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Mobafire League of Legends Build Guides Mobafire League of Legends Build Guides
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Orianna Build Guide by Reisboss Kunecha

AP Carry [S5] Orianna Basic Guide for Orianna Beginners

By Reisboss Kunecha | Updated on March 21, 2015

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Hello Summoners and welcome to my first Guide on Mobafire, my Orianna Guide. First of all don't judge me for my bad english, I'm from Germany and my English isn't the best! :D I appreciate every feedback(positive or negative) and i will try to answer every Question, if there are some!
I am currently Diamond V in soloQ and Challenger Place 5 in 3v3. I have been playing Orianna competetive since season 3 and i allready have about 200 games played as Orianna. For about 1 month ago i was in the top 300 Orianna's world. I main Orianna because she can be one of the best APC's if u play her right. Also you can turn a whole Teamfight by a good Ultimate.
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First of all start with a Dorans ring and 2 Health potions. Dorans ring gives u everything you need to win your early lane phase, magic damage, mana reg., health. After your first back u gonna start builing Unholy grail, if u play against an AP laner, or Zhonyas or Morello if u play against an AD laner. By finishing your first item u go for boots, which you need on Orianna because she doesn't has any escape abilities. After grabbing boots you go for your rabadons. rabadons is pretty important because it gives you a nice pwoerspike which you need to win the mid game and win fights for your team. After the rabadon get void staff for the extra magic pen. In order to that get zhonya so you can life in the teamfights a bit longer. these are the core items which u need in nearly every game. The last item is various. You can get Liandrys to shredd tanks, rylais to peel a bit more or guardian angle if u get targeted in teamfights.
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Against AD-Laner:
3x AP Quints
9x AP Pen. Reds
9x Armor Yellows
9x Cooldown Blues

Against AP-Laner:
3x AP Quints
9x AP-Pen. Reds
9x Health per lvl Yellows
9x MR Blues


Always go 21/0/9 which are the standard AP Laner Masteries.
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How to use your Ball/Place your Ult right

In the laning phase try to hold your ball pretty offensive to annoy your enemy. Have always in mind that the ball is "flying" to the place u placed it. So you need to know where your enemy walks to. One of the most important things u need to know of Orianna is the range of your Ball. Keep in min that the ball will instantly appear on you if you run out of range which can be at the one side good and one the other bad. In teamfights always try to E on your tank/teamfight initiator. If they engage the most important thing is that u place your ultimate right and dont walk away from the ball. Always place the wall offensive in teamfights so u can initiate teamfights or hold enemys away from you and your team.
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Thanks for listening ^^

Thank you guys for reading and maybe commenting my Orianna Guide!
Other than that, feel free to add me in-game as well! I will be more than glad to answer your questions and even play with you as long as you are in the EUW server. My in-game name is "Reisboss KuneCha", hope to see you soon!

League of Legends Build Guide Author Reisboss Kunecha
Reisboss Kunecha Orianna Guide

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[S5] Orianna Basic Guide for Orianna Beginners