk back to your lane

Use it to surprise ward gank, teleport onto an annie bear or malzahar pet. Use it to defend a turret or take one or help an ally.

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If people would like more information on how to play the new ryze, what skill order to use, farming, ryze tricks and tips, ult usage etc. I would happily write information or show some videos of what he can do.

If you have interest leave a comment below.

I LOVE constructive criticism! if you have any suggestions for changes in any part of the guide please let me know.