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Annie Build Guide by Aethlo

Middle [S13] The Beginner's Guide to Annie

Middle [S13] The Beginner's Guide to Annie

Updated on February 23, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Aethlo Build Guide By Aethlo 267 14 643,778 Views 11 Comments
267 14 643,778 Views 11 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Aethlo Annie Build Guide By Aethlo Updated on February 23, 2023
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Runes: [Standard Runes] Electrocute

1 2 3
Cheap Shot
Eyeball Collection
Relentless Hunter

Biscuit Delivery
Cosmic Insight

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Ability Order Standard Ability Order (R>Q>W>E)

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

[S13] The Beginner's Guide to Annie

By Aethlo
Why Play Annie?

Annie's Positives

Easy champion to pick up.
Not many counter matchups
Sets up ganks really well
Low ban rate (0.37%)
Can adapt easily with itemisation
Great early, mid and late game
Annie is a burst mage. She scales decently into the late game but is strongest in the mid game. She has many builds she can use that benefit the team composition she is in and therefore is a good one trick champion. She is a very good low elo pick due to her potential to pick off carries as well as her AOE stun with Summon: Tibbers and can work in high elo if played well. But most importantly - she is incredibly fun.
Annie struggles with waveclear. Due to this, she very often has to give up early lane priority if the other player knows what they are doing. Annie relies on Zhonya's Hourglass a lot as it allows Annie to survive after engaging and delivering her damage. All of this can be played around due to Annie's simple nature as a champion - which is what makes her such a reliable pick in solo queue.

Annie's Negatives

Low Wave Clear (mana costs)
When countered, countered hard
'Run in and die' champion
Much harder to play in higher ranks
Annie's Abilities!
Pyromania Passive: Charge up for stun. Whenever Annie uses an ability (Q, W, E or R) she gains a stack of Pyromania. When Annie reaches 4 charges, her next ability will stun and her stacks go to 0. If Annie uses her E Molten Shield she will not lose her stacks. If Annie is on 3 stacks, she can use her Q Disintegrate and whilst it is mid-air; Annie can use any of her abilities to gain her last stack of Pyromania.
Disintegrate Point-and-Click damage ability. Annie shoots out a ball of fire damaging a singular target. Disintegrate is the most reliable way to hit Annie's stun (stacked Pyromania). This ability refunds it's own mana cost and reduce it's own cooldown if you kill a minion/monster/champion with it - making it Annie's main farming tool.
Incinerate Close range AOE damaging ability Annie shoots a cone of fire dealing damage to every target within the cone. Incinerate, although not the best, is Annie's main source of waveclear. Use as an AOE stun if Summon: Tibbers isn't up.
Molten Shield Point-and-click movement speed + shield Annie creates a shield made of, well, molten giving it to her or her teammates. Increases movement speed and a small shield to the target. It also deals damage to those who AA whoever has the shield on them. Molten Shield allows you to win small trades in lane as well as being a good engage on the enemy; this is because Molten Shield doesn't use up Annie's Pyromania stacks.
Summon: Tibbers AOE damaging summon. Summon: Tibbers is Annie's iconic ability. Use this whenever you have your stun and place it on your enemies - this will be an instant AOE stun as well as a huge amount of damage on most targets.
Also don't forget - by then using R you can direct Tibbers wherever you want.
When Tibbers is first summoned, Annie dies or when Annie stuns using Pyromania Tibbers becomes enraged - increasing his movement speed and attack speed.
Annie's Runes!
Simple explanation before making it look all nice ;>

Annie takes predator when she wants to accelerate a game's pace. It's good on support but it can also be taken mid (it's a good rune for engaging and roaming).
It can be used to accelerate the game's pace - pair it with rocketbelt (or even Everfrost).

Annie takes comet when she goes liandry's. Simply because it synergises with that style of play, using tibbers and playing a slow fight with rylai's. The cooldown is brought down by tibbers drastically and this allows for a lot of damage with comet (you can end games with thousands of extra damage with it).
I typically would go this build into tanks but there are quite a few high elo annie's who one trick this build (as they play annie top too typically).

For the secondary runes:
Biscuits and cosmic insight are a really good generic rune page. They help with mana in lane if you mess up or trade a lot - and having a lower cd flash is amazing on Annie - as flash ult is a core mechanic for Annie.

