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League of Legends Build Guide Author Doggta

Shaco - 1-Hit down!

Doggta Last updated on May 22, 2011
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This is a short guide on how I play Shaco.

Important things if you want to succeed with this build:

1. You either need a tanky DPS (best would be Xin) or a support champion with at least some dmg output (best would be Sona)
2. You need to try to get the first kill on your lane. Don't care about last hits in the begining
3. Play safe, don't be too risky, try to harass at lvl 3

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Early game

You start up buying your shoes and get to the bushes as fast as possible!

If you try to get first blood in the bushes, you might be flamed as a noob for playing unsafe. They might be right about the fact of playing unsafe...but this is the importance of playing risk, no fun! So get to the bushes and plant as many Jack in a boxes as you can. They have a minimal fear at lvl 1 and do pretty ok dmg. In this short fear, no champion at lvl 1 will try to keep fighting against you as they got a hell lot of dmg. This is the part when you need to act: Exhaust + Smite and attack him from the back...first blood chance: 90%. It is importat to try to get a lane with squishys. Try to talk to your team mates and ask them for support.

This is what you keep doing. Your boxes are very important in the early game. Use them as wards, as helpers when you want to loose a chase, and as opener for fights. First time you go b, try to buy your boots and the Sword of the Occult.

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Mid Game

You still don't do a lot of dmg yet, so try to gank and/or fight in a team, don't go alone unless you are sure you get that kill. Deceive is your main skill when you try to get a kill, hunt someone or getting rid of a chase. Even if you get flamed as a kill stealer, you need the occult stacks to maximize our dmg output.

Now the importancy lies in buying the Infinity Edge. I read so many Shaco guides, never seeing the Infinity Edge, which is the item only made for Shaco! 250% more crit dmg, which is everytime you use Deceive. If you started the ganking in a proper way, your occult stacks might be at 4-6, if the enemys fed you maybe 10-12. After having infinity edge, you can start your solo assasinations as you do up to 700 dmg with one deceive. Use your Shiv to do either last-hits on champions or for slowing them while chasing. After getting the blood thirster, your don't even need to go b for regging life because your crits heal you a lot.

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Late Game

There shouldn't be a late game when you played this build in the right way as you will be so powerful, you would win every team 1vs1. Your damage output should be that great, you can solo everyone (except of tanks of course ^^)

What you need to know when you play this build: This build is not for rookies, you need to know Shaco, you need to know when you can get a gank and when not, and the most important point is:

You need to make the weaknes of Shaco to his strenght, which is his squishynes. Champs might think: Hey, look, Shaco, free kill. But in a 1vs1, your press Q, E, autohit, dead. This is how you fight with Shaco.

My best scores were 32/2/17.

Hope you liked this build, it is my first one so don't be too hard to me. At least try the Infinite Edge Shaco, which is the One-Hit Shaco.