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Thresh Build Guide by okysea

Support Season 4 Thresh Guide (W.I.P)

Support Season 4 Thresh Guide (W.I.P)

Updated on January 20, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author okysea Build Guide By okysea 2,925 Views 0 Comments
2,925 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author okysea Thresh Build Guide By okysea Updated on January 20, 2014
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Introduction - Thresh the Support

You have come to learn about the great Thresh and how he stacks up in the supporter ranks, well you came to the right place.

Thresh is one of the best supporters I have played during my time at the league. Master his hooks and flay timing and you will become an unstoppable support.

Criticism and feedback is always appreciated, as long as its constructive and not mindless.
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Pros / Cons


+ High CC
+ Dark passage is a great escape mechanic for champions in trouble or a great gank set up if used correctly
+ Flay's passive supplies good damage during early game allowing both Thresh and the ADC to burst down squishy supports and ADC's
+ Death Sentence allows Thresh to position himself to trap the enemy ADC from escaping or doing damage to Thresh's adc
+ Death Sentence if landed reduces the time you can use it again by 3 seconds
+ The Box prevents enemies from escaping and can also prevent players from chasing your team due to how much it slows the enemy


- Dark Passages shield can not block much damage unless you rank it up after flay
- Can be mana hungry if cast abilities all in one go
- Can be squishy early game
- The box can be easily avoided/flashed over
- Death Sentence is a skill shot so you could hit minions by mistake
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Against other supports

Soraka - If you are against a good Soraka she will try and silence you the whole time preventing you to cast abilities like Death Sentence, however if she has a mana hungry ADC use it to your advanatage. Watch when she casts her silence, hide in the brush and wait for her to give mana to her adc. When you see she has used the ability use death sentence and follow it up with your combo

Blitzcrank - An easy counter, your abilities counter his. You have a longer hook range and if he hooks your ADC use Dark Passage to bring them out of danger. As long as you hook the ADC and not Blitzcrank you should have an easy time.

Taric - He can out tank you anyday of the week so aiming him is always a bad choice, once he stuns your ADC flay the enemies back then follow up with a Death Sentence on the enemy ADC burst them down before he can stun again

Nami - This support can annoy you with her heals and her prisms, avoid them at all cost and try ulting when she ults to prevent a chase down on your ADC. She doesn't counter Thresh but she can be an annoyance in team-fights

Janna - Again not a full counter in my opinion but is damn annoying to be around, her ult can push you towards the enemy team or away, however a dark passage can save a team-mate from being caught out. Avoid her skill shots and you should be able to burst both her and the enemy ADC down.

Lulu - She is absouletly hard to play against as a thresh, avoid her skillshots and have dark passage ready for your adc. Poke from a distance and you may be able to find a gap to jump in on her ADC. Just dont be caught when she ults.

Leona - Everytime you play Thresh be cautious of Leona, she will be your counter in every scenario. Having flay gives you some type of counter as she is mostly a close counter champion. An important tip never get too far away from your ADC or she will pull herself towards your ADC and burst your ADC down with the help of her ADC.
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Skill Sequence

Early Game (Before Level 3)

Death Sentence > Flay

If being ganked at level 2 or earlier flay the jungler away and walk towards turret, flay again if need to

Early Game (Before Level 6)

Dark Passage > Death Sentence > Flay

Great for ganks and pulling ADC into fights

If being ganked Dark passage your ADC and flay jungler away, keep doing this and jungler will give up

Middle and Late Game (Level 6 and after)

Dark Passage > Death Sentence > The Box > Flay
Always remember to flay towards the box walls to force Damage and slows on the enemy
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League of Legends Build Guide Author okysea
okysea Thresh Guide
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Season 4 Thresh Guide (W.I.P)

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