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Evelynn Build Guide by qveenevelynn

Top [S13] Pain in toplane | Evelynn top guide

Top [S13] Pain in toplane | Evelynn top guide

Updated on November 9, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author qveenevelynn Build Guide By qveenevelynn 85 11 173,830 Views 35 Comments
85 11 173,830 Views 35 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author qveenevelynn Evelynn Build Guide By qveenevelynn Updated on November 9, 2023
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Runes: Basic one

1 2 3
Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand

Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
flash is overated anyway
LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

[S13] Pain in toplane | Evelynn top guide

By qveenevelynn
Hello and welcome to my guide!

I'm Qveen Evelynn in EUW server. Also, english is not my native lenguage so i'm sorry if i make some mistakes, or if some parts of my guide are unclear.

For a quick presentation i will say that i'm an Evelynn One Trick . I started to play league in S9.
My first main was obviously Evelynn but is was really bad in jungling. I didn't liked jungle at all. I went to midlane, even if her Q (before cd rework) was super bad in lane. Then it got reworked and it was pretty cool in midlane, but i was still bad at the game tho even if i had fun. In S11, i was tired of midlane, by testing some new exotic builds i found out that Conqueror was pretty op! And i decided to move on toplane and trying to make something with it.

In this guide i will tell you about Evelynn strenghts in toplane, how you're supposed to build her and to play, and how you're supposed to carry your team.

Evelynn - The DIVA
"I'll put the devil in thee"
Farming and playstyle: Difficult
fighting potential: Really good duelist
Speciality: Fast Conqueror procs, good sustain, stealth, big damages, good splitpusher

DEMON SHADE (Passive): This is the one of the main strengh of Evelynn top. Thanks to her passive you have a lot of sustain with the health regen. So you can easily recover between trades.Also, after level 6 your stealth is really important in lane to play by you own rules.
HATE SPIKE (Q): This is the main Evelynn source of damage. And also the main strengh of Evelynn top. You can have a great poke with it, even when you farm if your oponent is nearby you can damage him.
ALLURE (W): This is an important tool of Evelynn's kit. You can use it in multiple ways, like a slow (gap closer, or escape),or full charm if you can proc it (really good CC)

WHIPLASH (E): This is a dash, really usefull on evelynn to close the distance with your target. If you use your dash in the same time as the enemy dash or flash away, it will follow. You also get a movement speed bonus which is really usefull to stay close to the enemy, or just escape (you can use it on minions to get the movement speed, to catch your oponent or escape)

LAST CARESS (R): The evelynn's ultimate, it is a finisher really usefull to kill and relocate yourself. Or if you're in danger it's a good dodge or escape. For example you can dodge an ultimate as shown hereor just dodge a tower shot.


Good duelist, easy first blood
Great push ability (good splitpusher)
Easy roam after 6
Hard to gank
Great damages and sustain
Good carry if fed
No ones knows how to play against you


Not a tank
Weak to CC
Need to know her mechanics to play well (and know your matchups)
farming is difficult you need to know her damages

FLASH: A must have, great for escaping, or just take a kill
IGNITE: Also a must have to me, ignite give you more damages or antiheal in early game, you need ignite to get first blood and all in, ignite is really important to dominate your oponent For exemple here, without ignite i would be dead
TELEPORT: Really good for not losing too much farm in laning phase and getting an advantage on your oponent. Also permit to have presence on the map

The choice of your sums depends on you playstyle i guess.

Personnaly i don't play with Flash anymore, i don't need it to get kills most of the time, and to escape i feel like most of the champs now have too much dashes or CC so even if you flash out they catch you back.

