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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Vayne Build Guide by Crones

AD Carry [S4] Vayne - The Night Hunter

AD Carry [S4] Vayne - The Night Hunter

Updated on June 2, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Crones Build Guide By Crones 19,586 Views 0 Comments
19,586 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Crones Vayne Build Guide By Crones Updated on June 2, 2014
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Hi, my name is Crones and I play on the NA server.

I started playing League right before Jinx release around October last year and am currently Diamond 4.

I usually play ADC and Mid.

This is my first guide, feedback would be appreciated :)

Vayne is a 550-Range (Standard Range) AD Carry known for her amazing late game as well as strong outplay/dueling potential. Properly played, a good Vayne against the right comp can completely slaughter fights and easily carry games.

Vayne is by far the AD I consider the most "fun," due to her short Q cooldown and outplay potential with R / E / Q.
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Pros / Cons

-Strong Late Game
-Lots of Outplay Potential
-Can Shred Tanks with W
-BORK ADC, can self-peel with bork/Q/E

-Bad Laning Phase (usually)
-Positioning in Teamfights can be Difficult
-Cannot Be Picked in Every Situation
-Very Low Snowballing Potential
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When should I pick Vayne?

I was Silver in S3, and after learning ADC I've climbed to Diamond once S4 started.

I believe a major factor in winning SoloQQ games is snowballing mid/adc/top.

A problem with Vayne is her low snowballing potential as well as the fact that she cannot be picked into every comp.

So first, when should I NOT pick Vayne?
-I do not like picking Vayne into enemies such as Ryze/Jax, or strong botlanes that can abuse you heavily early.
-Champions with little counterplay such as Ryze are difficult to play against. One of Vayne's strongest aspects is her ability to counterplay, but if the only counterplay to a champion is staying out of his spell range it can be a bit difficult ^^

So... when can I pick Vayne?
-Certain supports go well with Vayne, my favorites are Nami/Alistar/Thresh. All these supports can set up good condemn opportunities which can easily win trades and fights bot.
-Champions that can be outplayed, or those with alot of skillshots:
I like picking Vayne into champions such as Syndra, LB, Lux, and Yasuo, to name a few. Whereas other less mobile AD's struggle heavily against these champions (ex. Draven, Jinx) Vayne played mediocrely can be a safe pick against these.
-Team lacking late game damage.
-Team with a very good amount of peel.
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Use to avoid skillshots as well as set up for tumbles, reset autos, or for some extra damage.

Third proc does good damage to all champions at any stage of the came. Auto's as well as E can proc a ring.

Condemn range becomes second nature with practice, very strong spell that allows for a ton of outplay potential.

Provides extra AD, MS, and invisibility on Q. Can be used to juke as well as escape/win duels.
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Laning Phase (Early Game)

As Vayne, you want to focus on farming unless you're against a passive lane and you have a strong engage support (ex. Leona, Thresh)

Generally, you want to match the other ADC's autos on your minion wave or push the wave. (True for all AD's, not just Vayne)

At level 2 care for an engage, especially against Leona/Thresh. Q can be used to juke Leona E or Thresh Q. As a general trick I stand beside minions in hook range and when I hear the hook/leona sound Q behind the wave. Remember your level 1 Q CD as well as the support's CD's.

Generally, if you have a good/safe condemn opportunity and your support isn't completely passive like a Sona/Janna you can go in for fights/trades. Try to proc W as many times as possible.

Vayne does not have great kill potential in lane, nor does she snowball as hard as other AD's due to the fact she needs a decent amount of items to carry.

Most lane kills with Vayne are due to mistakes made by the enemy, for example here:
Lucian blows flash and cooldowns to chase, and with Leona's already down, I can kill Lucian and simply chase Leona.

But in the case of Vayne: FARM > KILLS
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Matchups (In-Progress)

I'll start with some popular matchups and update as I have time or upon requests!

A good Cait is hell for almost any AD. Try not to get auto'ed too much and use Q to dodge her Q's. She has even worse damage than you early on, so if your support does happen to engage on her or you have a good Condemn opportunity then take it. Avoid fighting her in bushes as her passive (Headshot) procs twice as fast!

