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Evelynn Build Guide by qveenevelynn

Top [S11] Pain in toplane | Evelynn top guide |

By qveenevelynn | Updated on April 17, 2021

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Presence of Mind
Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand

Sudden Impact
Ultimate Hunter

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Win 51%
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Champion Build Guide

[S11] Pain in toplane | Evelynn top guide |

By qveenevelynn
Hi, and welcome to my guide!

I'm Qveen Evelynn, a nobody who mains Evelynn. I am not english, so sorry in advance if my guide is cofused sometimes or i dont know. I try my best!

I main Evelynn since my begins in League, i can say i have good mechanics on her. I can't really say my real rank, because i don't play ranked that much. I started to play ranked with my Evelynn top at preseason, i didn't played that much tho. But i went from Iron IV to Bronze I, and i was doing the five games thing before the preseason ended.

Why am i playing her in toplane? First, i tried jungle in S9, but i never liked jungle, not my thing. I tried jungle too in S11 but same, i don't like. So after her Q rework i started playing her midlane. I tried a lot of builds to be good as a mid, and i was pretty good tbh. But i was still weak against CC and everything. One day i got the idea to try her in toplane, and i tried Conqueror, and i saw that it was super easy to proc and with some tries i was pretty good in dual. So here i go, i was better than in mid. And ofc, it's fun to play.
Videos Back to Top
CLICK HERE to see some highlight from me.

If you make some plays with this build and have some vids don't hesitate to let me know, maybe i can add them here too!
Pros / cons Back to Top

-So, the good thing about this pick is her ability to dual. Most of the time, if you're good with Evelynn and her mechanics, you will win your lane. You can have first blood at level one, you can poke with your Q, you can win the 2v1 if you get ganked (not always, depends on the situation and the enemy jgler.)

-You also have a great push ability.
-You can roam to mid easily, being always invisible make your opponent think you're still on the lane and wait him to push. So he will play safe and freeze while you're helping mid.
-You're hard to gank too, before level 6 it's easy to gank you, but if you have great pressure and poke on your oponent you can win that fight because he will be low and you will have advantage on the jungler. After level 6 you're invisible most of the time, so the jungler wont come. And if he do, you can escape easily.

-Also have great damages.


-You're not a tank.
-big mana issues.
-Weak to CC.
-You lose a lot of power in mid/late game (because of having Conqueror instead of Electrocute.)
-You need to know her mechanics and damages to play well without being greedy.
-Farming is difficult, you need to know her damages to farm well.
When you should pick her? Back to Top
On your team you need at least one tank to be the frontlane, it can be the supp or the jungler most of the time. If you don't have tanks in your team there is three options :

-There is no tank in the enemy team, so you can take evelynn.
-There is only one tank in the enemy team, in toplane, and you can kill him in laning phase, so you can take evelynn.
-There is two tanks in the enemy team, don't take evelynn, your team really need a frontlane.

Also, if you already know your matchup, and you know you can't do anything (for exemple Tahm Kench, the biggest evelynn top counter in my opinion) don't pick evelynn.

As evelynn top you will really have fun if the enemy team don't have tanks, or if your team have a lot of CC.
Runes Back to Top
Conqueror is the rune you need for Evelynn top. Electrocute is of course better in teamfights and mid/late game. But with Electrocute you can't really win your lane.

You can play Electrocute but you will have to play super safe, farming will be harder. You have to poke a lot with your Q.
So, i don't know.

With Conqueror and all the sustain this runepage gives you, you can win 1v1 easy. (But look at the threat thing on this guide, because against some champs you can't win 1v1. I keep it updated.)

You can choose between Last Stand and Cut Down .
As Evelynn you don't have a lot of HP (~500 lvl 1 for exemple) when your oponents are tanks with a lot of HP. Cut Down will give you a real advantage on those fights, this advantage isn t really big at lvl 1 because the HP diff is sometimes around 200, depends on champs. But with some level you can have a lot of dammage thanks to this rune.

The good point on Last Stand is the surprising dammage you can make. When you're low in a fight, in your laning phase, you should have conqueror proc, and your pots, so your health dont move that much and stay low. So you can have great dammage here. And the most important point in my opinion with this rune, is the possibility to 1v2 the jugnler. Most of the time the jungler dont have that much hp diff with you, so Cut Down don't really affect the jugnler. But by being low, you can easily have a dobble kill if you play well.