I prefer playing Ignite with Teleport to focus on my laning phase and not losing advantage. I get easy kills with ignite, and i keep a good CS with TP. This playstyle probably makes you play safer and makes you more aware about the game.
  • Conqueror is pretty broken on Evelynn! Evelynn is a melee champ, but her Q is ranged so you can fully stack conqueror without taking risks. One Q can proc 8 conqueror stacks. This gives you a lot of AP pretty fast which is good. Also the small healing you have can help surviving a little bit more.
  • Before i was playing Presence of Mind (and you can still play it) but triumph is definitely better : the healing can save you from ignite or tower shot (or can even help you to 1v2 when you get ganked.). It also gives extra golds so it's cool!
  • At a first view there is no real rune good for evelynn here. But Alacrity is definitely super important in your gameplay here! It helps you to farm better. You can also put more autos in a fight against your oponent, which is good. And the best part : thanks to this you can destroy towers pretty fast!
  • This is the rune that gives the most damage % and you will get it on every early trade, that will help you to finish your oponent before he finishes you!
  • Before i was playing Absolute Focus but it's not really worth with my playstyle since i'm inting a lot and so i dont get those bonus AP lol. So you can take triumph and take this instead of presence of mind. It works good for your mana aswell.
  • Obvi a must have for your late game. This gives a lot of AP, and this is amazing with deathcap. Even if you're behind this will gives you extra AP to help you to comeback.

Those runes helps you to be an amazing duelist in toplane. All you have to do is to proc your conqueror super fast and let the magic do the rest ~

Against Nasus or difficult matchup you don't want to face, pick the Phase Rush runepage, this will allow you to farm safe and run away. This counters the nasus slow.
  • I definitely recommend you to go Luden's. This is imo the best mythic for Evelynn Top. This gives you the mana you need, the magic pen is also a need on evelynn. And the passive proc is really helpful to farm, push, and poke your oponent. (And it gives some movement speed , good to take)
  • This item gives you more AP than Luden, but magic pen is better than AP (especially in this tank meta.) The only good point about this item is maybe the passive that can proc on everyone on a teamfight. (but as evelynn top you're more into splitpush, so luden is better.)
  • I do not play this item, i do not recommend you to play this unless you know what you're doing. This item don't give mana, which is really important. The only positive pointq are the dash and the magic pen.
  • This item is really cool to play, and is viable depending on your gameplay. It gives mana and HP, and have a good CC. The cc is usefull in lane, you can make a combo with your charm. But i don't know if you can go in a basic burst build with this item.

Evelynn top is one of the strongest duelist at lvl 1.
-You can spam your Q (extremely low couldown) and proc conqueror super fast.
--> This gives you stupidely big damages ! (+ when you spam your Qs you can dodge your oponent comp, since your 3 last Q procs don't need you to focus on your aim.)

If you need, don't hesitate to use the bushes, play with the vision.

1Q = 8 Stacks. You only need 2 more auto attacks to proc it full.

At lvl 1 you want to put your balls on the table, and show who is the boss here. Your oponent will probably try to fight you back (he well probably try to engage you too, thinking you are a poor little weak thing.) so : DESTROY THEM.
You can have the first blood easily with Ignite. Don't worry if you don't kill your oponent, he will be scared for life and will overrespect you and wait for his jungler to try to fight.
You can use this at your advantage to freeze and farm in peace.

LVL 2-5

Now you have two types of combo to do here.
The first one : Q+ instant W (proc the slow when the Q hit your target) + 3qs and E and run away.

This is more like a poke combo you slow your oponent to gap close him, you damage him and then you runaway with you E movespeed. If you can get a kill obvi you can stay and keep using your Q.

The second one : (you're close to your oponent) Q + aa and other Qs + E + W (while you run around with E movespeed) + Q (proc the full charm) + aa and other Qs.

This is a full damages combo, do it when you have advantage on your oponent, and if he is coming too close to you when he should not. Do damage and load your charm while you recover your Q to use it and proc the charm. He can't escape to you thanks to your E movespeed that will help you to stay close to him and proc charm. Then you can do more damage and go away.

NB: out of thoses combos, if you're close to your oponent and he is hiding in minions to avoid your Q, proc the charm with your empowered E and then Q him.

