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Kayle Build Guide by SmolderinIan

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SmolderinIan

Season 4 Hybrid Kayle

SmolderinIan Last updated on November 22, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello my name is SmolderinIan, i am currently a gold 5 player who has played Kayle for a long time now. I used a build similar to this one to carry my way through silver and through many games since then. I hope to impart some of the knowledge gained through practice to you and hopefully make you understand why this is my favorite way to play Kayle.

Link to the video guide:

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My runes are pretty standard, and is what I have found to be best in almost any situation.


I take flat MR for the sole reason that if I'm against some sort of AP top or if i find my self mid I want to be able to mitigate damage and trade better in lane, especially early.


I take flat Armor for the same reason above but with AD tops. However, armor runes are always useful because they will always help you in those auto attack trades and extend your lead.


For Marks I take hybrid penetration, this is so that early game I'm doing as much damage as i possibly can and so that late game the resistances they buy mean just a little bit less.


For Quintessences I take two movespeed quints and 1 flat AD quint. I take the movespeed because you tend to find yourself chasing opponents down with Kayle and the movespeed helps you out a lot and helps you position better. The flat AD quint seemed silly at first when I was playing around but honestly, it improved my pressure and cs by a lot when I started using it.

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There is a lot to say about the new masteries that came out in the patch. I'm going to keep this short and explain my reasoning behind what I feel are the most important masteries and why I feel they are so important.

So what made me want to try Kayle out today was the new masteries on the left side of the tree. Expose weakness, Spell Weaving and Blade Weaving. I had instantly recognized that these masteries had a great synergy with Kayle because of how she interacts with her lane opponents. I'll try and explain, so you walk into lane and hit the enemy laner with your Q which not only procs your passive armor and mr shred but also procs Blade Weaving, you then turn on your E and start auto attacking which because of the mixed damage it deals procs both at the same time, letting you get the full 6% damage increase, and then while this was going on your passive has been shredding their resistances down, so they are now taking even more damage, and suddenly you can get any favorable trade you want because there is no way they could calculate all the bonus damage you are throwing at them. That's the power of this build and the power of Kayle right now.

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Items are very flexible on Kayle, I love her because you can build to your situation. In my video guide I briefly touch on reasons for taking certain items. But here I'll go in depth on her 3 core items.

Nashor's Tooth

Fantastic item, probably the best item in the game for any AP auto-attacker and Kayle is one of the champions who benefits most from it. The attack speed and cooldown reduction are key alone to help keep your E ready at all times, and help you output damage faster. The on hit effect scales with the more AP you get so if you build Triforce or Guinsoo's on Kayle (as you should) then this item will keep doing more for you.

Blade of The Ruined King

I was unsure of this item on Kayle at first, but the more games i play the more I'm thankful I built it. The attack speed and AD are of course nice because we wanna do more damage faster, but what we really want here is the on hit effect and the active. the bonus damage from a percentage of the enemy's maximum health is amazing for melting those pesky tanks, and the active is an awesome tool both for chasing and kiting. This item is perfect on Kayle in every way.

Guinsoo's Rageblade

This one's too obvious too ignore, one of the most iconic hybrid items you can build. Fantastic because of the amount of AD and AP you get and the longer you fight the faster you'll attack, but the most amazing part of this item is the turnaround potential which I use once or twice every game. What you do with this item is you get in a fight with anyone on the enemy team, and if they are stronger than you and they start beating you, then you wait til you are low enough health for the lifeline passive of Guinsoo's to proc and you ult yourself, this will allow you to use the lifesteal and spell vamp to heal yourself up and suddenly that fight was a lot less close than you remember. Amazing mind games to be played with this item.

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Summoner Spells

I take Ghost and Ignite on Kayle in the top lane where I believe she is strongest, and Flash and Ignite in the mid lane. Ghost is just going to get you more than flash is in almost any situation, as I've said before, you tend to be chasing your enemies down a lot with Kayle, and in those chase situations, the best thing you can have is more Movespeed. You can take Flash and Flash Q them, but in the end you won't get as many auto attacks off with Flash as you would have with Ghost. I take Flash in the Mid Lane because it's such a short lane that there wont be that much chasing with your lane opponent, and because many of the mid lane opponents you will face will attempt to burst you, so Flash helps you escape more reliably.