UPDATE: Hey, i changed somes runes and i wanted to write it down.
First i changed Triumph with Presence of Mind. Both are really good in different situations, but Presence of Mind is really better for your lane phase, because of the mana it gives u, you can stay longer without using your pots. I took time to change it because Triumph saved me a lot of time thanks to the extra hp it gives when i get a kill. Ideal for 1v2 when u get ganked. But Presence of Mind allows you to poke more and farm better. So this choice is up to you.

Then for the second rune thing, i never really knew what to take because tenacity isnt really usefull on Evelynn so i took bloodline. But in fact this is life steal, on the auto attacks and in a fight you only put one or two aa. So this is really useless. But after a lot of thinking i took the attack speed one. Why ? It helps you a lot to push and farm, because Evelynn's autos are really slow and not really damaging. So you can farm better, and it's always usefull when you attack towers. Won't really help you on fight unless if you need one auto to kill (happens sometimes) So yeah, this is my choice.

The Rune page of this guide is bugging sometimes ,at the end i take AP bonus, and then two armor / RM , not two AP bonuses. I don't know if it's really usefull , but i feel so because evelynn is really weak and don't have a lot of HP.
Summoners spells Back to Top
I don't have a lot to say here, you have two options.

- Ignite is the best one, you will need it for your early kills, and it's really usefull against some champs. Without ignite you can't get first blood. (Or your oponent is dumb, or don't play with flash, lol.)

- Teleportation is great to roam, or go back to your lane if you have difficulties. If you're on a matchup where u know u can't do much, such as some of your counter take TP to come back fast on your lane and roam.

To be honest, it depends on the way you play. If you prefer have better roams, take TP. If you're playing more solo to win your lane and have kills, take ignite.
Ability and combos Back to Top
So, i won't explain the Evelynn's ability because i guess if you're reading this you should already know Evelynn.

You begin with your Q, don't use it for farm, first waves you can farm with only autos. Use your Q when you oponent is near to you.

Then take your E second, it will help you to get conqueror faster. ( Q + Q + E + AA + Q + Q )

Then take your W, you have two options for fight here :
-Use it as a slow : use your Q and E first like i told u before. If the ennemy runs away, use your W and proc it immediately. Or, Use Q + W + Q if he is away, then you can use E to get close to him.
-Use it as a charm : engage the fight with your Q then E, when you used all your Q, use your charm. And when your Q will be back your charm is supposed to be full or almost. So you can proc it and do antoher trade.

Those are your main fights combos.

Your ult will be a finisher or a replacer. You know it as a finisher so i'm gonna tell you how to use it as a replacer (it's easy.)
During a trade maybe you will lose your health super fast, so ult when your low to avoid dying. Your ennemy will be kinda low too thanks to the ult, he will probably chase you. So your charm is supposed to be up at this time, so use it. If you can't kill him, proc it as a slow, and run. If you can kill him, wait the charm to be full (if you dont subit dmg you will be invisible with your passive, and have regen) throw a Q, and kill.

Don't forget to use the bushes, they are really helpful to have advantage on trades.

Here is a cool "trap" tip for you, after level 6 if you have done a close trade with your oponent and have enough mana to finish him, do your back animation as if you were backing for real, but when your invisibility come up in the animation, cancel the back and go in a bush or anywhere you can surprise your ennemy. He will think you have backed.
Laning phase Back to Top
For your laning phase you just have to farm the best you can to have advantage. You want to be level 6 as fast as you can. Before level 6 you should not roam, it's dangerous for you and you will be late on your oponent.

When you're level 3, if your poke is good, you're supposed to have pushed a lot, so you should ward the river bush. And always take a look at the map.

After level 6 you have two choices :
-Start roaming to help your mid (and your bot if you have TP)
-Keep farming and pushing to get towers.

If you decide to roam, don't forget to be careful, don't go if you can't do something, suicide is not an aim. If you get a kill, help to push and get tower fast.
If you decide to stay and farm, don't be greedy under the tower, it's hard to escape if you get ganked and you're low. You need great vision, don't forget to ward. If the laner play safe under the tower and you can't kill him, then roam.


Ok i have a new thing here. During your laning phase your aim is to set pressure on the ennemy team. You're gonna farm and push, and have vision in the river. With your mana issues you will probably back a lot of times, i have now two more options. I'm still testing it out, i'll keep it updated.

