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Vi Build Guide by Soulune

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Soulune

[S6] Vi ~One Girl Wrecking Crew~

Soulune Last updated on April 9, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Threats to Vi with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Master Yi As long as you don't waste your Q before he Qs, you'll have a very easy time with Yi. You have enough CC to renger his raw damage useless and can easily counter gank him.
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Who am I?

Hey everyone! I'm Soulune, a platinum 3-5 jungler aiming for Diamond this season. I main Vi/Udyr in the jungle and started in league's 4th season. I love trying different builds with Vi as she's so versatile and today I'm here to share one of my favorite builds with you. Here's a snapshot of my current match history (please note I don't ALWAYS use the same build for Vi, you need to build according to the enemy team and how you're doing. I even state that in a few of the champion counters.)

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Is devourer Vi 'Bad'?

Short answer: If you're against a high-presence early game jungler like Lee, then yes as you can't keep up with him. If you're against a farming/hybrid-farm jungler like Udyr, no.

Long answer: Vi has high base stats which allow her to be a huge presence in the early game, by going devourer instead of Warrior we're basically throwing away a lot of our early game potential in order to scale amazingly in the mid/late game. You ONLY build devourer Vi if you're confident you can still snowball your team through laning phase while farming your Devourer. My average time for sated is around 17-19mins, a little late as I also try to keep up with ganks, but on Vi you need to be able to balance farming and ganking. Tell your team to play safe when you need to farm and vice versa.

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Why go devourer/rageblade Vi?

There are a few reasons you'd want to use this build:
-Their team has a lot of tanks/HP tanks like Cho'gath
-Targets with little to no kiting potential are instantly blown up with this, like Xerath mid
-If their team is very squishy (i.e. Renekton, Xerath, Kindred, Miss Fortune, Janna)

Rageblade almost instantly starts proc-ing after your initial combo of:
Q charge --> AA --> E
Which happens while they're CC'd. That makes when they get out of your CC you'll be hitting super fast and with rageblade. If you go with BOTRK or Black Cleaver your damage will be even higher per auto after your combo.

With sated + your W alone you deal +/- 10-15% of their Max HP as extra physical damage every other auto attack. With rageblade on top of that your damage skyrockets. Your hybrid damage from E also compliments rageblade and makes it hard for people to itemize against you.

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Vi's abilities and how to use them

Passive - Blast Shield
When Vi damages an enemy with an ability, she shields herself for 10% of her maximum health for up to 3 seconds. (18s - 8s CD based on level)

Notes: Her passive is huge for her survival in this build. Titanic Hydra gives her enough HP to make this passive change fights in small skirmishes. You can also perform some pretty sweet out-plays by kiting away until you get your passive a second time then re-engaging with Q, AA, E.

Q - Vault Breaker

FIRST CAST: Vi channels for up to 4 seconds, increasing Vault Breaker's range, speed and damage over 1.25 seconds.

Vi can still move while channeling, but cannot use basic attacks or abilities and is Slow icon slowed by 15%. At the end of the channel, Vault Breaker is automatically canceled.

SECOND CAST: Vi dashes in the target direction, dealing physical damage to all enemies she passes through, increased by 33.3% against champions. Vi stops upon colliding with an enemy champion, knocking them back, and all other enemies hit are instead pulled towards her.

Notes: Q is Vi's bread-and-butter skill, it's what makes Vi, well... Vi. You can charge this skill in a bush to surprise an enemy or use it's awesome range to start a gank. Some tips for it are: you can flash while charging, making your Q's effective range much higher; you can hold the charge for a decent amount of time so use it as an intimidating factor to force summoner spells or trick people into using their escapes before Qing into their escape path.

W - Denting Blows
PASSIVE: Vi's basic attacks and Vault Breaker.png Vault Breaker each apply a stack of Denting Blows to enemies they hit.

At 3 stacks, the stacks consume themselves to deal bonus physical damage (scaling with their max HP) to her target, capped at 300 against minions and monsters.

For the next 4 seconds, Vi removes 20% of their armor and gains bonus attack speed.

Notes: This skill is mainly why devourer Vi is Vi-able (I'll be here all day folks). Every other attack with sated procs this passive instead of every 3 attacks. The more max HP your target has, the more extra damage you do. It also gives you an attack speed/armor shred bonus which further amplifies Rageblade's damage.

E - Excessive Force
PASSIVE: Vi stores a charge of Excessive Force periodically, up to a maximum of 2 stored at once.

ACTIVE: Vi's next basic attack gains range and deals physical damage, which also hits all enemies in a cone behind the target.

Notes: This skill synergizes so well with Vi's kit. It allows you to get an AA and E in before your target get's out of your Q's knock back as this skill resets your AA-timer. The extra damage is extremely nice, but what most people don't know is that it actually gives you auto-attack increased range so you can finish off targets with it easily. Along with Titanic Hydra, this skill also provides a high-damage shockwave that you can use on minions and monsters to hit enemy champions behind them.

R - Assault and Battery
ACTIVE: Vi dashes to the target enemy champion, knocking them up for 1.25 seconds upon arrival and dealing them physical damage.

While charging, Vi is immune to crowd control and knocks aside enemies in her way, dealing 75% damage to them.

