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Riven Build Guide by kahlilnc

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League of Legends Build Guide Author kahlilnc

(Season 7Preseason - 6.22) Riven, can be a bruiser too!

kahlilnc Last updated on November 13, 2016
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Hi, this is my 5th guide. I only have one popular guide right as of now and you should go check that out if you play Vladimir

Tank Riven? Why tanky Riven? Well let me tell you why... With the new tanky items they implemented in preseason that allow you to be more durable while still dishing out lots of damage, ex. Titanic Hydra, Death's Dance. Yay to a riven who can properly contribute in team fights without being blown up in seconds due to CC!

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Pros / Cons


+ Decent sustainability (Bruiser)
+ Good amount of health
+ Great farmer/last hitter
+ Great damage output
+ Can escape from most situations
+ More viable in team fights than the norm build


- What cons? JK just lacks late game damage. But still able to 1 shot carries

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General Gameplay Tips

Laning: Just make sure you get to rank 3 with out getting poked down/out traded. Start Valor if against a tough laner. Your power spikes start at 3 and 6 so abuse that if possible. Early on you want to harass and disengage. The combo I usually go with is E - Auto - W - Auto - Q - Auto - Q - Auto - And the last bit you can choose to disengage with or keep going in. When I am winning lane I usually do not push lane and try to zone the laner from any experience and farm. If my team is losing hard usually take tower as fast as I can and help the team out.

Teamfights: Play Riven like you would normally. Just note that you are more tanky than the norm Riven so do not be afraid to engage team fights. Even without Flash. I tend to split push when my team is behind or I am super far ahead. So split pushing > Team fight when you are ahead or your team is super behind to create pressure. 1v2 puts you at a disadvantage but puts the rest of your team at a great advantage. If you can try to get them to chase you... You are very mobile!