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Olaf Build Guide by Very Rxre

Jungle S12 Olaf Guide

Jungle S12 Olaf Guide

Updated on January 14, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Very Rxre Build Guide By Very Rxre 8 0 20,554 Views 0 Comments
8 0 20,554 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Very Rxre Olaf Build Guide By Very Rxre Updated on January 14, 2022
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Runes: inspiration secondary

1 2
Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand

Magical Footwear
Approach Velocity

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Jungle Role Ranked #57 in
Jungle Role
Win 51%
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Ability Order Safest ability order, always full health

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Champion Build Guide

S12 Olaf Guide

By Very Rxre
How to Climb in Ranked
Hi, My name is Rare and I'm a diamond ranked player who mainly plays Olaf, Hecarim, and Kayn. I made this section in my Olaf guide specifically to help players climb. Many of you probably think that you deserve to be a higher rank but the teams you get are holding you back. The other half of you probably think that you deserve the current rank you are in but want to climb higher but don't know what you are doing wrong or how to climb. There are 2 methods I can think of that you can use to your advantage to climb rapidy. First one is simply watching youtube videos and looking at guides for the champion you play. This is obvious and I'm guessing you guys already know this which is why you are viewing mobafire guides in the first place. Now for the second tip I have a phrase I like to use called "pick your cards". I believe that over 60% of your games are decided in champ select. Basically 30/30/40, 30% of games are autowin, 30% are autoloss, 40% are dependent on how well u play. This rule applies to hardstucks or people who have their skill level around their rank. If ur a diamond player smurfing in gold this rule obviously dosen't apply because u can win those unwinnable games since your mechanics and macro are superior to golds. There are 5 players on one team, assuming you are not a troll you are classified as a normal player. That means that you have 4 more players in your team and i'd say there is a decent chance that one of them is either a obvious troll, sub 40% wr, someone first timing a champ/playing a champ they have horrid winrates with, someone with a 5 game or higher loss streak, or a jg/sup autofill (playing with 2+ autofills in your team as jg is miserable, if they main jg or support they definitely can’t lane so you already have an auto lost lane). However enemy team has a higher possibility of getting one of these players since they have 5 chances while you get 4 (again assuming you aren't the troll yourself). You can avoid all of those players in the lobby by simply dodging. But you pretty much only get 1 dodge, you lose -10 lp if you dodge a second time so you can't dodge after 1st time (losing 10 lp to avoid bad teamates is not worth it). So you might be asking; How can you avoid bad teamates if you can only dodge a lobby once? The answer is simple, lock in Olaf and then replace smite with cleanse. Someone in the lobby will probably say something like "Olaf smite", or "Olaf bro u don't have smite". Don't type a single word in chat and then at the last possible second switch back to smite. They will have dodged already because the don't want to play without a jg obviously. Sometimes people really don't want to lose -3 so they will dodge last second. that's why u switch last second. 95% of games this works, 5% they won't dodge which is the reason why u switch back to smite last second so u can still play normally in case that happens. This tactic is kinda scummy and people won't agree with it for obvious reasons but I guarantee you will climb by eliminating the bad players in your team most games. Unless you are the bad player that I'm telling you to dodge you will eventually climb with this method. If u are the type of player I'm telling you to dodge then I recommend watching more YouTube videos of league to become more knowledgeable about the game and also watch pro league games to see how they play. You will eventually become a better player that way too and increase your wr and skill level. If you are one of those players that I classified as dodge worthy I recommend that you continue reading because the next section should drastically improve your gameplay.

Some other reasons I see people losing in low elo and their inability to climb are itemization failures, runes failures, horrible camera control (not looking at lanes which means less information), poor understanding of how game works and awful macro decisions, randomly first timing champions (ur gonna do bad and it's basically coinflip whether you get a team that can carry you hard enough even if ur running it), people not playing their one tricks, inconsistency, and 0 vision score/no control wards bought. If you are one of those players that I told you to dodge or below the rank of platinum, I can guarantee you that u are making at least one of these mistakes. Itemization and rune failures are easy to fix, all you have to do is copy the build/runes of this guide or go to something like and search runes/itemization for your champ. In low elo you will randomly see people build crazy ****, I've legit seen an ekko mid on my team build duskblade and lethality items when I was boosting a friends bronze account and it made me want to cry. Please don't do this, be a normal human and copy what pros are building for your champ. Don't first time champions in ranked, do at least 2 norms games before and don't play it in ranked unless you carried those norms games. You will 100% run it down if you first time champs in ranked and will put your teammates at an unfair disadvantage. Realistically ur not beating a one trick that is the same rank as you if ur first timing a champ. If you are a one trick and your champ is banned, just hold lobby hostage because you know damn well ur gonna int on other champs. The major thing tho that I see is poor understanding of game and decision making failures, macro failures. Macro skills and understanding of the game go up each rank. Improving this simply requires more and more games, the more games u play the better your understanding of the game is. To improve macro watch coaching sessions from high elo junglers such as Tarzaned. He has several coaching sessions uploaded on youtube and those helped me improve when I was stuck in low elo in the past.

One last thing I would like to note is BUY CONTROL WARDS. I constantly see players below silver with literally 0 vision score and they don't buy control wards either. for example you see enemy jg gank top. You go to the enemy junglers opposite side to steal his camps, you should be putting a control ward in one of the bushes for his jg. Enemy jungle comes back to his bot side jg and sees that his camps are missing, he goes to gank bot and your team will see him because of that ward and back off. You just saved your team from getting double killed bot with one ward! trust me, vision saves games.

