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Olaf General Guide by Ezcalibur

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ezcalibur

[S4] TOPLANE Ahhh Your Mum!!

Ezcalibur Last updated on January 5, 2014
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So this is my first guide and i think olaf is great for this S4 patches and at this current pre-s4 patch. Personally there are alot of tanks/bruisers top but recently Olaf Stands out the most, Why might you be thinking? well this is becuase of his passive/'W' these are what makes olaf extremely strong and very viable either jungle or top (stick to top as he is able to get his max build quicker).

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-- Runes --

Okay so the runes i use/picked for this build are genuinly the basics of ad, however if you'd prefer more sustain or feel its better to have more lifesteal from auto-attacks early game, feel free to add 1 or 2 Lifesteal Quints. I prefer just a basic AD runepage on olaf due to if he lacks AD at the start he can really have a bad start he needs to either have a level 1 or level 2 fight in order to make him the king of that lane, this is why i recommend to get 'Q' first so that you're able to poke down the oponent and at the same time keep distance without taking 1 on 1 damage.

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Skill Sequence

I keep mentioning how important having a level 2 fight it is for olaf and this is becuase he's pretty much all in at level 2, why? becuase he has to show how strong his early game is and by doing this he must max his poke and then second of all his Lifesteal ability. Furthermore, the reason why i max my 'Q' first is becuase it allows me to poke the enemy but also slow them and to be able to keep my distance without taking damage, this is crucial for olafs first couple of levels due to it makes them lower by the time they fight you in which if they decide too their more than likely going to loose due to u sustain of them by hitting your 'W'.

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So for the items i pick are dorans start this optimises olafs start, it looks like its a defensive idea however this is what you want the enemy thinking but by level 2 you're potentially able to kill. I usually get Mercurary treads or Ninja tabby as they are quite key to olafs gear. Secondly i rush the randuins due to it has such an impact on the enemy at 1 v 1's becuase it's passive slow most of the time makes the enemy re-think fighting you also it gives him his bruiser/tankyness in which he scales really hard on and also armour, he needs armour as its toplane and 3/4 top laners are AD however AP is a different part and im working on a AP start soon. Armour + Health are key things for Olafs abilities this is becuase his 'E' uses health and his passive makes him such a beast. Moving on i like to buy ravenous hydra as it puts olaf high up in the scales of 1 v 1 potential in which no1 will want to fight him, his passive prock + his 'W' and the ravenous hydra makes him unstoppable in 1 v 1's. Sunfirecape is crucial due to it gives him armour and health in which makes him extremely tanky and hard to kill espcially if he has lifesteal! Okay so i put spirit visage becuase it gives Magic Resist (MR) but also the passive of it helps out his "W' in which increases self-heals by 20% this means on top of his lifesteal he gains alot more just with his ability alone.

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Pros / Cons

Olaf is known for jungling or top, so he has several qualities in which i think makes him easily one of the best laners/junglers.

Olaf's pro's:

- He has a massive slow effect with his 'Q'
-Insane attack speed when low health (which makes him really hard to fight)
-In built lifesteal with his 'W', in which gives him ultimate sustain during lane phase.
-He becomes increadibly tanky late game.
- Has the ability to chase others and have insane amounts of lifesteal.
- Ultimate stops Area Of Effects(AOE), and Crowd Controll (CC) which makes it increadibly hard to gank by level 6.

Overall Cons
I've encounterd many things whilst playing olaf but theres rarely many things in which make him an easy kill, possibly the only thing i can say from my experiences so far would be early game cc or aoe due to he lacks movement and his passive and w only work on auto-attacks in which aren't able to do due to he's stunned or slowed.


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