So first, you don't roam, you can roam mid once or two for help, but you want to set pressure on your lane. when you have enough pressure and killed your oponent, if you can (usually i do it lvl 8 when i can) go for Herald. You can solo it, and if your jungler can help you it's even better. But you need vision to avoid the enemy jungler or even mid if he is roaming. If you have great pressure, you can have two heralds. (and so 2-3 towers.)

When you have enough pressure, you have to invade the enemy top jungle, it will help you with your cs issues if you can't farm very well with evelynn in lane. Also, if you're fed, you can easily (depends on the matchup but 99% of the time you can i guess.) kill the jungler in 1v1. So you need vision in the jungle. If you're on the good side on the map, you can take the enemy blue, which is extremely useful as evelynn. When you have it, you can hard push with your Q and E.

(friend told me that casual toplaners already do this. Well i didn't know about lmao.)


Here is what i do in most of the games now, and by playing like this i carried more. I don't delete things i wrote before because it can be still usefull for you to keep in mind all possibilities. (Because on some games, you will prefer to roam mid.)

Lever 1 to 6 i stay in lane, i usually get a kill between level 1 and 3. I usually back level 4 or 5. (Depends on how many corrupt pot do u have. If you don't have any you should back. ) Then level 6 you should be able to kill again. (if your oponent is greedy or stupid, you will also kill at lvl 3 or 5.)
Here, you just want to set pressure and poke. You're gonna farm with your auto attacks, sometimes with Q and E (better when the enemy is close to poke and farm with Q) but don't forget about your mana. So you push not that fast, most of the time your oponent just take a step back to play safe, so you kinda freeze. you don't want him to farm.

Then at level 6 you can have easy kill with your ulti + your ignite if you need. When you get a kill you can farm, but be aware of the enemy jungler, dont hesitate to use your passive.

For warding you should set a pink in the river bush, then you can set normal wards in the enemy jungle to have vision on the red/blue buff (better on blue buff cause you need it. But sometimes you're just not on the good side of the map, lol). If you're scared about the jungler because he is strong, you can set a normal ward on the bush near to your tower on the red side . (Of course only works if you're on the red side.)

Then level 7-8-9 you should be able to do the herald. You have to hard push your lane, or kill your oponent, then you go to herald, if someones helps you it's better , if not you can do it alone but you need your corrupt pots. Maybe not the three, but at least two. (you will lose a lot of mana and hp you need to recover with the pots during the fight.) Then when you have it instant back. return toplane, push and use it to take the first tower.

When you took the first tower, you need to keep pressuring (is that an ok espression? lol) the toplane. You push, have vision in the enemy jungle nearby, stealing jungle camps and buffs, and killing ennemies. You can roam to help mid too at this moment.

Then the second herald will came up, you can do it fast, always with your pots. Then put it top after pushing to take one tower, maybe two if the enemy team isnt reactive.

Then you just have to help your team in the other lanes, enjoy.
mid/late game Back to Top
Here, you have two options too.

-If your team is good, and wins teamfights and don't really need you, you will splitpush.
-If not, you have to help your team in teamfights. Then push with your team.

In teamfights you should never engage, CC are your weakness. You should stay invisible, so enemys don't have your position. They will think they are against 5v4, and will be surprised to see u. (I don't know if they really think like that lmao, but i feel like they do.)
Anyway use your charm to get rid of some ennemys, some of them are weak enough and don't need charm. But if the enemy tank engage the teamfight you can charm him and kill him fast.
In a teamfight use your ult as a finisher if you can kill one or more than one target, or just use it as an escape is you're in danger, it will do great damage and it will help your team to win the teamfight.

You need to focus objectives, and win the game fast. Because as i said earlier, the power of Evelynn conqueror is not as good as Electrocute one. So longer is the game, more difficult it will be. You can still one shot people, but if they get full stuff and everything you will have more trouble to. (At least with ultimate hunter rune, your ult cd will be extremely low, so really usefull to make dmg and kill.)
Conclusion Back to Top
Thanks you for reading this, i tried my best to explain everything. Maybe i forgot things, and if i remember later i'll keep this guide updated.

Don't forget it's a fun build, if it was a real meta thing i guess more people would heard about evelynn top.

Anyway, i really want to improve this guide and this build, i'm not a real pro in the game like i don't know everything and stuff. So guys, if you try this out let me know in the comments, and if you found things to improve dont hesitate to tell me.

I hope you'll have fun if you try this.
League of Legends Build Guide Author qveenevelynn
qveenevelynn Evelynn Guide

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[S11] Pain in toplane | Evelynn top guide |

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