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Ivern Build Guide by freddy66623

Jungle gold

[S10.21] 🍭 Freddy's Ivern Candy Tank - In-Depth Counter

By freddy66623 | Updated on October 14, 2020
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updates Patch 10.16
There has not been anything that will alter Ivern this patch but hes still super fun :p

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Hi there,

My name is Freddy!
As you may have seen I stream League of Legends on twitch! I have recently come to love Ivern as a jungler, that being said I highly encourage you to play him with a duo partner that plays mid/top because your invades will leave you exposed and its nice to have a friend that follows. About 3 months ago I started playing league of legends full time again I was Diamond 2 in 2014. However I am currently trying to get silver bronze to Diamond on EUW using Ivern & Wukong . I do invite you all to come and have a laugh or two as I struggle my way back into high elo!

I stream daily from 22:00 - 00:00 +1GMT (Brussels Time). I have a Discord Server where all you beautifull people can hang out and talk to me. What can you expect from my channel? Well ontop of having all my donations go to sponsoring the stream there are daily giveaways of Riot Points that you can win!

Why did I start streaming? Honestly... I studied multimedia & 3D animation and I thought this would be a good place to apply my knowledge and techniques, after seeing my stream grow quit large I thought id make a go of it! So my goal is to be partnered with twitch by 2018. I also feel there is not enough posetive content out there for league of legends. I myself may not be the best but I sure do add some sugar to the salt with my Candy King
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Why Ivern?
Well The Candy King has what I like to call Carry Potential! He is overall a fun, sweet, Goofy character that has insane jungle presence! If played correctly you can make the enemy jungler useless! His invade potential with Friend of the Forest is absolutally my favorite part. His gank potential with Rootcaller is unbelievable if paired with Triggerseed at the right time you can slow and cc for days! Brushmaker makes his ranged able to kite and cancel auto attacks, I cannot tell you how many times I've saved myself from the enemy's ADC by using Brushmaker. Even after the recent nerf to Brushmaker no longer allowing it to hide Dragon or Baron it does still provide you with an Auto attack Canceller! Not to mention it can still hide your allies WHILST doing Epic Monsters

Why these Runes Freddy?

Good question guys lets go over it!

Cunning & Resolve

this path is chosen because of the jungle clear speed & more substain in jungle.

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What makes Ivern so Over Powered? His kit ofcourse!! His passive Friend of the Forest is his bread and butter, he can solo almost an entire jungle without so much as a how do you do! Be weary when playing against Warwick though as Friend of the Forest will get your hp quite low and warwick will be able to smell you at all times! That being said its not just Friend of the Forest thats strong his Q Rootcaller makes his ganks almost always kills! Ofcourse you want to combine Rootcaller with Triggerseed as Triggerseed is really what makes Ivern shine in both teamfights aswell as gank potential! Triggerseed is used to save/chase/slow/kite enemy champions its limits are only in your imagination :D. Brushmaker however got what i call an undeserved nerf! It used to be able to counter vision on epic monsters but no longer does that, keep in mind although you can not hide the dragon or baron you wil still be able to hide your allies and cancell auto attacks. Which brings us to Daisy! by far one of the most fun and clunky characters in the game, This controlled giant can engage,CC & tank towers for you. The coding on Daisy! has been quite shotty and is not fixed so you may experience some Buggs when playing her!

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Lets have a talk about the items! Feel free to get the summarized version in the Notes above! Your ideal goal is to get boots of Lucidity around level 5 for your second round of invading! I run and use a Control Ward on his red bush and then steal his blue sentinel buff and teleport to his red Sentinel to get both buffs. As you may know this will not always be successful but if it is you can keep your enemy jungler down all game. The second item on your list is Athene's Unholy Grail Followed by Redemption. Why these 2 items? Well You have to keep in mind that Ivern is a support at heart and a jungler second, You have very little carry potential but have amazing survivability! The Athene's Unholy Grail keeps you jungling and makes sure your mana never runs out but does little to nothing for your gank or late game potential! Redemption on the other hand is CRUCIAL in your late game to help your team survive aswell as provide some much needed damage. After this I like to complete my Jungle item Trackers knife with the Ciderhulk Enhancement & at the same time upgrade to Oracle Lens. The final item on Ivern is situational, if you need push I prefer Zz'Rot Portal or a Rylai's Crystal Scepter ofcourse maybe some damage from Rabadon's Deathcap could be needed. The choise is yours!

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Alrighty lets start with a basic jungle rotation and second off we will get into my rotaion for maximum invade!

Basic Jungle Rotation

1. Friendly Blue ( First Smite )
2. Friendly Gromp
3. Friendly Wolves
4. Scuttle Dragon Side
(Pop health potions)
5. Raptors
6. Friendly Red ( Second Smite)
7. Friendly Kruggs
(teleport bot) + Gank
8. Collect Scuttle (Dragon Side)
9. Collect Wolves
Gank Mid
10. Scuttle (Baron Side)
Gank Top
11. Collect Kruggs
Ward offensive jungle
12. Begin Invade

Freddy's Jungle Rotation

Red = Agressive invade

Blue = Little Safer

1. Start With enemy Blue (mana relience) and start with Rootcaller for first blood potential.
(1. If invade fails or team doesnt follow invade enemy Red)
(2. Invade enemy Red and kill potential (bring friend))
2. Teleport to your blue (to make sure 0 counter invade)
3. Friendly gromp
4. Friendly Wolves
5. Go to your Red to counter invade get second smite
(5. Grab enemy Raptors use second smite)
6. Grab Friendly Raptors
7. Grab Kruggs
8. Back + Buy Pink Ward
9. Ward Enemy Red buff
10. Invade Enemy Blue + Teleport to Enemy Red to steal Second Buff(have 2 Smite Stacks Ready
10. If Enemy Blue is being defended Teleport To your Controll Wards at Red and steal.
11. Repeat and keep track of timers.

