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Vi Build Guide by mr banana cool

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League of Legends Build Guide Author mr banana cool

s6 Vi ad/tank (best jungle build!)

mr banana cool Last updated on December 21, 2016
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so this is my second guide here on mobafire. I have made another guide for shaco, hopefully this guide will be just as good as my previos and hopefully even better! I decided to give you a tank/ad vi build in jungle,

because i find this as the best way to build vi. I hope you enjoy this guide and that you will make many epic plays with my build :) Gl summoners!

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Vi can be builded in some different ways, she can for exmaple be full tank or with a lot of dmg. I have chosen to combine these two because i think that it gives a more balanced build then full dmg or full tank. You can be the tank of the team but still surprise them with some epic dmg! They will focus anoybdy else then you because you are tank, but they dont realize that with this build you have a lot of dmg together with the tanky. I have tried severeal vi builds and i think this is the strongest one. Vi is my main and i will always stick to this build because it increases my changes to win. Hope you enjoyes the items i have chosen for my build.

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1. Really strong in all stages of the game

2. Awesome ganks

3. Can build tank and still do quite some damage

4. Assault and Battery can disrupt entire teams

5. Snowballs really hard

6. High lockdown+mobility


8. Denting Blows deals percentage health damage and shreds armor

9. Great duelist

10. Is a carry jungler


1. Not as good when behind

2. Vault Breaker slows yourself

3. Assault and Battery might put you in bad positions

4. Can be hard to land Vault Breaker

5. Takes some time to master.

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