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Shaco Build Guide by Mastershank

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mastershank

Sex, drugs and JnTBs?

Mastershank Last updated on July 19, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Have yet to find a really good guide for ability power Shaco, a lot of them are out dated or more of a hybrid. So a lot of my games I have had to just test and find what works best. Whats listed in this guide is what I have found to be effective and would mind other people trying it out and giving some feed back.

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Why ap shaco?.. why not?

I've found AD shaco has a amazing early/mid game, but really teeters off late game. He becomes way too squishy and his role could be replaced with a multitude of champs. AP shaco on the other hand.. might not be the kill master early game as his AD counter part, but what he can bring to the mid/late game is also amazing.

Think of AP Shaco as the real master tactician of the game. Your boxes are your best weapons, Jntb nests are amazing at catching people off guard, and funny as hell when people die to them, but your job as ap shaco, isnt just to sit in bushes, its to support your team. If you're not in the right place, at the right time, your nest is going to be worthless.

The key to playing a good AP Shaco, is patience and map awareness.

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So far my items build is not complete.. typically because most games I never get to build a litchbane let alone build anything past it.

I always start off with a Doran's right for the hp and AP.
I quickly grab the basic boots then another ring.

These three items alone are more then enough to keep you alive and make your boxes and shivs hurt early game.

Build a Fendish Codex, grab another ring and you should have enough mana regen to use your spells freely, also its a start on the cdr that you'll need for your traps.

Upgrade your boots then turn the Codex into a Morellos evil tome and you're sitting at 38% crd.

All that's left is rounding out your damage.

Pick up a Needlessly large rod. Finish your Deathcap, and most games are over at this point.

After your Death cap your shiv's should be doing around 1k damage. 1k damage on a 4 second cd isn't half bad.

Lastly so far I'll sell a ring and pick up a sheen, and turn that into a litchbane if the game goes on that long.

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Boxes, and how to use them.

So, first thing, without even doing anything, as soon as a enemy team sees that you don't have smite, then they'll assume you're a AP Shaco.. and what does that mean? It means that the enemies team is already scare to go into any bushes. Almost everyone has seen a AP shaco, everyone knows what a trapped bush can do... So, as soon as someone sees you in the lane, they stay out of that lanes bushes and the bush to the river.

Nests in these bushes are worthless.

Not to say dont put traps in them. always trap them, always trap the bush in the river. But dont bother nesting there. People know these bushes, just keep 1 or two boxes around to keep their fear of thoes bushes their, and for escape. Though late game, the river bush becomes viable, but not recommended.

Wraith bush = your friend. The bush by their base, next to the wrath spawn is one of the best places to catch someone. No one ever thinks that that bush is trapped. Let alone, trapped again, right after you killed someone. If their team has a jungler, this is where you sit till you get first blood.


Shaco is a amazing counter jungler. After you get your first kill, and you should always get a kill from the wraths bush if they have a jungler, place traps around their jungle and then lane. It'll take their jungler awhile after that to catch up to the rest of their team, which keeps your team safe from ganks for awhile.

Next thing, map awareness. Not so much knowing where the enemies are, but where your friends are at, and your minions. Always try to go where you know the enemy is going to be and try to antisapate a route they will take to get there, and get ready to ambush them.

The bushes in the jungle are your friends, but you dont have to put your jntbs in the bushes. You can sit a bush and trow your boxes out into the paths in the jungle. Remember, they are wary of bushes at this point, or should be if you're playing right.
But its easy to catch someone as they run through the jungle to try to protect a tower, or help someone in a group fight. Always be aware of the paths they will probably take.


Always stay in the back behind your team and always have as large of nest as you can make, spread out if possible, a grouped up nest can be taken out by a single AOE. Your team will get pushed back, and as they are running back, the enemies should walk right into your boxes which can easily sway a team fight. With a Deathcap, your boxes, if left unchecked, can put out a ton of damage during a team fight. Also, try and get behind the enemy team, and throw down boxes there too, so when they are running back you can pick off a easy kill or two.

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Well this is all I have so far, will try and clean the guide up and make it a ***** more polished when I have the time. But go ahead and give the build a try and give me some feed back. Anything that can make the guide better can also make me better as a player so all help and feed back will be appreciated.