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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TooTense

Shaco: Can you see me now

TooTense Last updated on August 26, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Shaco~ Squishy but Deadly

Summoner Spells

Ignite used for the last bit of damage as they make their escape if they get that far.

Exhaust to slow and weaken them as they attack you or run from you because Shaco is extremly squishy he needs to try and take as little damage as possible.


Shaco's masteries should focus in the damage tree for the simple fact he is a hi damage out put champion you get some cooldown reduction which is always good, attack speed as well but one of the better bonuses is the final one and the critical damage up because when shaco is coming from being invisable he almost always crit so why not make it hit just that much harder right? Plus with some in utility you will gain bonus experince some regeneration and spend less time dead which is always good.

Skill Sequence

With Shaco your vital abilitys are your invisable which gives you a nice critical bonus when attacking from being invisable and your major harass and slow ability your shiv which also poisons. Every little bit of damage helps get your ultimate whenever you can as for most champions do and great thing about shaco is the higher your skill level the less mp it cost unlike most which increase as it goes up. Use your decieve for bonus damage, ganks and escaping. Your shiv is for slow. bonus damage and all around harass. Your turrets are good for a short fear and to help with minions and harssing. Your ultimate which is a very good ability can help you escape or give you the power to kill enemies when your using it keep an eye on your hp if your getting targeted instead of your clone it may be time to get out of there with a quick decieve to leave your clone to distract the enemy.

[Rune Build

Ok for the rune page i chose to put in armor pen and attack speed for the simple fact that faster attacks and more penetration will save you some money in your build for higher damage gear and it will help you in fights.


Now its time for the all important build with shaco a good dps build is amazing you start with Boots for some added mobility then go into Greeves for needed attack speed. Once you get those you can get your Sheen. When i say sheen i mean Sheen dont bring it into a Lich Bane. The sheen is useful because it gives you added damage after skills so once invisable attacking out of it will be even more powerful, as will the attack after cloning and also after your shiv. So it is a core item for shaco its put to good use. Then maybe some life steal with high damage Thirster because you need some way to survive. With the Cleaver you can decide to get the Mallet first for survivability which shaco does not have much of. Both items are usefull in their own way Mallet increase your survability and slows but Cleaver cuts defence and gives much more attack. Your choice but if the game last long enough you can get both.


With shiv first you have a great way to harass so hit them when you can but try and keep some mana because at start shaco is very mana dependant once your level 2 you will have your deceive a very good core ability you can start harassing with some dirty criticals along with your shive but mana is an issue in most cases so just keep enough for a quick get away. Most times you can pick up a quick kill as shaco dependant on your laning partner.

Mid Game
You can now start ganking all you got to do really is walk up pop deceive on hit, shiv and then clown. If they are not dead yet follow with ignire exhaust combo and finish with a shiv or send your clone after them great way to pick up kills without you having to tower dive after them.

End Game

Never be first in your too squishy for that but pop in with decieve clone and hurle a shiv or 2, take out their main dps with exhaust and any fleeing enemies a quick ignite wouldnt hurt. For the most part you can get quite a few kills and do pretty well but winning doesnt depend on 1 person alone with a decent team you should be able to take down the all important turrets and inhibitors after a few good team fights. Always be aware of your hp and if your being targeted instead of your clone, its better to get away and fight another day then die and feed the enemies. Your best bet is always have enough for deceive.

Questions Cocerns Comments

Okay so heres the deal i did some testing and amde some changes golem build at start is good to get all you have to do is stack like 4-5 jacks and they will drop golem with ease once you have that goto your lane and demolish enemies because you can spam without much worry to your mana, and the cool down reduction doesnt hur, as for getting infinity edge and switchin to crit damage runes it helps because your first attack out of invis is 100% critical with bonus damage so with sheen crit runes 250% crit damage instead of 200 from infinity edge you will hit alot harder than you should be. Those are a few changes i made if i find anything better i will keep updating, also if you do not die alot as shaco you might want to get an occult at max stacks it is a lot of attack damage and as for the 8 item build its just so you can have some selection mallet for survivability occult if u dont die much but must have is infinity edge and most likely the thirster for life steal which is always good. Anyways Good luck