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Shaco Build Guide by A D1R7Y SANCH3Z

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League of Legends Build Guide Author A D1R7Y SANCH3Z

Shaco - Creeping Death

A D1R7Y SANCH3Z Last updated on October 5, 2011
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The Sexy Introduction

HELLO SUMMONERS!!! My name is A D1R7Y SANCH3Z and I am here to bring to you guys: MY FIRST LoL BUILD!!!! YAAAAAAY!

Today we are going to look at how to play Shaco to his full potential (as an AD champion). I am going to say this now, he is a great AP champion, but I prefer to play him as an attack damage player. The end. I have created this build by starting off with Shaco using builds and then I developed a mixed build with some awesome strategies.

Now this build is perfect for players who have never played Shaco before or people who want to improve thier game with Shaco. This may not be for people who are professional, I am just here to educate. Trust me, this will not be the be all and end all in what you must do to be good with Shaco. This is just how I like to play him.

What are you sexy people waiting for? Let's do this!

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Quick Overview...

- Amazing Early Game
- Map Dominance
- Enemy Gank Destroyer
- Rape Tower Pusher
- Escape Artist
- The Player of Mind Games
- Easy Singling Out Weak Champions

- Fairly Squishy
- Can Be Shut Down Easily During Early Lane Phase
- Late Game Can Be Bad If Enemy Team Is Built
- Easily Destroyed If Focused... (I really hate this...)

Guide Top

My Way To Play: Shaco Early Game.

Easy enough, start off by buying Boots of Speed, 2 Health Potions and 1 Mana Potion. This is easy to lane with in 3v3 and 5v5. It allows you to to be reckless early (if need be) without too much consequence because you are fast and have backup supplies.

Now I said that you should pick the Jack in the Box (Jitb). Why the F*** should I do that? I can hear you screaming. Just do it. I have seen the effects of a single box and a greedy player at level 1. It is devastating to them. Place a box in the grass and stand in the middle of the lane. Stack as many as possible before the early game gank. (If there is one...) When enemies approach you. Fight the squishiest one and then duck into the grass where your trap is located. This either turns up as a kill or just frightens them away for either a chase with exhaust and flash or to run away and b. I don't care who you are. This works at least 75% of the time and with your teammate hiding with the trap, it makes it even easier. Yeah, decieving behind an enemy and hitting them until they die is one way of doing the job, but my way feels better. It just seems so wrong that it's right.

Anyway, after laning for a while and using the Jitb to harrass and kill minions, you should have gotten to level 6 without backing. This means on a good day 1600+ gold. On a bad day 1000+. Back and buy the Wriggles Lantern, if you cannot afford it, make sure you have Vampiric Scepter to farm with. If you can, get Berserkers Grieves, they are extremely helpful in farming. If not just get them next round through, they are cheap because you bought the first boots first...

Now, when you have these two items, make sure you place the lantern every time it is up (the cooldown that is). 3v3, place on top of the Lizard Buff (red thingy). 5v5, place in the grass on your river of the lane you are using. This is perfect because you are straight away ruining the enemies chances of ganking you, all while gaining life steal, attack damage and an infinite free ward. (Also, on top of these great things, you are gaining a passive which allows a percent chance upon hitting a minion to deal 500 damage! This is an amazing way to farm, especially with the attack speed generated from the Berserkers Grieves and runes.)

Always place your Jitb: 3v3, place them in the two grasses boardering the Red Buff opening onto the bottom lane and if need be, place one in the grass right on the bottom. 5v5, place one every time you pass an opening onto the lane you are in. This will be explained later if you haven't figured it out yet.

3v3: By as soon as you feel comfortable, arrange a gank against the top enemy. Shaco can decieve over the wall above the red Lizard Buff onto the top lane. (Shaco can jump every wall in the map with decieve, even the base walls, I will explain good uses later). Anyway, once over, you can run behind the top enemy and fight ('Fight' will be explained later). Below the Mid and Late game play I will leave a section for the parts I said I would leave until later.

5v5: Try and find an enemy who is weak and 'fight' them. Best to stick to your lane for now though. You do NOT want to be unfarmed. But you can gain money and levels easy with my build though.