You will back at LVL 3, don't overstay because this is the gank time. Also if you managed you wave well (slowpush) and have poked your oponent well (he is low) you can dive him at lvl 3 with your charm. (Charm + wait under tower without attacking trying to predict your oponend moves + Q (and other qs) + E and run away. Triumph will save you a tower shot)

You just want to farm, freeze if you can to avoid ganks and being agressive if your oponent comes too close to you. You are the boss here don"t forget it !

If you're on a hard matchup or just being camped or in 0/10, just farm safe, freeze and scream help until your jungler come lmao. (Seriously just farm the best you can, and if they want to dive you try to outplay them with the charm. Even the slow can help. )

Now you are in stealth. This is the time to make the enemy team confused. Are you on lane? Are you roaming? Did you just back? Are you waiting your oponent to do one more step? Who knows? No one except you.
Are you inbisible around the creeps you are last hitting? Or are you closer to your oponent than he thinks? It's up to you, it's your moment to shine, to destroy your oponent even more.
You can use the bushes at your advantage! And if your oponent put a pink in a lane bush, you can brush against the walls to avoid it and kill your oponent by surprise.

Don't hesitate to do herald with your jungler if you have the lane advantage!

Also, if you're fed and are not low in mana/hp after killing your oponent : push and take some plates! (it will be fast when you'll have your luden.)
Pro tips: while auto attacking the tower : you can still use your Q to farm the incoming creeps!

You can use your ult as an escape or to relocate yourself after a trade (only in emergency). Most of the time you will use it to execute your oponent, you can easy dive with it.

You can roam if you're fed and have killed your oponent + pushed the wave (but i do not recommend you to do so, if you don"t trust your team it's an easy way to give a kill and throw)
At first you want to stay in toplane. You will take the first tower and push to the second. Make sure to have vision before pushing too far. Also you can take some jungle camps : you want to always win gold.

So you will put pressure on top, some people will come to stop you (hey, isnt it the aim of splitpushing? )this will help your team doing objectives.

You want to do this until you have your seconde item (Lich). Why ? Because your team is probably feeding and you will need two items to fight those fed enemies. Only one item is not powerful enough to kill them.

Obvi if they are 5 mid and are hard pushing and taking towers because your team can't defend : you have to back and defend.

For the rest of the game you want to splitpush , pure pressure on lanes by pushing. Take picks if you can (you're still an assassin.) After rabadon you will just DESTROY towers with your attackspeed + lichbane proc.

If you can't splitpush, help your team doing objectives.

In Teamfights, you don't want to engage, let your team doing it, charm the carry and destroy him.
Thanks for reading my guide! Don't hesitate to give your opinion on the comment section.
I'm still looking for improvements, i'm not a pro and this guide is not perfect.

I'm a student and i don't have time to play a lot when i'm not on holidays, so i keep my guide updated when i can. Make sure to check the CHANGELOG section to see what's updated.

Those are some videos i made to show you my Evelynn Top in laning phase (mostly her lvl 1 power and how i get first blood.)
13.10 changes
There is a lot of changes on this patch! Here are my thoughts.

There is multiple changes affecting our TOP gameplay, and it seems like a total buff to me.

First of all, the Lost Chapter price reduction : from 1300g to 1100g, you can have it before level 6 if you get the first blood. (Level 3-4 if you can get another kill) : This allows you to have more AP in early, and spam your abilities even more. More pressure, more kill potential, better farming.

Then we have the minions change : They come faster in lane, and when attacking a tower they will keep attacking it even if the enemy is fighting nearby.
Why those changes are good? The minions coming faster makes the laning phase rythm faster and it's good for you since you need to back a lot to play safe.

- At level 1 you slow push (auto attack the minions while poking and trying to get first blood) , the second wave will come faster than before so your wave wont push too much. You maybe got first blood (or just a kill...) at this point, your oponent will probably TP back and he wont be able to come and fight you again in most of the case, because you have range advantage and the minion wave is too big for him to come in. If he does, you will be able to kill him again. If you didn't get a kill, your oponent is probably low hp : keep slow pushing and poking, the third wave should come and get your wave just before the tower range : now you can fast clear for a dive (be careful to boneplate make sure to take it down before) . And after this you can back without getting ganked since the waves are faster (so the enemy jungler would have just finished his clear at this time.)

