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Varus Build Guide by FatyMCnoparents

S8 Ultimate Varus Crit Build (plus attack speed) (any lane,

S8 Ultimate Varus Crit Build (plus attack speed) (any lane,

Updated on December 6, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author FatyMCnoparents Build Guide By FatyMCnoparents 18,539 Views 0 Comments
18,539 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author FatyMCnoparents Varus Build Guide By FatyMCnoparents Updated on December 6, 2017
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*I always play top lane, but bottom and mid is fine to*

I find this build far better than any lethal, AP, or attack speed Varus build. I highly Recommend trying it out. Game starts slow until you rush hurricane and infinity edge. in starting lane, don't be afraid to be aggressive with auto attacks and your q against the enemy laner, but remember to keep your distance. it doesn't take a lot to take down Varus. if you play aggressively against the other camp, you will lose some cs, but the enemy laner will have to recal, or be taken down so frequently, it wont matter, because you'll have roughly twice as much, if not three times as much cs as they do.

- rush Hurricane and Infinity Edge. i recommend hurricane, because you'll be able to rack up cs faster for the Infinity edge
- I recommend the secondary runes I chose for survivability in lane, but feel free to change them around as you wish, however, i find that those secondary runes work best
- Obviously, you can build up to your core items with more that when i listed, but those should be the priority build up items that will give you the most benefit
- While you can play agressivly, especcially when the game first starts and the enemy doesnt have all their abilities, dont be affraid to hug the tower in a bad lane match up until you can get one of the core items
League of Legends Build Guide Author FatyMCnoparents
FatyMCnoparents Varus Guide
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