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Katarina Build Guide by goatasaurous

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League of Legends Build Guide Author goatasaurous

[S3] Katarina stomp more

goatasaurous Last updated on March 23, 2013
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Welcome to my first guide ever so im going to make this simple ha.
katarina is my favorite champion and im going to tell you the way i think is the best to play her i wouldn't call myself amazing but i feel i know enough about this champion.

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Pros / Cons

+awesome escape in shunpo
+One of the best team fight in the game
+Great mobility

-So vulnerable to cc and normally gets focused
-Mele auto attack :(
-If you get behind can be hard to come back from
-when you kill your lane opponent the classic "kat op" comes out even tho she is nerfed nearly every patch lmfao

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By level 9 you should be if not nearly clearing a whole wave with your q-w combo at lower levels you can just last hit with your q if you have to but i shouldn't really have to tell you how to farm it should be common knowledge.

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Team fighting

Probably the best thing about katarina your passive is made for team fights but its all about positioning and timing the opportune time to go in is when the opposing team has used all its cc and you can guarantee a kill on at least one person then you can go ham picking up resets and demolishing the other team. this is also the reason why i dislike tanky kat because you shouldn't need to be sitting in there taking damage, you should only be going in for the resets.

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Teamfight right win game. hope you all learnt something:D have fun stomping kids.

(i will update this guide as i get around to it :D)