Dragon & Baron

Dragon = Do-able @ lvl 6+ (if possible bring allies to help damage) if not you can hide yourself & Daisy with Brushmaker (NOT DRAGON ANYMORE SINCE NERF). Apply Shield to Daisy as much as possible and use Brushmaker to range attack Dragon.

Baron = Do-able @ 20 mintues ONLY WITH ALLIES. At no point can Ivern Solo baron (unless you play gimmicky Attack Speed build with nashors tooth and full attack speed) Use Daisy!! to tank baron and use Brushmaker to hide you and allies from enemy players. Use Oracle to keep your BUSHES & Pit Clear from wards.

Now here is probably where you will want to pay attention the most! My Guide is mainly for those who want to invade and counter your jungle rather then gank! Friend of the Forest is perfect for an early invade and steal! Basically you wanna level Rootcaller and go with your team for an invade! After this you will use Friend of the Forest to steal his blue. Then usually I run to his red and use my passive on it. Waiting for him to start red and then kill him whilst hes doing it alone!. This will not always work but it can provide insane early game spiral. As for your jungle rotation it goes as follows; Blue > Gromp > Wolves > Scuttle (then claim them all OR continue) Raptors > Red > Kruggs & Back > Gank > 2nd invade. This may seem a confusing but if you would like to see me do it feel free to pop by the stream

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→ Tons of Crowd Controll
→ Shields
→ Somewhat Tanky
→ Support heavy
→ Super counter jungle
→ Candy King


→ Can't Solo Carry
→ Counterable
→ Low Damage
→ Slow escapes
→ Slow Skillshot
→ It's a Tree :)
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of course you are a jungler so smite is a necessity. The Teleport build will allow you to counter jungle at amazing speeds with some help from your allies. But you will of course be quite vulnerable if you do not clear quick enough and especially without Flash you are very susceptible to getting caught out. So make sure to use Rootcaller for getaways as well as engages.
So as you may have noticed I run Ivern with Teleport and Smite. This allows me to get amazing jungle clear at incredible speeds. However not having Flash
this is not a build for the average Ivernplayer. you will want to use your Q Rootcaller to get yourself out of sticky situations and use it to wall hop.
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Teamwork is where Ivern shines,

His Crowd Controll with Rootcaller is amazing also his ability to kite and peal with Triggerseed is amazing. What makes him unique though is Daisy! She can engage/CC and tank quite a bit of damage. Brushmaker Gives you the ability to hide your allies or your adc for special attacks, it can also be used to cancel auto attacks on your allies by brushing them. All in all he is still a support at heart and must be played like it. His passive Friend of the Forest at level 5 will drop a seperate buff for an ally so extra blue & red for everyone

So what is my rotaiton freddy??

Well thats a good question guys! As I mentioned his Crowd Controll is his bread and butter.

Start!! Throw out Daisy!!

(use Daisy!! as peal or engage whatever you see fit (also excelent to keep enemy ADC out of figh)
1. So wether its when ganking or teamfighting your Q Rootcaller is your opener.
2. Immediatly Followed is an E Triggerseed for shield + Damage ( Triggerseed
(can be done before Q if you are afraid enemy will flash and you can time your Triggerseed explosion correctly, if not start Q Rootcaller)
3. Apply Bushes on Ally Squishies ADC/Mid etc.. & on yourself.
4. Re-apply E Triggerseed Chose the target being focused (unless they are almost dead)
5. use Redemption in Teamfight where nessecary
6. Re-apply Q Rootcaller
7. Re-apply E Triggerseed where is nessecary (not nessecarily the focused target might be better used on a frontliner for chase but that is teamfight dependant)
8. Use Locket of the Iron Solari when nessecary
(use bushes for ranked or melee depending on your need)

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is Ivern unique?

Hell yes!! This is what makes me love Ivern so much to write a beautifull guide for you guys! He is unlike any other jungler out there at the moment and is by far the superior tree over Maokai! :D I will fight anyone who says otherwise!!! But all kididng aside Ivern is a one of a kind champion and will bring some sweetness to the saltyness that league has to offer. His ability to give buffs to his allies makes him super strong although i believe he is not the strongest ganker he will have more then enough support for your team and should be pain in the pooper for the enemy team!

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Feel free to come hang out on my stream: TimNFreddy and ask any questions youd like! Im live every day from 9:00 - 12:00 +1GMT & 14:00-18:00. Stream is sponsored by you guys! Daily giveaways everytime we hit 25 followers! The more you donate The more giveaways I can do!

Thanks for your attention hope you enjoyed my little guide

League of Legends Build Guide Author freddy66623
freddy66623 Ivern Guide
[S10.21] 🍭 Freddy's Ivern Candy Tank - In-Depth Counter
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