Notes: This skill is most obviously used as a point-and-click dash to your target. It's max range is halfway across the map so if your target was Kassadin and he ulted/flashed/ghosted away from you while you're ulting him, you'd still catch up and drop-kick him. This can present some pretty sticky situations especially if your target baits an ult from you and they flash into their team or under a tower where you can be isolated and killed. One of the biggest uses for this ult isn't as a gap-closer, but to resist CC. For example, if Jax's E is about to go off and I'm about to get stunned, I'll ult him at that exact time and resist that stun while also knocking him up and effectively stopping his damage via CC.

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How to start pathing in the jungle

One of the biggest mistakes I see is people pathing wrong in the jungle. This causes a few problems:
-For every second a jungle camp is up, your devourer/sated is delayed
-Loss of efficacy with experience/gold gain
-People who path badly are easy to counter-jungle (i.e. You decide to gank bottom when your blue buff is about to spawn, I see that you don't have blue even though I know you started there so I get your buff for free.)

You have 2 standard jungle starts depending on if you want to do a level 3 gank or level 1 full clear.

Level 3 gank:

1. Gromp or Krugs (smite or ask for a smiteless leash) --> Red or Blue buff (potion 1 or smite) --> Wolves or Raptors --> Skudler (potion 1 or 2, if you need it) --> Gank!

Back to buy or continue with the other side of the jungle if you fail the gank with minimal damage taken

2. After your B, if you didn't clear the other jungle start with either Krugs/Gromp depending on which one you didn't take yet, smite it for the sustain/damage, and continue to work your way back to the other side. By the time you get back to Wolves/wraiths, they should be spawned again for you to take and smoothly transition back again or to a gank.

Level 1 full clear:

Gromp or Krugs (smite) --> Red or Blue Buff --> Raptors or Wolves (potion 1) --> Raptors or Wolves --> Red/Blue Buff (smite, potion 2) --> Krugs or Gromp --> B or Skudler then B

This clear will allow you to save one potion so you won't need to buy any after your B. The only downside is that you'll be somewhat low, so I wouldn't suggest doing this against a heavy counter jungler like Shaco or Lee Sin. When you come back from your B, go to the side of the jungle you cleared first as it will be spawning soon and continue to comb through your jungle until you see a lane that's gank-able.

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Jungling Basics and what to look for

A jungler's role in the game is to keep track of every lane and to help every lane as well as being a mysterious presence on the map that forces the enemy team to never go all-in on your own team for fear of being ganked.

Your mindset:
Every lane is your lane. Match everyone up in your scoreboard and watch the CS/Kill comparisons as well as making the mini-map your best friend. Your job is to help lanes that are in trouble and keep tack of the enemy jungler so you can respond to their ganks and prevent them from making your team lose lanes.

How to tell the "mood" of a lane if neither player has CS/Kill advantage:
There are a few ways to see this:
1. If your team is freezing near your tower and the CS is even, you can assume they're on the defensive and ready to fight; neither side is winning and your side has more control

2. If your team is freezing near your tower and the CS is in the enemy's favor, assume they're playing defensive and are scared of an All-In from the enemy. Lanes like these you should watch closely for the enemy to slip-up and over-extend.

3. If the enemy is playing back, but is even in CS and looks like they're attempting to let the wave push towards then can mean one of two things: either their jungler is there and they want your team to over extend OR your jungle presence/other lanes MIA is forcing them back. The way you can tell which is which is if they still maintain perfect CS while playing back, that means they aren't afraid and their jungler is most-likely near or they're about to hit a power spike and want to fight. If they're missing CS and hanging back then that means they're scared.

4. If your lane is pushed forward and your side is ahead of CS, that mean's they're winning; HOWEVER this is a very dangerous position. If you see this, check their wards. If that lane has no wards, give them a few pings to place some or place some yourself. Chances are if you see your team can be ganked easily for pushing, they're already in the process of getting ganked. Watch other lanes for MIAs and ping them, don't rely on your team for this.

The Hate:
As a jungler, you think of every lane as your lane... Unfortunately, so do the laners. It's not uncommon for you to be blamed for someone losing a lane. "Their jungler was here all game and you never ganked once." (even though you may have came there once or twice). In this situation you need to hold your own and find security in your choices. If you chose not to gank their lane at that certain time, then there should be a reason. Were you under-leveled? Was their laner already too fed? Were they over-extending with-out wards one-too-many times? Don't voice the reason harshly, simply know that you made the choice not to gank for them for a reason and move on; however make sure that you make up for it with the other lanes so that you can carry your one tilted lane later in the game. There are times where you're wrong as well, for example sometimes I sometimes get greedy and choose to farm for level 6 saying, "I'll gank top after 6," knowing full-well that my top was over-extending and will probably get ganked before I hit 6. In that situation I should have just went to top and backed them up.

Making mistakes and recognizing them is what makes us better, though. So don't worry if you make a few, just admit when you're wrong and learn from it. We're all human after all ^^

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Special thanks

Thank you all for reading my guide even though it's probably a bit bare, I tried my best and when I learn how to add pictures and stuff I'll definitely do better.

Skill descriptions were copied off of League of Legends Wiki /Vi

Good luck with Vi and on the rift,