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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Sejuani Build Guide by MacManCode

Sejuani Jungle Guide - MacMan Style

Sejuani Jungle Guide - MacMan Style

Updated on March 16, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author MacManCode Build Guide By MacManCode 22,571 Views 5 Comments
22,571 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author MacManCode Sejuani Build Guide By MacManCode Updated on March 16, 2012
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Hello everyone! I am MacManCode, and this is my first guide on my most favorite champion, Sejuani, The Winter's Wrath. =D (NOTE: NOT FINISHED YET!!)

When I began playing as Sejuani I was level 22 or 23, I had bought her a week after she was available. For some reason I told myself that I just had to have Sejuani...and I have had NO regrets!!! And I hope with my guide you won't either.

And please, tell me what I have done right and wrong with my guide, as well as ideas of different item choices; as this is my first guide. Hope you enjoy and are helped out by my guide!!!
Thanks to MissMaw for the AWESOME Sig.
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When Sejuani was born, the mystics of her tribe foretold that she would be the one to unite and lead the divided territories of Freljord. Her people had suffered for centuries, as a losing war on the frozen tundra pushed them farther and farther from Freljord's limited food supplies. Sejuani grew up surrounded by this misery, and it fueled her desire to fulfill her destiny. She pushed herself to extremes, walking out into blizzards without food or furs and training while frigid winds raked her flesh. She sparred with the strongest warriors of her tribe, one after another, until her legs would give out beneath her. She sustained injuries that would have killed any other member of the tribe, but she would only rise again, driven by sheer force of will and what her tribe took to calling her "heart of the blizzard."

On her twentieth birthday, Sejuani declared that she would lead her people out of their remote isolation to conquer the lands of their enemies. She had completed her training and she was ready to face the leaders of the opposing tribes. Her feats had already become legend and soldiers in her company were inspired to new heights of strength and resolve. However, before she struck out on her campaign, Ashe began campaigning for peace in Freljord, joining the League of Legends to demonstrate how the people could be spared violence. To Sejuani, this was a violation of tradition – a coward’s ruse to hoard Freljord's precious few resources. She saw the confidence of her people wane as it seemed they would never be delivered from their plight. She decided that to truly prove herself as the rightful ruler of Freljord, she must defeat Ashe completely and unquestionably on the world’s stage in the League of Legends.

"Freljord provides for the few. For the others, 'peace' means only death."
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Fleet Footwork
Dark Harvest
Phase Rush

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration: Magic Penetration is good for Sejuani because since she is a tank she shouldn't be built towards AP(ability power) dps, thus Magic Penetration is good because Sejuani's abilities can do AP damage to enemy champs who have high magic resist while in team fights with many champs.

Greater Seal of Armor: Armor is great to have on Sejuani for the tanking part of matches as well as when you are jungling with her. Resilience is beneficial for tanking champs, turrets and monster(ie. Baron Nasher, Dragon, etc.).

Greater Seal of Attack Speed: Though attack speed is not what one would first think of having for runes on Sejuani attack speed is actually beneficial for Sejauni; this is because while jungling it helps for killing monsters quicker, and for team fights and when ganking attack speed helps to keep her passive on the target enemy champion whilst they are running away.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist: As well as armor, Sejuani among other tanks should have magic resist. Magic resist per level is most beneficial because at the beginning of most matches AP(ability power) champions won't be too much of an issue, but as you progress through your matches enemy AP champions will buy more AP items and become more of a threat. Magic resist per level runes gives more magic resist at level 18 than flat magic resist runes. This makes magic resist per level runes the most beneficial.

Greater Quintessence of Health: The choice for flat health quintessences came from Sejuani's Northern Winds, which uses 2% of max health and puts that towards extra AP damage, and the fact that she would benefit a lot more from health while jungling; this is because with more health she can gank more and EARLIER without having to go back to the base for more health and/or health potions.
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Pros / Cons

  • Outstanding jungler
  • Good CC
  • Passive is very beneficial.
  • Can keep enemies slowed for long durations.
  • Can use mana really quick while jungling.
  • Not so good fighting an enemy champion on her own; that is, unless you build her as AP dps.
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Items wise don't worry about getting any AD or AP items since Sejuani is the tank. And building primarily armor is great for ganking and overall tanking; Note: If the enemy team is high in AP then instead of getting Warmog's Armor get Force of Nature for Magic Resist. If you end up following the item build all the way then you should find that Guardian's Angel will help, though you will probably not need it towards the end unless your team is starting to lose their hold on a win. Also, if you find that you run out of mana quickly, or need more armor, think about buying Frozen Heart before Warmog's Armor.23
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Skill Sequence

The reasoning behind starting out with Sejuani's "W" is due to the AoE it provides and extra damage to enemies afflicted by Frost; Northern Winds should be maxed around the same time as Permafrost to cause the most amount of damage Sejuani can offer. Choosing Sejuani's "Q" Arctic Assault 2nd is so that Sejuani can cause multiple enemies, i.e. Champs or monsters, to become afflicted by frost and take extra damage when activating Northern Winds; maxing this last is not a bad thing because it is mainly used for initiating a fight or escaping from a sticky situation.
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Summoner Spells

Smite - Smite is key for quick jungling and being able to obtain red and blue buffs with ease.

Flash - Flash is a great spell to have for chasing enemies or escaping tough situations when you are without "Arctic Assault".

* Sprint may be good if you want extra mobility.
*I would recommend Heal, in replace of Smite, if you are playing as Sejuani in a 3v3.
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So use this guide and you will be an awesome Sejuani Jungler/Tank in no time! =D
P.S.- Sejuani's "W" or "Northern Winds" gains extra AP from 2% of your maximum health, so with that in mind make sure to not stray from building health.
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Creeping / Jungling

When your match starts make sure to ask for a leash on the Blue golem buff. Sejuani needs this buff to be a successful jungler. Then attack wolves - wraiths - golems - *and once smite is up* Red(if need be, not required but useful). Don;t counter jungle unless you and another one or two teammates are willing to assist. When ganking open with a "Arctic Assault" to apply "Frost"
and cause some damage, then activate "Northern Winds" and use "Permafrost" to further slow the enemy champions and deal some magic damage.
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Team Work

As the tank you should always be the one to initiate team fights. Because of Sejuani's passive it is best to open with "Arctic Assault" and then use "Permafrost"; this is aimed to first apply "Frost" to all enemies around Sejuani and then reduce their speed even further due to "Permafrost", and then activate "Northern Winds" to afflict magic damage to surrounding enemies. This use of your abilities should allow your allies to burst on targets one at a time, and when Enemies are grouped together and you know that your teammates can kill at least one problematic champion use Sejuani's Ultimate.
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Ranked Play

Ranked Play on the way...
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League of Legends Build Guide Author MacManCode
MacManCode Sejuani Guide
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Sejuani Jungle Guide - MacMan Style

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