-Minions are focusing the towers, it makes the dives harder since they don't attack the enemy anymore, but if you dive you're supposed to oneshot your oponent and escape with E movespeed, or your ult. (So he must be kinda low hp already). But we take advantage on this change if the enemy is playing safe or try to freeze : you just hard push the wave and they will attack the tower. Even if you can't get a kill, you will get plates that are free golds (and you can still poke your enemy with your Q for a dive perpective.) Plates are really worthy, keep that in mind. (Don't forget to be close to the tower range to get the plate even if you didnt attack the tower).

With those minions changes and lost chapter price reduction, that allows you to have a better snowball ability. You can really put your enemy behind, and if you have good wave control, easy win he can't comeback or you will kill him.(Don't hesitate to harass with your jungler to have Herald prio and take the firt tower.)

There are minor changes that makes your game easier:
-The mana regen on fountain has been increased, you can come back on lane faster.
-Rabadon buff from 35% to 40%
-Force of nature nerf, there is no more damage reduction in the passive. (this was REALLY annoying)
-Malmortius maw's shield time is reduced, kinda cool for us too
-TP change, you can now tp everywhere at 10mins instead of 14.

I think that's all atm. Don't hesitate to tell me what you think about those changes, if i missed something, or if i'm wrong on something else. As i said i feel it like a buff, but maybe i'm just a gold with low game knowledge lmao.
I'll let this chapter up for a moment, i'll probably add all of this on already existing chapters later, like laning phase and all.
Xoxo have fun
-Modification of the main build :
--~Modification of "Then" Rabadon's Deathcap and Lich Bane order and description
--~Modification of "Last Choice" items and description
--~"Final Build" items update
Renekton "threat" Major -> Extreme
-Added a new chapter about the 13.10 changes, and how it affect our gameplay.
-It's been a while i haven't uploaded things here, didn't have that much time to play but now i have more time. Also Lich Bane buff is good for us this patch! ;)
-Modification of the Main Build :
--~Modification of "Rush" description and items.
--~Added "don't rush those" item and description (new strat i'm doing rn)
- Illaoi "threat" Major -> Even
- Jax "threat" Even -> Major
- Kled "threat" Major -> Extreme
- Lillia "threat" Even -> Minor
- K'Sante "threat" Even -> Minor
-Modification of Main build items and description.
-s12 experimental "first strike" -> Deleted.
-Basic runepage Presence of Mind -> Triumph
-Basic runepage Absolute Focus -> Manaflow Band
-Rewriting of every chapters of this guide.
-Added "threat" K'Sante -> Even.
-Added a new build page "Giant Queen (experimental, jungle)"
-There is a lot happening on this new preseason, i dont have a lot to add, i'm trying some builds with the new items (even tanks one....) i'll update it next patch probably with some new cool builds idea (that will cost you to be reported i guess) xoxo~
-Hi, i don't have anything to update cause i don't have time to play atm. But i can say that the Evelynn's buffs should be pretty good on our toplane gameplay ;) have fun!
-Added a new summoner spell page (TP - IGNITE)
-I can't really update my guide, i'm really busy with my studies and i don't have time to play anymore.
-Added a new build page "Cold Beauty"
- Akali "threat" Major -> Extreme
-Added a new rune page "Against Nasus"
-Modification of "EXPERIMENTAL S12 RUNES"
- Aatrox "threat" Minor -> Even
- Dr. Mundo "threat" Even -> Minor
- Kayle "threat" Minor -> Tiny
- Nasus "threat" Major -> Even
- Pantheon "threat" Minor -> Even
- Teemo "threat" Minor -> Tiny
- Tryndamere "threat" Even -> Major
- Wukong "threat" Major -> Even
- Yasuo "threat" Minor -> Major
- Vayne"threat" Minor -> Tiny
- Gwen "threat" Minor -> Tiny
- Sion "threat" Minor -> Tiny
