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League of Legends Build Guide Author parttimeanimalshaver

Shaco Jungle Guide

parttimeanimalshaver Last updated on February 26, 2011
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Shaco Jungle Guide

A guide by Part time animal ( LoL name )

Just a few games I played over the last 2 days that I took screenies of for this guide. Feel free to check my match history at any given time as well.

They weren't customs and the 9-0-9 is ranked.

Proof of the 20-1 :)

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What to expect in this guide:
-Quick rundown of how to jungle shaco
-Item build tips
-Explanation behind items

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Pros / Cons

-Unkillable if played right
-Extreme burst damage
-Possibly best ganker out of all the junglers
-Can kill dragon as soon as you hit level 6 with only a Wriggles
-Fast jungler

-Extremely squishy ( This doesn't matter if you know how to use your R Q and Exhaust )
-IE Provides such a huge damage boost you're almost gimped without it

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Creeping / Jungling

1. Start at blue buff. Have your Mid stand in the bush in the river and one other on the ramp to watch for ganks.

2. Put down at least 5 Jack in the Boxes in front of the Cauldron while also touching the wall.

3. When blue spawns immediatly start attacking it. Smite it when it has around 500 HP left. It should take around 5-6 seconds to kill it and you should lose around 5%-10% of your total health in the process.

4. Go to wolves. Put down I Jack in the box and immediatly start attacking. Use E on the one you are not attacking that way you mitigate the most possible damage. Pop 1 Health Pot as you pass through mid after leaving wolves.

5. Set down 1 Jack in the Box in the middle of wraiths and let it initiate. Kill the Wraiths it goes after first while using your E on Blue Wraith on cooldown. Do not use Smite. Pop 1 health Pot when the one you popped when leaving wolves runs out.

6. Set down 1 Jack in the Box inbetween the blue flower and the bush in front of red buff. Wait until you have 1 second left on Jack in the Box cooldown then Smite the dragon. Do not use your E here. Use it only to finish him if you want. Pop as many health pots as you need. I use 1.

7. Set down I Jack in the box on the white flower in front of the two golems and wait until your Jack in the box is off cooldown then Melee attack one, drag both into the jack in the box, place one behind them and then melee one and E the other while focusing the one your Jack in the box goes for.

8. You are now level 4, have deceive, and have red buff. It's time to gank. 90% of the time I will be able to pull off a successful gank and be able to buy my Wriggles on the first trip back. If you are unsuccessful just buy a Madred's.

9. Once you hit level 6 and have a Wriggles you will be able to solo dragon. Set down a Jack in the box, pop your ulti, and let your ulti hit him first. Q behind him and start hitting him while letting your Ulti / jack in the boxes tank him.

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Wriggles: Essential for early game jungling. Free wards.

Berserker Boots: I find that the Boots of Mobility aren't useful with Shaco and I enjoy the increased damage output on both Champions and towers the Berserker's offer. Try both if you want, see what works for you.

Infinity Edge: Your Q guarantees a crit and so this item boosts your initial burst of damage with your Q > E Combo immensely. This item is absolutely essential for any Shaco build.

Trinity Force: Your Q will activate the proc on this item which will increase your initial burst damage and will also allow you to add quite a bit of surprise damage to your E ability for slightly prolonged fights. It also gives a slow which is great if you don't have red buff as well as a movement speed increase which is always nice for any hit-and-run champion.

All items after this I would not consider Core items. They are purely situational. If you're having trouble living after assassinating a carry in a team fight I would suggest a Banshee's Veil or if their team is predominately physical a Frozen Heart. If you have no trouble staying alive and simply want to build champion / tower killing damage you should fill out the rest of your item slots with bloodthirsters. I typically do this.