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My Way To Play: Shaco Mid Game.

By now, you should have either worked towards, own or are starting the Bloodrazor. It doesn't matter which order you take the items, I prefer to get the Razor first, then the Bow then the Pickaxe.

In a 5v5 there has definately been a team fight, if you were in it, good on you, otherwise, stick to your lane. It is important that you judge whether your presence in the team fight is worth the chance to push down your lane. Farm solidly and as hard as you can and stay in your lane. Go to a fight if your teammates need you, but otherwise stay in the lane.

In a 3v3, dominate the lane, dominate the map. You don't need "mias" with this build. Sure, call your lane's mia's, but when your top doesn't call it, you can still be prepared. When you see an enemy coming, decieve back as soon as possible. The lantern warning will give you notice to head back. The Jitb will allow you to get by without a scratch. You know those bastards who come down from top, when your solo doesn't call and they jump out from the bush behind you when you are trying to take down a turrent. You are either dead or seriously wounded... Not with this build, at least you can escape those annoying ganks.

Now that you have progressed, buying the B.F Sword first, get the Infinity Edge. The attack damage and crit power is absolutely amazing on Shaco. Also a thing to remember: PUSH PUSH PUSH! At this time in the game, you are the best at:
1. Killing squishy champions at full health.
2. Killing average champions at 3/4 to half health.
3. Ganking anyone at any time! (Unless it's Tryndamere...)

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My Way To Play: Shaco Late Game.

Save up, buy your items, farm and finish the build. Of course, swap out the Thornmail for any other tank item depending on the enemy team. You need a bit of armour so that you aren't a glass cannon. Anyway, don't make me have to tell you to kill the jungle minions when possible or when you feel like it, and by level 10ish, you don't need your ult to kill the dragon. Kill the dragon as many times as you can before it is stolen! Kill when you deem it necessary and run when you know you can't win.

Here is the clincher: work with your team to destroy the towers. Either split-push (explained next) or full charge upon the base. It is basically suicide to allow the enemy team to catch your level. If you are on level 18 and you are crushing your level 15 opponents, finish the game ASAP. If they reach level 18, they can easily change the tide of your win streak.

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The Power Ranger...

Don't be a Power Ranger! I have read about this myself and it is a major issue with many players and many champions. Being a Power Ranger is the difference between a high K/D ratio and an average K/D ratio. What is a Power Ranger? No! It's not the coloured MIGHTY MORPHIN Power Rangers, it's when you think that you are invincible, indestructive, unstoppable etc, and you generally over-extend. Remember, every time you kill someone, it builds your ego. Shut your ego away. Kill when you know you can, not when you just want to.
So many times you see that guy run past the turret to get the last hit, but he ends up dying in the process with either one lousy kill or none at all. In a 5v5 have you ever been in that group where the solo Ashe is standing there, past the mid line, 3/4 health and you think, "Easy, in, out, she won't know what hit her!". And when you do hit her, she runs and slows as she goes, you follow her through the jungle, you know its an easy kill and then BOOM! She leads you to her fed personal security guard, one Mr Tryndamere the Rapist of Children. Then it is you who is on the run. Either dead or wasted away. This is the lore of the Power Ranger. If you are a Power Ranger, you will find that you run through turrets to catch your kill. You dive the enemy team to get that straggling Teemo on 10 health. ETC ETC.

Just don't... Get your 'designated' kills. If the chase is lingering, drop out, you never know when that heart pounding chase through the jungle will end up in a gank upon you.

A good tip, if you want to gank, go for the kill and if they are at their tower with more than 30% health, let it go. You won't be able to finish it up without dying. If you think you can, then go for it, I wish you good luck. Shaco is the only champion who can choose freely when he wants kills and when he doesn't want to die. The decieve + flash combo is a perfect example of escapability. Use it wisely...

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An Explanation Of My Strange Style:

When I mentioned earlier about the 'Split-Push', I also read about this on another forum. I am a strong believer in this cause. Generally, it means that when your team is fighting either mid or top (say you have bottom). Then you are going to be able to push down this lane in a matter of minutes if the enemy team does not send support. Following me?