-Hi i'm back,imo the damage reduction is a buff to my evelynn top and she can probably shine again. I'll play more and will try to update the matchup thing for next patch.
-Added : Experimental bruiser build
-Playing Evelynn top is still really hard atm. Go with electrocute, play safe and have a roaming playstyle. Help your jungler getting objectives such as scuttle or herald (drake by roaming mid and helping having the mid prio for exemple) , and help your midlaner.
I also recommend you to play her in midlane with electrocute, you will have more impact than toplane. (Just play safe until 6, get kills if your opponent have a weak early, then at lvl 6 roam like a second jungler and help to secure objectives. Don't forget to manage your wave so you can come back pushing and taking cs.)
-I also deleted the "Experimental Evelynn tank build" and runes.
-I don't have a lot to say, i feel like my Evelynn top is really bad atm. In the actual meta there is a lot of hard picks, some are playing with ignite (makes your life unfair), also the new lethal tempo is pretty annoying. Atm i'm trying to figure out new strategies to put Evelynn on the top again. You should maybe play her Electrocute and play safe instead of conqueror, and try to roam. When i'll have a new strategy, i will probably do a new guide chapter on it. I'm open to suggestions/advices, if any toplane pro are reading this. Thanks for following my guide, xoxo
-"S12 Experimental build" updated.
-Sorry i still don't play a lot, i can't update the matchups section, but i can tell, be aware of the new lethal tempo, it can gives you hard time.
-Added a new item set "Experimental S12 build"
-Added a new runepage "Experimental S12 runes"
(i don't play league that much atm, i can't really update matchup threat thing, sorry)
-Update in the RUNES chapter, about the Conqueror nerf
- Vex "threat" Even
- Akshan "threat" Major -> Even
- Trundle "threat" Major -> Even
- Gwen "threat" Even -> Minor
- Shen "threat" Even -> Minor
- Urgot "threat" Major -> Even
- Tryndamere "threat" Major -> Even
- Rumble "threat" Major -> Even
- Riven "threat" Even -> Major
- Ornn "threat" Even -> Minor
- Mordekaiser "threat" Major -> Even
- Jax "threat" Major -> Even
- Darius "threat" Even -> Minor
- Ornn "threat" Major -> Even
- Sett "threat" Extreme -> Major
- Shen "threat" Major -> Even
- Singed "threat" Major -> Even
-Modification of the main build -> new items, buy order and descriptions
-New main runepage
-New guide chapter "Mythic choice"
- Darius "threat" major -> even
- Gwen "threat" major -> even
- Irelia "threat" even -> major
- Renekton "threat" even -> major
- Tahm Kench "threat" extreme -> major (Not your biggest counter anymore enjoy)
- Teemo "threat" even -> minor
- Akshan "threat" Major
- Lucian "threat" Extreme
-Update the description of starter items -> Dark Seal better than Corruption Pot
-Added text to Evelynn Tank chapter
- Renekton "threat" minor -> even
- Riven "threat" major -> even
-Added a new start option on item build
-Added a new start option + mythic on experimental evelynn tank build
-Update of the experimental evelynn tank chapter
- Irelia "threat" minor -> even
- Mordekaiser "threat" even -> major
-(omg i'm so hyped by coven evelynn... can't wait)
-Added an Evelynn tank build (Runes, items, and guide chapter.)
- Camille "threat" Even -> Major
- Fiora "threat" Extreme -> Major
- Illaoi "threat" Minor -> Major
- Irelia "threat" Even -> Minor
- Teemo "threat" Major -> Even
- Yorick "threat" Major -> Extreme
-Added "Update" chapter where i list all my modifications.
- Dr. Mundo "threat" Major -> Even
-Added a new rune page Electrocute
-Modification of item build
-Rewriting of the guide to make it more readable
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League of Legends Build Guide Author qveenevelynn
qveenevelynn Evelynn Guide
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[S13] Pain in toplane | Evelynn top guide

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