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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by LoLHaise



Updated on May 3, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author LoLHaise Build Guide By LoLHaise 6 0 8,179 Views 0 Comments
6 0 8,179 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author LoLHaise Fiddlesticks Build Guide By LoLHaise Updated on May 3, 2021
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+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
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Champion Build Guide


By LoLHaise
Introduction / Who am I ?
Hello to everyone reading this, I am one of the better fiddlesticks players you will meet, I have reached rank 1 fiddlesticks NA multiple times as well as hitting masters+ here is the proof.

If you think this guide is helpful come stop by my twitch and I will be more than willing to teach more or go more in-depth

About Fiddlesticks
Fiddlesticks - The Ancient Fear
Ranged, Mage, Jungler
Real name: Unknown.
Gender: Unknown.
Speciality: Fearing everyone.

Something has awoken in Runeterra. Something ancient. Something terrible. The ageless horror known as Fiddlesticks stalks the edges of mortal society, drawn to areas thick with paranoia where it feeds upon terrorized victims. Wielding a jagged scythe, the haggard, makeshift creature reaps fear itself, shattering the minds of those unlucky enough to survive in its wake. Beware the sounding of the crow, or the whispering of the shape that appears almost human… Fiddlesticks has returned.
Pros / Cons
+ Fast jungle clear.
+ Good sustain with Bountiful Harvest.
+ Engage potential with Crowstorm.
+ Easy to learn.
+ Great powerspike on level 6
+ 1v9 capability
Fiddlesticks is very good in low elo because no one wards making it easy for you to get the montage 5 man fiddlesticks ults. Another reason why fiddlesticks are so good in low elo is that no one knows what the champ does because it's not a common pick most people have never played him before not knowing what his abilities do.
- noud rcitation
- Squishy.
- Weak to CC.
- High CDs early.
- Weak before 6.
- No mobility
- Ultimate channeling time.
In higher elo fiddlesticks is not a very good champion as people know what the champion does as well as knowing where to ward to stop the fiddlesticks from getting good ults off making him very weak. Invading is more common in higher elo unlike low elo, fiddlesticks is very weak if he gets invaded early.
A HARMLESS SCARECROW (Passive): Fiddlesticks begins the game with an exclusive Scarecrow Effigy, which permanently occupies its trinket slot. Fiddlesticks can pretend to be an Effigy, after standing still for 2 seconds, adjusting its body into a scarecrow and extending its arm out to expose its lantern. Its health bar is also hidden to enemies while idle, similarly to an Effigy.

From level 6 onward, placing an Effigy also summons a demonic eyeball at the location that grants obscured vision of enemy units in the area for 6 seconds, which also reveals and disables enemy wards and stealthed traps.
TERRIFY (Q): All enemy units are afflicted with Dread when Fiddlesticks is out of combat for 2.5 seconds and is unseen by enemy champions. Fiddlesticks next damaging ability against an enemy affected by Dread will fear them for 1 / 1.25 / 1.5 / 1.75 / 2 seconds. If Fiddlesticks casts Bountiful Harvest or Reap while pretending to be an Effigy, enemies hit will be feared as if it were unseen.

Fiddlesticks shrieks at the target enemy, dealing 6/7/8/9/10% (+2% per 100 Ability Power) of target's current health in magic damage and fearing them for a short duration. Terrify has a minimum damage threshold, and is capped at 400 against monsters.

Enemies can only be feared by Terrify's passive once every few seconds. Terrify's active damage and minimum damage threshold are doubled if its target has recently been feared, Feared enemies are slowed by 90%.
BOUNTIFUL HARVEST (Q): Fiddlesticks tethers itself to all nearby enemies and channels for up to 2 seconds. While channeling, tethered enemies are revealed as it siphons their souls, dealing 12.5 / 20 / 27.5 / 35 / 42.5 (+8.25% of ability power) in magic damage to them every 0.25 seconds, with the last tick dealing additional magic damage for a total of 12.5 / 20 / 27.5 / 35 / 42.5 (+8.25% of ability power) (+12 / 13 / 14 / 15 / 16% of target's missing health). Total damage is reduced to 50% against minions.

Fiddlesticks heals himself for 30 / 35 / 40 / 45 / 50% of the pre-mitigation damage dealt, reduced to 15% against minions.