You will have your Lantern in the river bush and as you push, you will place a Jitb on every opening along the way. The cooldown works perfectly with the minion waves. As you push, place a box on the grass or opening to the left and then farm. Get the gist? This comes together in a minute.

Now, you are thinking: "Hey! Your teammates are playing a 4v5 it is unfair on your team!" Now I agree with this, but the method behind my madness is almost ingenious. It simulates a Win/Win situation. Here we are, at the turret. There is a 4v5 happening on the top lane. You are at the bottom. You place a Jitb infront of the tower, pop your ult and signal both Shaco's to fight the turret. Within 6-10 seconds (depending on level, items and friendly minions) the turret will fall and you will continue pushing that same lane.

The enemies have lost a turret. If they don't do something, then the whole lane will fall. So they send anywhere from 1-3 team members to stop your charge. BAM! Now, your team's little 4v5 has become either a 4v4, 4v3 or 4v2. Now this is where it gets interesting and in my eyes, quite fun. Don't bat an eyelash. Don't retreat just push as hard as possible! Place your Jitb on every opening. You have eyes to protect you from assaults. This gives you time to either push down the second turret or weaken it to a really low state. When you see their tags in one of the Jitb's they will be feared, hurt and you just decieve into the jungle and run home free.

Now, your team will push their lane and it will become a frenzy as they search for you and find that the other lane is losing hope. Just keep it up. Keep pushing your lane. It is easy. As Shaco you just vanish over the side wall into the jugle before they can even begin their barrage. You wasted their time, took down a turret and possibly got their commrades killed in the teamfight.

If your teammates get overrun, this is where it gets fun. Push those turrets. Wait for the team to hungrily and greedily set up the gank to rape you. The worst I have had was three from the front and two who "sneakily" came from behind. But with my wards I timed when to stand near the side wall and vanish before they knew I had even stopped pushing. You can too. It's not hard. Even if they chase you, this is the optimum scenario. I love a good goose chase with the whole team in pursuit. At anytime decieve or flash is active you are able to escape.

Decieve in directions your opponents wouldn't think of. For example, you run in the jungle with an enemy chasing close behind. When you hit the bush, decieve back, TOWARDS the enemy, not forward. The enemy will head into the jungle on one of the longest search and destroy missons and he will come back empty handed.

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"Fighting", An Explanation

"Fighting" with Shaco is different to fighting with other champions. (Obviously). But for different reasons. Mainly because Shaco can reduce a target to half health and they will not even know that you had left your lane.

It is simple. Because this build is up to date, I can explain that decieve is not what it once was. You don't want to level it quickly because all it does is add extra crit damage and a larger mana cost. It is best to use decieve not as your hard hitting devices, but as a means of in and outing.

To initiate the fight. Decieve over a wall towards the backside of your enemy. I have learnt the hard way that the decieve animation of the orange cloud and laughter is seen and heard in fog of war and bush. So it is the most discreet way to initiate by diving from somewhere they aren't looking at. You don't have to, but I advise this.

Now, HOLD ONTO THE SHIV!!! Just creep up behind them and whack them for your passive's 20% damage boost. They will auto attack you but that is ok (unless it is Tryndamere) now throw the shiv and BOOM! This is a chunk of their health and straight away (unless it is an easy kill and you can do it solo) pop your ult and auto attack them until they die. Of course, lay a Jitb once you have thrown the shiv. When you are fighting, in case they are strong, they will be feared and given another thing to worry about! Level 18 boxes shoot roughly 1.3 times a second and do 115 damage per shot at level 5. This is an amazing advantage when you are fighting.

By then you can either decieve to safety or just run away to thenext target etc.

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The Finale

I hope I didn't bore you and I hope you will take something from this build. Again, this is my first build, and I would enjoy some constructive criticism. If you think you have a better way of doing it, great, you can tell me if you need to, but I only posted this because I wanted to give everyone my 0.05.

I hope I didn't offend anyone, I have read enough comments on other builds to see that tiny comments can offend many. So I apologise in advance, because I am just posting an opinion.

If there is something wrong please comment, I will try my hardest to fix the problem.

Try the build, see what you think, have fun hey?

May the Force be with you,

From your Australian bro: A D1R7Y SANCH3Z.