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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Nidalee Build Guide by parttimeanimalshaver

AD/ARP Nidalee ( Patch: Ahri ) RANKED GUIDE

AD/ARP Nidalee ( Patch: Ahri ) RANKED GUIDE

Updated on December 27, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author parttimeanimalshaver Build Guide By parttimeanimalshaver 3 3 8,519 Views 9 Comments
3 3 8,519 Views 9 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author parttimeanimalshaver Nidalee Build Guide By parttimeanimalshaver Updated on December 27, 2011
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In this guide you will find a detailed description of how I play, build, spec, and itemize AD/ARP Nidalee.

Please read the explanation of my item choices before trying this build in a game. In fact read the whole damn guide, it's all good!

Any feedback would be much appreciated and if you'd like to play with me please add me on Skype ( Siriuz2 ) I only play ranked and would prefer you to have 200+ Ranked games played this season and for you to be at least 1500+.

Thanks guys, enjoy the guide!
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Pros / Cons

-If played right your only counter is Rumble
-Excellent pusher with a great kit for getting away
-Extreme amounts of burst damage as well as sustained
-Free wards ( W )

-Heals won't do much late game ( AS Bonus is still extremely nice )
-Trap damage will be bad late game ( 20% MR / Armor reduction is still crazy good though )
-Spear is a completely useless skill that should only be used to proc your T-Force
-Highest skillcap of any current champion ( Don't lose heart if you don't have success with her immediately )
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My items may seem a bit confusing and I'd like to explain them here.

If you are playing against someone who's main source of damage is PHYSICAL you'll want to pick up Ninja Tabi over Merc Treads and Chain Armor over/before negatron and vice versa if their main source of damage is MAGICAL. (IE: Renekton / Rumble )

You'll need to decide if you need to be tankier or if you need more damage. If you're having problems with the enemy carries gunning for you I'd suggest the former, if you're not I'd suggest the latter.

CORE ITEM BUILD: Mercury's Treads Wriggle's Lantern Sheen

FULL ITEM BUILD: Mercury's Treads Wriggle's Lantern Trinity Force Banshee's Veil OR Randuin's Omen Black Cleaver Last Whisper

LANING AGAINST AD: Ninja Tabi Wriggle's Lantern Sheen Chain Vest

LANING AGAINST AP: Mercury's Treads Wriggle's Lantern Sheen Negatron Cloak
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Early Game ( Laning Phase )

-You've leveled W first and you'll now want to 'ward' your lane. Try to ( safely ) 'ward' tri-bush, river bush, and both lane bushes. ( Optional: Ward enemy red )

-Since you're playing AD Nidalee you're in soloing top lane. What makes Nidalee so strong as a solo topper is her sustain and auto attack range / damage. You need to start pushing your opponent out of the exp range as soon as you hit level 2. You do this by using your auto attacks in combination with your E. ( Use the bushes to unlock your passive as this will greatly help you to land more harrass )

-Do not push the lane until it is obvious they need to back and will leave the lane soon. When they do leave the lane attempt to knock over the tower ( This is very possible to do with your E and rune / mastery build.

-TIPS: Keep your 'wards' up, zone your enemy, focus on last hits, take the turret when your enemy leaves the lane.
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The runes I've chosen are designed to give early game defensive stats to help you win your lane as hard as possible.

Rune Stats Totaled:

Armor Penetration: 25 ( 34 With Masteries )
MR: 13
Armor: 13
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Unique Skills

Nidalee has a very unique kit and I'd like to break down each of her abilities and what they do / can be used for:

Q: This ability is great for proccing T-Force in Human form and is an 'execute' ability in Cougar form. ( You can pick up an easy first blood by harrassing your lane opponent down to around 40% and then using your W to jump on them, E them, then use Q to execute them. The ability does an insane amount of damage if the target is low enough on health for it to receive the full 300% damage buff.

W: This ability is essentially a ward in human form but should also be used when fighting as a 20% MR / Armor debuff is extremely good. This ability in Cougar form will allow you to hop over SOME walls, is a phenomenal gap closer, AND can increase your run speed if used on cooldown in the direction you wish to go.

E: This ability is Nidalee's bread and butter, it will heal you, proc your T-force, and provide an extreme amount of Attack Speed. This allows Nidalee to zone opponents in lane, take towers quickly, and to sustain herself in lane. The Cougar form of this ability is a large source of your damage, should be used to proc T-Force, and should be your secondary form of harrass in lane ( After auto-attack) as it has such a long melee range.

R: This ability allows Nidalee to change between Cougar form and Human Form. Cougar form can be quick swapped to take incoming Physical damage such as Parley from GP as it gives you increased armor. Cougar form can also be used to run away from ganks as it gives you increased movement speed. Finally you can use form swap to proc your T-Force when taking down a turret.

Passive: Your passive allows Nidalee her excellent harassing in lane as well as phenomenal chasing / running. Short of some idiot stacking phantom dancer's no one will be able to catch you if you're running in the jungle / river / along top lane

TIPS: Use your W to increase movement speed and hops walls.
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Summoner Spells

I chose Flash and Ignite as these will help you capatilize on Nidalee's burst damage to get you kills. ( IE: I very commonly flash / W from halfway across the lane to a 30%-40$ health opponent to kill them with an Ignite > E > Q combo. )
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League of Legends Build Guide Author parttimeanimalshaver
parttimeanimalshaver Nidalee Guide
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AD/ARP Nidalee ( Patch: Ahri ) RANKED GUIDE

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