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Anivia Build Guide by PeachOfTheJungle

[S6] 5.24 Anivia HYPERCARRY 1700+ Damage combo

By PeachOfTheJungle | Updated on December 11, 2015

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LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Hi! I'm PeachOfTheJungle and I have been playing Anivia for about 6 months. Over this time I have played at least 100 games (I think, don't hold me to it) with her, getting over 60k champion points (enough to get level five three times) so I may not be the best but I think I know what I'm talking about. I formulated this build for people with basic knowledge of how Anivia works, you can view the champion spotlight by clicking here. (This is severily out of date, but rest assured I will be making an Anivia video guide soon, and I'll update that URL when I'm done)

Thanks for checking out my guide! Hope you find it useful! If you have any questions, feel free to add me in game @ PeachOfTheJungle

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Skill Sequence

The way you level Anivia is extremely important. I'm going to explain every level up to level 4 and why I chose those levels over other abilities.

1: Here I choose Flash Frost (Q) because of the easy poke and stun. In one example (no pictures, sorry) I can get Fizz to quarter health before I get level 2. It is VITAL however you land your Q early, but be careful, if you use it too much at level 1, your enemy will start actually trying to side step them and you won't be able to land one.

2: I get my E here for the insane damage. If you know you're going to get level two soon, in most cases get ready to burst down your opponent and go in with an E. Leveling E at level 2 is a HUGE power spike for anivia

3: Again, here I get E. If you're VS a squishy champ and you ranked your E at level 3 your E will most likely chunk 1/3 of their health.

4: Many guides will tell you to rank up your Q at level 4, but keep in mind its about the time the jungle starts ganking. Anivia has no other form of a gap closer other than flash and her W, so best keep flash up and use your W. Use your wall on the incoming opponent and stun the laner, since the laner will usually be closer. This is a good strategy because you'll need that extra damage on the laner that won't matter on the jungle.
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The summoner spells you take as Anivia will make or break your laning phase, so choose carefully.

Flash: Flash is a must have for Anivia. She is so slow and you need the gap closer. Generally, do not use flash as an offensive thing for Anivia, only defensive.

Ignite: I would take ignite most of the time with this build most of the time because Anivia is a burst damage champion and needs that finisher. The only problem with ignite is if you get CCed when the target is low enough for ignite to kill them, you may be too slow to get in range.

Heal: I take heal vs out of meta AD mid laners, or just general AD lane opponents like Kat, Darius, or Pantheon. Their damage is generally high but that extra boost of sustain will get you a kill. I don't recommend using your heal to get a speed boost on Anivia.

Teleport: Use teleport if you're getting bored or if you feel like roaming a lot. You can use teleport to get into and gank a lane or to run out of a failed play or teamfight. I recommend the "Egg Teleport" made famous by Froggen the Anivia god himself, which can be seen by clicking here

Exhaust: Take if you're playing support (see below).
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Anivia is extremely versatile. Here are the roles you can play her in, where you will have success.


Your average Mid lane Anivia. This works well generally, as long as you are not against a counter. Not much to explain here.


Anivia can be top lane because shes great against squishy AD opponents due to the fact she is a burst damage mage. If you're against a tanky top lane, this won't work, but if you're against a more squishy opponent, you will get fed. This requires basic knowledge of Anivia.


Just tried this for the first time today and let me tell you: it worked really well. Roamivia is pretty simple, you roam to each lane starting as early as level 2, get a kill or an assist, and take a wave, then repeat. Be careful you don't get under leveled, and keep good communication with your team. If there is nowhere to go, take a camp or two. Requires really good knowledge of Anivia to perform well.


Support Anivia? Easy, if done right. Because of you're high damage output and CC, you virtually set up your ADC for a free kill. Your snowballing won't help you in a duo lane, so don't take the kill. Take exhaust.
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Recent Patches

Anivia doesn't get chagned a lot, but when she does, I'll be sure to let you know.

5.24: NERF

-Reduced cast range of ult by 100 units
-Reduce chill time of ult by 1 second (from 2 seconds)

5.18: BUFF

-Epic monsters can now be chilled
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Update Log

Hey! I want to keep this guide as up to date as possible. I'll be adding to it a lot and keeping it fresh. Here is my update log for this guide, and upcoming updates.



-Guide Released


-Make Anivia video guide
-Add to the counters list
-Insert more chapters
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Thanks for viewing my guide!
If you have any suggestions or questions, add me: PeachOfTheJungle or comment.
Have a nice day and happy Anivia Playing!

League of Legends Build Guide Author PeachOfTheJungle
PeachOfTheJungle Anivia Guide

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[S6] 5.24 Anivia HYPERCARRY 1700+ Damage combo