A very popular pick ATM. He has much higher damage than you early on and you shouldn't be fighting him 1v1 until at least BORK/PD/Greaves.

However, you can easily Q his Q's (Piercing Light) with a bit of practice. Dodging his Q early is a big start as a good portion of his damage is his Q. (early on)
Avoid fighting in lane vs him, unless you have an aggro support or a Zyra. Zyra can make up for your low early damage and you can go in for prolonged fights.
With a Thresh hook or Morg bind, the most you can probably do safely is proc your W once.
Against something like a Sona however, you can almost always fight ^^

Another popular pick ATM. He has one of if not the highest early game trading potentials, which is absurd even at level 1 only amplified by a point in W level 2.
His poison will eat at you and expunge does insane damage with some stacks.
If your support engages refrain from any kind of prolonged trade.

Not a super common pick especially in lower Elo's, but it does happen. This matchup is complete hell. If their support hits some CC on you, expect to be half health after a short trade (2-3 Autos)
Do not pick Vayne into Draven without high disengage or trading potential, ex. Nami/Janna/Zyra
On the bright side, if the Draven isn't very good and can't catch his axes he does even less early damage than you! :D
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Mid-Late Game

This is where Vayne can shine. (or start shining)

At this point you'll be going into Teamfights and Dragons/Barons/Towers, which I'll go into on the next section.

Mid Game usually starts once you take bot tower, or once one bot tower is gone. At this point you want to start grouping and thinking about objectives.

Late Game is where you're the monster. You can shred any squishies or tanks in seconds, all that you need to keep in mind of is positioning. Late Game is almost completely teamfights and Barons. (Which are effectively teamfights :D)
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Positioning is key. Positioning is important for every AD, but extremely for Vayne as she has moderate range and no burst. Champions like Lucian can blow a combo and back off a bit, but as Vayne you have to continuously auto-attack.

Mid-Game Teamfights:
It is very important to know the capabilities of your opponent's champions, especially the midlaner. At this point in the game you won't be able to shred them super quickly but they can probably burst you. Focus on dealing consistent damage, even if its on the tank. However, if the enemy blows their major CD's, you have some time to wreck havoc on their squishies which usually wins a fight. Use your BORK at this point to peel and don't forget you have your ult/summoners!

Late-Game Teamfights:
Auto-attack almost anyone at this point, but keep in mind everyone has items too. I'm sorry but you're not gosu, doublelift, or piglet and it's best not to 1v5.
As long as you're providing consistent damage you're doing work, if it's on squishies you're winning fights.
It's best to try and wait for the other team's cooldowns to be blown before going in. Once they're gone you have a lot of room and options on who to go for, keep in mind where your team is and where the enemy team is though! Refrain from overextending or staying too far behind. You need to be putting out damage!

Certain Champions:
Syndra: If she's fed stay away. Q-R can very likely one shot you. Most Syndras will take ult opportunies as they can, so stay out of 550-600 range of her and wait for her to blow CD's.

LeBlanc: A fed LB is very annoying. W- DFG-QR can likely kill you if she's big. Again, wait for her to blow CD's but stay near your team. Stray even a little and she has about 1000 range to explode you. Keep in mind her CD's are lower than Syndra and she doesn't need ult to kill you.

Warwick: Wait for him to burn ult. Avoid being caught overextended against him, his ult literally lasts forever.

Vi: She's going to ult you, almost no doubt. When she does, simply Q backwards and flash if necessary and pray your team comes to get her off you.

Orianna: Do not underestimate her damage, try to have a Q ready for her shockwave. Avoid being clumped with your team. With some items, her QWR will one-shot you. Her Q CD is also very short and she has more range than you, so dueling her isn't the easiest.

Dragon Fights: (Incoming!)

Baron Fights: (Incoming!)
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Thanks for reading my guide, hopefully it helped. Comments/Feedback is greatly appreciated, this is my first guide.

I'll do my best to answer any questions, they don't have to be about Vayne.

Any other champions/guides you would also like to see as well would be nice to know!

You can see my generally most played/attuned champs here:

Yeah I play a lot of bot games, 1v5 is fun especially when I don't have enough time for a ranked ^^

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