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Fiora Build Guide by AgroTron

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AgroTron

(S4) Fiora - Highway from ELOHELL (Top n Jungle)

AgroTron Last updated on March 6, 2014
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I'm playing Fiora for a very long time. It was my third champion which I bought. I have played Fiora from 10 lvl to 30 lvl. And now I have more than 130 games in ranked. Now (season 3) I had 9 wins in a row with Fiora!

I think, if you want to get from your Elo Hell or you wanted to take yourself to higher level, you have to choose Fiora as your Main champion.

She is very strong at Poke if you max Q. Very good pusher. And she will completely cut of your enemies.

So stay tunned!

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You can choose Runes which I use for Fiora, you can see them upper. But you can choose Attack speed and Armor penetration runes aswell.

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For Masteries I took classic 21-9-0. There is nothing to say.

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You are starting with Boots of speed and 4 Healing potions.

At first back try to buy Berserskers Greaves for Attack speed. And start building Hydra.

In Midgame you have to buy Bloodthirster for Lifesteal and Last Whisper against tanky enemies. In the end of midgame try to buy Maw of Malmortius it will help you against some magic damage.

As your last item you can choose whatever you want, depending on the situation: Phantom Dancer, Guardian Angel, The Black Cleaver... (dont forget to buy some upgrade for your boots).

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Skill Sequence

Try to max E, if you dont have a big harrasment on your lane. It is a pretty good skill and that Attack speed is dominantion of the Fiora.

BUT! If you are not able to farm good, and you are getting damage, you have to poke your enemy. And its time to start with Q and max it. You can use it 2 times, so for first you will jump on your enemie and second time you will jump back to minion (you can good poke like this, if your enemie is pushing and you are defending your turret).

Your ultimate is the STRONGEST skill on you. You can use it for save yourself, you can use it in teamfight to get some Penta Kill, you can use it and nobody will not target you.

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Classicaly Flash with Ignite.

But you can, depending on situation, choose Exhaust or Teleport too.

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Pros / Cons

+ get out from EloHell
+ you can easily do First blood on your lane
+ you are really good at teamfights with your ulti
+ the guaranteed highest CS (if you will play it good)

- if you will be countered by Pantheon, Malphite or (good playin) Jax, you have to play hard and good to defeat them

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Creeping / Jungling

Creeping is easy with Fiora, you have a lot of damage, so you can Last hit properly. And when you get Hydra, just run over whole map and farm everything you will see. If you will do it good, I think you will have pretty BIG farm:)


If someone will take you your Top lane. You can go jungle aswell. Yea it is a little bit Harder, but nothing unbeatable. Just start with Machette and Potions. Then get Spirit of the Elder Lizard. And then just follow normally build.

Start with E, then W and then Q to gang.

With your jungle start on Blue Buff, yes, you can start on Red, but you know, you will need 3rd level and I think better is start on Blu. After Blu, go Wolfs or straight Red Buff, and then try gang mid or bot.

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Team Work

Teamwork is one of the most... no... it is THE MOST important thing of you want to WIN.
NEVER blame and flame someone. It will not help you... Dont say - U r noob. Or something like that. People will feel bad than, and it will be just and just worse.

Try to ping Missing enemy, Danger, and other things, it will help your teammates! Write ss to chat, if enemy is missing on your lane. Even if is just going BACK.

Dont forget to WARD! Always when you back "Buy atleast one ward!"

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Now try to GET YOUR ROLE on the Fields of Justice!