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Mechanics/Tips and Tricks

A successful Kayle lane is all about bullying, positioning and baiting. I will cover these three skills in depth below.


With Kayle you have some of the cheapest, easiest and most annoying auto attack harass in the game, especially against melee opponents. You want to abuse this as much as possible early, so whenever you see your enemy laner walking up to a cs, make sure you hit him two or three times on his way back, so he thinks twice next time he wants to farm. Remember this will cause the minions to aggro on to you, so simply walk into a bush or behind your own minions to get them to stop crushing you. Another easy cheap method of harassment is to time your last hitting of a creep while your opponent is near it. this will cause you to not only get the money from the cs, but get some free cs at the same time. Easy, free harass. The last thing about bullying is that once you have some attack speed your damage potential skyrockets ridiculously high, so the second your back into lane with your berserker's greaves just q your opponent and all in them, they'll never see the damage coming and often times they will die because they never thought movespeed and attack speed alone could give a someone such kill potential. Remember, diving is easy with Kayle, just press r as the tower attacks you and walk away as soon as the kill is secured.


Kayle is all about knowing where to be and how to move with your team and with your enemies, I'll briefly explain the way I position with Kayle and you can watch the video guide if you want to see it in game. Kayle is an auto attacker, as I've stated many times, and as such you need to know how to move as you auto. I'm talking about orb-walking. Simply put, you right click the enemy champion to auto attack them, and then right click near them to move closer and then right click the enemy champion again, and you do this over and over again, so that you can get the most auto attacks off the most efficiently. This technique should also be used while running away, you click towards your tower or point of safety and then quickly auto attack the enemy pursuing you and then go back to running. Easy kiting, and this will sometimes allow you to turn on whatever enemy is chasing you if they don't respect you and your ult. In team fights just be sure to be in a position, where you are safe from the enemy adc and melting a tank or in a position where you are destroying the enemy adc and can use your ult to keep yourself going.


You have to learn how to bait with Kayle, because it's hilarious. When you want to kill your enemy you're probably going to have to deal with the enemy jungler, because the poor soul you are faving at this point is probably crying in chat about how they "can't even cs" or how "stupidly strong" the damage is. so unless you just decided to man up and ghost and dive before they arrive you are going to need to deal with the enemy jungler. Kayle is specially equipped for this however. A technique I use sometimes when I'm feeling strong in a game is to push my lane way up while harassing my lane opponent down to decently low health. The enemy jungler is gonna see that you are pushed and come top to gank. Now the second the jungler shows up you can count on your enemy laner to overcommit, so what you do is as soon as your enemy laner initiates on you, you unless your q, and ignite on him while auto attacking and hes suddenly toast, now you should still have your ultimate, and the best part of this is that you just auto attack the enemy jungler while kiting and then ult at an opportune moment and bam you've just killed two people and are now laughing all the way to the store. There are many ways to bait with the Kayle ultimate, it's all abour practice and knowing your limits.

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Team Work

With Kayle you have more options than to just ult yourself, often times as Kayle you will have the highest damage output on your team until your adc hits 6 items. So it's generally safe to assume the enemies will focus you. However, if your adc, mid laner or top laner get themselves into a bad position, its worth your time to ult them and start just beating down the enemies attacking them. It's your job to know when to ult an ally or ult yourself. This decision can decide a fight, so make sure you know your limits as well as everyone elses

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As Kayle it's amazingly easy to just walk into a lane, kill all the minions and just keep pushing. However you are one of the stronger roamers in the game. As the laning phase ends, you are going to want to take your tower in your lane and then wander off to help some other lane that might not be doing as well. What I tend to do in the mid-late game is quickly clear waves in lane to push them out and then roam bot or mid to get easy kills. Roaming is the most surefire way of making your success in lane benefit the entire map. Remember tho if your team gets caught without on the other side of the map and you are top, don't start walking there unless you know you can make it in time. With this build you end up with plenty of AD and attack speed so pushing towers is a breeze, take advantage of the enemy team being so far away and push down a tower or two. Knowing when to leave lane and when to stay takes practice, but practice makes perfect :]

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Good Bye :]

Thanks for taking the time to check out my guide. If you havent seen the video commentary there will be a link above. Pls give me some feedback and opinions and suggestions on how I can do better in the future. I love you all. Bye <3