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Shaco Build Guide by Chozenoney

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chozenoney

Shaco - Look behind you!

Chozenoney Last updated on September 12, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hi, this is my very first build here on mobafire. Constructive critic would be great. in this guide i will show you how a lane ap shaco actually can beat a whole bunch of enemies even when you are shopping at town. it will hopefully give you an insight in how underrated ap shaco is. Yes this build seems very very squishy but this is a really good build for an ap shaco. i use it even on ranked games and i win alot.

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Item sequence

I choose to buy sapphire crystal in start because of my runes and my masteries, they give me increased mana regen which is very helpful since ap shaco cant survive without mana. you can also go for dorans ring but i think its a waste of money because you cant buy potions or upgrade it. i didnt write potions in this guide because its up to you if you think you need more mana yuo pick a mana pot, if you can take it without pick 2 hp pots. the item order can be changed, also snowball items (mejai's in this case) is a really good for ap shaco, you will probally not play 1 game where you wont get 15 stacks or more. if you dont get kills or assists as shaco you can swap mejai out with deathfire grasp, also instead of banshee you can pick to use deathfire grasp. Sheen/lich bane is a must on shaco! dont question it, just buy it! shaco ends up with a ****load of damage on his spells, if you use jack in the box (JitB) to ambush people (place like 2-3) you pop ult (not necessary all times) and you just go ahead use his decieve -> behind their backs, ALWAYS! -> backstab, your attack damage +20% because of passive AND you ap because of lich bane! if that isnt enough to take enemy down, throw your beastlike two-shiv poison and K.O. that enemy champion! Low hp?? getting smacked by mordekaiser and his ulti is gonna kill you? Lich bane + hextech gunblade makes a great combo! not only nice life steal but hextech gunblade can also slow your enemy!

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I pick 9/0/21 because this is an ap build, it is basic masteries for ap and in shacos case i choose to look on the mana regen since he really needs it. also cooldown is good for him because his jacks cant last too long in the wilderness and will therefor pop after some time.

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I choose to skill this way because this build is more focusing on ambushing early-late than two-shiv spamming early which almost never result in any kills. Jack in the box is very powerful when its crowded, its good use for a tempoarily ward if you feel uncomfortable on your lane and makes great escape routes!

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Summoner spells

i choose to use flash and ignite simply because. ghost aint the best shaco can get, 2 deceive like abilities can make you catch up on enemy, if your decieve is on cooldown you have flash. if flash is on cooldown thank god that you have some cooldown reduction on ur masteries ;) I also use flash because it is a huge advantage since alot players starts to use flash on every champion now :S they simply flash out of your jacks and run. ignite gives you extra damage and if you time your two-shiv poison good you will probally get another kill and go decieve before annoying fiddlesticks fears and silences you ;)

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Pros and Cons

Easy escape.
Kills squishy champions easily.
Jack in the box brush = ownage.
Works even on ranked rating 1500+ (havent tried less.)
Infinite wards.
Can kill while in town.
Hallucinate - Make enemy attack wrong shaco (not always but go in as stealth, pop ult wait till they attack fake one and attack urself.)
Easy to kill junglers early (jack around enemy jungle)

Needs mana early.
even normal wards can see his jack in the box :(.

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Team work

Before in time i usually went teaming in ranked with my friend Aryuna, he was going lux an i'd go ap shaco we picked same lane and i start to jack. as soon as enemy comes nearby aryuna tosses out snare and we get fb almost every match. Teaming up with someone with a stun that can hold a player for around 2 seconds like sion or tariq (not the best ones since of the delay of the stun missile.) Luring enemies is also a good way. make a brush full of jacks, make your friend go less hp and push a little, they will start to go aggressive mode because he is all alone, he run in brush and you're ready to rock this brush! If you have no jungler on your team, you should be very fast at buying, place jacks behind golem (stack them on each other not next to each other) make sure to not be focused (attack it when its feared, stop attack let it focus the jacks and then go for backstab kill.)

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Ap Shaco is indeed strong due to team work but is also really weak. wards can take him down so be sure to ward too or get an oracle if you rarely die.

Credits: Chozenoney.

My own guide, my own build, my own words. Nothing copied, all from myself. Please rate and comment! Also reasons for good/bad comments are very much appreciated!