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Udyr Build Guide by Doubtfull

Jungle [S12] Doubtfull's Challenger Guide to NEW Udyr - Everything You Need to Know

Jungle [S12] Doubtfull's Challenger Guide to NEW Udyr - Everything You Need to Know

Updated on September 9, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Doubtfull Build Guide By Doubtfull 5 1 19,298 Views 0 Comments
5 1 19,298 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Doubtfull Udyr Build Guide By Doubtfull Updated on September 9, 2022
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Legend: Tenacity
Last Stand


+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+65 Base Health


Highest Winrate Spells
LoL Summoner Spell: Chilling Smite

Chilling Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Everything you need to know to get started playing Udyr in one place

I'm Doubtfull and its my mission to make jungle knowledge easily accesible for everyone

I've been playing League since Season 4 and have been Challenger NA Since s7

Interested in learning more about jungle? Questions about Udyr?

Check out my brand new Discord dedicated to making learning the Jungle easier:

Jungle Theory

How do we play Udyr?

Udyr Might look like a character from Tekken now, but his identity hasn't changed much
  • Powerfarm our camps on cooldow
  • Punish laner over agressino by running them down with ghost + Ram Form (E)
  • Counter Gank
  • Invade
  • Never Die

New Udyr's identity hasn't changed much from Oldyr.

You want to be perma farming your camps and building an experience/gold advantage of your opponents so you can stat check them in the midgame team fights.

There is more utility and depth to your kit now, but the same basic gameplan is there.

Try to focus on early objectives- you have a lot of %hp damage in your kit and with your W you can stay healthy while taking them down.


Udyr has 4 abilities instead of an ultimate. Each ability puts Udyr into a "stance", empowering his autos and triggering additional effects.

Passive - Udyr can recast his abilities to enter an "Awakened Stance", making it even stronger. This has a CD that is lowered by attacking.

[Q] Claw Stance = Attack faster and deal %max health damage >>> deal more damage and gain more AS
  • dps camps/fights
  • clear wards
  • Empowered Q is highest DPS on single target camps/objectives
[W] Mantle Stance = Shield yourself and heal on autos >>> bigger shield, regen HP, heal more on autos
  • sustain in jungle/ against neutral objectives
  • max second to stay in fights longer
  • mid-late game empowered W is powerhouse ability that gives 1.5k + heal/shield in teamfights

[E] Stampede Stance = gain temporarry MS and a stun on autos >>> Become unstoppable for 1.5s and gain even more MS
  • you will lead most teamfights/ganks with this ability
  • the MS bonus decays fast, if you can't reach your target use R to slow them down
  • Use awakened to charge through cc abilities and catch up to targets while ganking

[R] Storm Stance = AoE burn and slow >>> deal more damage, slow 10% more, follow targets you auto for 4 seconds
  • once you activate this stance, the AoE will always last 4 seconds, you don't need to auto attack
  • you can double tap R to drop what is essentially an AoE slowing viktor ult that follows champions. This can be VERY powerful in teamfights

[Passive] Bridge Between

Awakened Spirit:
Udyr has no ultimate ability and instead has 4 basic abilities. Each ability grants a Stance that empowers his next two basic attacks and grants an additional effect. Periodically, after Udyr enters a Stance, he can recast the ability after 0.25 seconds to enter an Awakened Stance, refreshing the cooldown and the Stance with bonus effects.

Monk Training:
After casting an ability, Udyr empowers his next two basic attacks within 4 seconds to gain 30% bonus attack speed and refund 5% of Awaken's total cooldown.

[Q] Wilding Claw

Udyr enters Claw Stance, empowering his next two basic attacks to maul the target dealing percent maximum health damage. Additionally, Udyr gains bonus attack speed and deals bonus physical damage for 4 seconds.

gains an additional 20% − 70% (based on level) bonus attack speed and causes the empowered attacks to strike with lightning 6 times, dealing magic damage equal to 1.5% − 3% (based on level) of the target's maximum health per hit, chaining to up to 3 nearby visible enemies, and being able to hit the same target multiple times

[W] Iron Mantle

Udyr enters Mantle Stance, empowering his next two basic attacks to gain 15% life steal and heals him. Additionally, gain a shield for 4 seconds.

increases the shield's strength, stacking with the remaining shield from the first cast, and heals every 0.25 seconds over the next 4 seconds, as well as causes the empowered attacks to instead gain 30% life steal and grant doubled healing.

[E] Blazing Stampede

Udyr enters Stampede Stance, empowering his basic attacks to have an uncancellable windup and pounce on the target to stun them for 0.75 seconds. This cannot affect the same target more than once every few seconds.
Additionally, become Ghost ghosted and gains bonus movement speed for 4 seconds, which decays to 30% effectiveness over 1.5 seconds.

gain an additional 30% − 40% (based on level) bonus movement speed and immunity to crowd control for 1.5 seconds.

[R] Wingborne Storm

Udyr enters Storm Stance, empowering his next two basic attacks to deal 10 − 30 (based on level) bonus magic damage to nearby enemies.
Additionally, summon a blizzard around yourself for 4 seconds that deals magic damage every 0.5 seconds to nearby enemies and slows them.

Udyr ends the blizzard if it is active and unleashes a glacial storm for 4 seconds that is able to move on its own. The storm follows the closest nearby visible target and applies the same effects but deals bonus magic damage based on maximum health per tick and slows by an additional 10%.
Udyr's clear is fairly simple

You can start on Red or Blue, but try to get a leash if possible.

Cast your Q well before the buff spawns, auto twice, then empower your Q, auto twice, and then cast Q again. From here, you just keep casting your abilities on cd after autoing twice.

Use empowered Q on single target camps and empowered R on aoe camps.

Remember you don't need to auto to keep your phoenix burn up, so you can use his to tag little krugs/raptors as you run away to speed up your clear.

Typically on Udyr you're always going to want to full clear into scuttle. Your HP gets a little low when clearing, so if you're against a champion that might invade you, you'll want to plan accordingly.

Below is an example of what your clear should look like:
Before any fight you always want to prepare your passive.

The main thing to consider when fighting with Udyr is which Empowered stance you want to open with. This will depending on which type of fight we are about to enter.


In MOST ganking situations you want to lead with empowered E. This doubles the movement speed bonus and lets you close the gap faster. Once you've stunned the target you can slow them with R and finish the kill.

If you can get on top of your targets without needing to use Empowered E, then the next best option is going to be Empowered R. This has good DPS and puts a large slow field on your target, perfect for ganking.

Pretty simple.


Typically you're going to want to lead any fight with your E. From here, I like to turn on R to trigger the pheonix slow/burn, and then immediately use W into empowered W.

Keep in mind that once you cast R, the pheonix burn will last for 4 seconds no matter what. You don't need to attack.

From here, you can switch back to your E to stun again, or refresh your R.

Make sure to be kiting in and out of the fight to make it difficult for the enemy team to DPS you.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Doubtfull
Doubtfull Udyr Guide
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[S12] Doubtfull's Challenger Guide to NEW Udyr - Everything You Need to Know

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