If all targets break their tethers by moving out of range, the ability ends immediately. If the ability is fully channeled or all targets are slain, 60% of the remaining cooldown is refunded.
REAP (Q): Fiddlesticks swings with its scythe in a crescent-shaped area on the target location, dealing 70 / 105 / 140 / 175 / 210 (+50% of ability power) magic damage and slowing enemies hit for 30 / 35 / 40 / 45 / 50% for 1.25 seconds.

Enemies hit in the center of the area are also silenced for 1.25 seconds.
CROWSTORM (Q): After channeling for 1.5 seconds, Fiddlesticks blinks to the target location with a murder of crows flying wildly around it for 5 seconds, dealing 31.25 / 56.25 / 81.25 (+11.25% of ability power) magic damage to nearby enemies every 0.25 seconds for a total of 625 / 1125 / 1625 (+225% of ability power) magic damage.
Did you know that being annoying is part of Fiddlesticks job ? Now you do ! Everfrost is here to serve you. Basically, you wanna R on your opponent, then use everfrost to slow them, or to root them, if you hit the enemy champion in the center, you'll root it.

This Item is situational if the enemy has a lot of escapes it helps you to lock that target down.
The Night Harvester is actually a pretty good alternative to the Hextech Rocketbelt, by giving you 25% MS when you damage a champion. The Mythic Passive is good, however i'd prefer something like Everfrost if you really wanna be annoying.

Although this item is fun to use it is not the best item on fiddlesticks

This Item is a good alternative to the rocketbelt as it will make it easier to deal with tanks, the passive of liandry's will also proc on your W making it synergize well.
If you're looking for a 3rd item, here it is. The Morellonomicon will give you AP, Health, Magic Penetration, and a great anti-heal passive that will be boosted if the enemy champion is below 50% HP. I usually buy this as 3rd item for Fiddlesticks, but you should consider buying the Oblivion Orb early against healing comp (ex: Vlad, Soraka, Sona).
Early Game / First Clear
There are two main paths that fiddlesticks can take, the first being the most popular and the path you should be taking 90% of your game which is the wolves + blue > blue + gromp > raptors + red > red + golems > scuttle. If you are able to get this clear off at the start of every single game you will be in a very good spot to win the game. If that was a little confusing here is a video of what I am talking about.
The other clear that you may need to do is the red side clear which consists of red + raptors > crugs > wolves + blue > blue + gromp > scuttle. The only reason to do this clear is if you are getting invaded on your blue or you need to path to a certain lane. Here is a video showing the clear.
After First Clear / Early Game
There are 3 things you can do after your first clear these are

1. Gank top/bot (depending on which side you pathed too) > full clear again
2. Gank Mid > full clear again
3. Reset and look to full clear all your camps again.

In summary, after your full clear you should look to gank a lane, if there are no ganks available reset and go full clear again. Meaning no matter what your doing you should always be looking to clear your camps right when they are respawning to get ahead of the other jungler and be the first in the game to hit level 6.
Mid Game
Once you get to mid game you need to start to be very carful as you are a champion with no mobility and not a lot of health meaning you are prone to getting caught out and killed.

To play fiddlesticks efficiently, you want to stay hidden most of the game making it hard for the enemy's to find where you are and where you are going to ult next. Champions like Evelynn are very good at this due to her perma stealth passive, but you can do this too without having perma stealth you just need to stay out of vision and they wont be able to tell where you are.

There are a few things you can to do in mid game that are very important.

1. ult bot lane, if you kill them go dragon
2. ult top lane if you kill him go rift
3. ult mid then walk with mid laner top or bot

other than that you want to continue to full clear your camps when your ult is down as fiddle is kinda useless without his ult
Late Game
This is the most important part of the game, in late game you need to be even more carful of getting caught as you will get 1 shot if out of position.

You need to try your best to stay hidden so the enemy does not know where you are.
In late game there are a few things you an do to end the game

1. Push mid wave then go into top side and get baron for vision while the enemy team is clearing the mid wave you/your team just pushed - then try to threaten baron, they will have to walk into the vision you placed making it easy for you to get an ult.
2. Hover your top laner who is in a side lane and try to kill the person that matches your split pusher
3. Hover your mid lane looking to ult into mid lane from the side bush
Thanks for stopping by and reading my fiddlesticks guide, if you can follow all of these steps I guarantee you will climb, if you have any questions come stop by my twitch channel and ask me some questions I am more then happy to help.
League of Legends Build Guide Author LoLHaise
LoLHaise Fiddlesticks Guide
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