For those wondering how I look up the of all my teammates without manually checking each player (which takes forever btw) there is a very easy way. When you join a lobby, look at the chat. It should show that all the players join in the chat, you copy and paste it onto text bar and it will show you the player layout for all 5 teammates.

the lobby join messages that ur supposed to copy in the game should look something like this:

airplane water joined the lobby
kumavoid joined the lobby
djtheballer joined the lobby
Just Fluffy joined the lobby
Alpakah59 joined the lobby

you just copy that and paste it into searchbar

If you have any additional questions or are looking for me to do a coaching session for you and my discord is Rare#2573 and I'd be happy to help you. I usually charge $10 for coaching but for 1st session its free and then u can choose after if u want to do another session.

I can also coach Hecarim or Kayn if you play those champs as well.
- Path to lane that gives prio for double scuttle
- enchanters pair well with olaf
- engage support decent
- **** against high mobility mids or no cc mids
- basically olaf is a bad pick when enemy teamcomp has very little cc and high mobility laners
- bad against jarvan, fiora, jax, trynd, kha, trundle, tk, zed, kindred, vayne
- vs midlaners Olaf is bad against azir, corki, leblanc, akali, vlad, ahri, fizz, lissandra, kata, zed (basically most high mobility mids and champs with cancer escape moves like lb)
- pref ban j4 or trundle (can ban yi in pisslow or kha/vayne in smurf q)
- runes: classic olaf but with double purple and armor or mr rune situational
- go flash not ghost
- q w q e max q then e, can go e 3rd in anticipation of a fight or invade
- blue smite, only go red smite into something that's going to engage on you (khazix)
- First Back: Ideal is Ironspike whip and if u can't get ironspike just get pickaxe.
If crab is contested and u can't get it go back get double ruby crystal and run to other scuttle
- build order: Gore - Steelcaps - Steraks - DD, SV, Gargoyles, GA
after steraks choose between dd or spirit visage and then go gargoyles
- randuins is an option
- dont go merc treads, you don't build shoes for the mr you build it for the passive which is tenacity and useless for olaf. same reason why qss is ******ed on olaf
- if you are 1v9 and are all the damage for your team go red potion (damage potion)
- if you are trying to be tanky or behind and your role is peeling then go yellow potion (iron one)
- dont get dd when behind, you have to go dd when ahead it gives extra health, decent damage. if designated tank go gargoyles, randuins, bc, and **** like that
- spirit visage insane vs ap jg + top or jg + mid. if they have something like elise jg but double ad top its not worth going mr runes
- dd good vs teams that want to get into your face, either all ad teams or high engage teams, ad assassins, team comp like Trundle, Amumu, Yone, Jhin, Thresh. 4 out of 5 get into your face
- when behind just go tank items such as sv or gargoyles. bc also an option. if behind just play frontline vs frontline you e does insane damage to theirs.
- thornmail common misconception, you don't even activate the 60% reduction since u have no immobalization so use chempunk sword instead (dont go this item much since you are the major damage, healing reduc is better on top laners and support)
- you can go swifties boots vs phase rush champs like cass or ori, dont go red smite into phase rush champs. best boots option tho is steelcaps then ionians. swifties not recommended
- start blue every game below Masters+
- sniper mode for q on priority target, once you land q go rabid dog mode on target. when you go into rabid dog mode you can't get out.
- Olaf secondary: go inspiration if you need approach velocity to reach them (ranged and mobile enemies). If they will be on top of you, you get resolve (revitalize and bone plating).
- get rift before 14 minutes (platings) and put it into winning lanes. Drop at 2.5 plates. if lane is hard winning and can get the plates by themselves, rift elsewhere to keep the guy losing locked in lane.
- look to push after a gank to crash the wave. If they don't have a tp the game is won.
- path into volatile matchups, double melee, strong early etc. once example is blitz into thresh bot pretty volatile lane double melee too.
- path away from weak lanes and bad gank setup.
- if fed play janitor, let your team go in and take all the cds and damage and you go in and **** them up

Hints that you are playing Olaf wrong
- if you die before 5 min ur doing something wrong
- dont get first dragon or rift
- significantly lower cs than enemy jung
- if enemy jung starts red buff and you don't double scuttle
- you die and all of your jg camps are alive
- you are building a 5th item

full clear
- doing 24 cs full clear is consistenly how you get a lead as olaf. You don't want to do nonsense pathing just start blue and full clear for garunteed 24 cs and a crab
- if the laner ur pathing to has downsyndrome and doesn't know what he's doing then reset at 24 cs and go for opposite crab. worst case scenario laner gets solo killed or ganked right as ur finishing krugs and you know enemy jung is supposed to show up at that same scuttle.
if this happens make sure you don't show on the minimap or enemy jungle will realize he can double scuttle

- path to volatile lanes, hyper carries, lanes that will be perma pushed in, ******s in enemy team, low wr players in enemy team, smurfs on your team
- pathing to hyper carries is good because they have the potential to solo carry games even if the other lanes are losing so we want to help them as much as possible
- if you have a smurf on your team its a good idea to path to his lane because he probably knows what he is doing and can carry the game if you help him get a lead.
good smurfs could probably win lane on their own but you want to still help them in case they have trouble and we don't even want to give enemy jg the chance to ruin the smurfs lane so we are there to countergank enemy jg.
- if the enemy team has really low winrate players, autofills, or ******s (maybe you played with them last game and know) path to their lane because its free kills and they tend to give up easily
- pathing to lanes that will be pushed in is pretty obvious but its something you need to be looking for because you can get free kills and relieve some pressure off for your laner
- after 1st clear you can reverse it to trick enemy jg and confuse his tracking but only do this after an extended sequence or fight.
- perma look at lanes to see gank opportunites, normally u just full clear jg and if an opportunities shows up you make a decision whether or not to take it.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Very Rxre
Very Rxre Olaf Guide
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S12 Olaf Guide

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