Waterwalking is a good rune, manaflow is good, nullifying orb is sometimes good, celerity is good if you go mejais or cosmic drive with predator (pairs well with waterwalking too). I'd avoid going the other runes - although absolute focus and gathering storm can be argued for - more AP usually doesn't attribute to much unless you go a heavy utility core in your items.

When going domination second - you'll either take cheapshot or taste of blood.
It's preference - taste of blood is usually more trading focused.
And then another preference is either ultimate hunter or relentless hunter. Both have their benefits it's literally just down to what feels better.

Finally a very common runepage with the Liandry's build is a hard scaling core. You go conditioning overgrowth for a bit of tankiness. Helps with the durability patch.
Can also go second wind for poke matchups. (resolve obviously)
Annie's Items!
Here is the basics of which mythic to choose - will be updated to look better with more content on other items...

Rocketbelt is for engaging - it's also very good into malz. It's also good into AD assassins as they will go edge of night. You typically go this to be aggressive in teamfights. Issue is that you will OOM quickly with no lost chapter item - this means pushing out sidewaves is slow and a chore - typically you will have to just create a slowpush on the sidelane and group for an objective as fully shoving takes a long time and doesn't have as a long lasting effect.

Liandry's is a build that I go into tanks - typically it scales harder but you shouldn't go this build for scaling. If you have a good scaling comp - it's better to play around your teammates with either rocketbelt or everfrost.
This build makes you like a DPS champ with sudden burst at the start of the fight - incredible damage and slows. Alot of people just mained this build/playstyle in season 12 and 11.
I recommend going Rylai's second but you should try Demonic Embrace second as Annie IRL (Challenger EUW) goes demonic second.
It is a different play style and it's all down to preference!

Luden's increases your burst. The damage is crazy. You will oneshot someone and walk away with the movement speed.
This build is better in low elo, it scales the worst and is one dimensional - but your mana is good, movement speed, flat magic pen all great stats.
It's a very good item right now - lot's of diamond+ Annie's just go this everygame as it is easily the most consistent build (spikes early and does well throughout).

Would also like to talk about shadowflame.
You will go one of these items second. Annie is one of the strongest 2 item powerspikers in the game.
Shadowflame is crazy as a second item powerspike.
Deals with shieldbow nicely and merc treads. Not only this but the flat pen means people with no MR are just dead flat out - no matter their HP.
You don't go this with the Liandry's build as you need the item space and you're not playing for the high burst it provides.
Annie Mechanics!
Again will make this look nicer but for now:

Last hit with Q - it won't consume your mana (obvious but needed).

You will run out of mana if you waste your abilities in lane - don't randomly W the wave, use it to proc electrocute, e to engage on a good trade or to block damage. if you want to charge your stun passively just Q-Last hit minions.

For maximum burst R(with stun) -> Q -> W
R first with stun means Tibbers is enraged and does more damage in the time they're stunned.

If you are trying to catch someone out make sure you stun with Q not ult! - it can't miss (if it's a Yasuo or Samira it's different)

Instead of flashing and ulting
Buffer your R.
R outside of the range of your ult and then flash forwards. this will instantly cast tibbers for an instant stun.

You can stun midair - if you q with 3 stacks and then W or E midair - the q will now stun.

Into yasuo and samira you can W through their windwalls.
If you Q into windwall - don't be scared as this will not consume your stun charge - this will catch them off guard as you can still stun them.

Use tibbers when backing - if you have him use him as a ward - scout the bush you want to recall in and also then move him to check if enemies are approaching.

You can engage for AOE stun without ult: with W.
To make this instant you can w flash, rather than flash w.
Scanners and control wards are your best friend.
Instead of going to objectives you're going to want to scan or controlward a bush and sit in it - the reason for this is you will go OOM with the rocketbelt build and your damage is quite low anyway.
If the jungler walks past you are going to insta oneshot them - preventing any steals or skirmishes.
Do the same for anyone.
If they're smart and ward it or have a tank face check - you should see this coming as they're walking up. You can stun them and just e away to safety.
Don't forget Tibbers is an AOE damaging placement so you can stun multiple targets if they come in large groups.

Flash is amazing. This is why you go cosmic insight. Flash ult two people is worth everytime. becomes a 5v3 if you don't die for flashing into them - and even if you do it's going to be a 4v3. Obviously if you have an even bigger ult there is literally no losing that fight unless you are giga behind.

Peel for your carry or oneshot theirs.
That is Annie.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Aethlo
Aethlo Annie Guide
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[S13] The Beginner's Guide to Annie

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