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Shaco Build Guide by nimyni

AD Offtank Shaco offtank jungle Build and Guide

AD Offtank Shaco offtank jungle Build and Guide

Updated on January 19, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author nimyni Build Guide By nimyni 3,627 Views 0 Comments
3,627 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author nimyni Shaco Build Guide By nimyni Updated on January 19, 2013
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Hi this is a guide for Shaco jungle i will teach you some basic techniques and strategys.
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Creeping / Jungling

In the jungle i prefer too be starting of with taking the blue buff by putting as many jack in a boxes at is spawn point as you can start putting them at 0:55.Get to the other side of the blue buff wall and just simple smite the blue buff when it spawns then the boxes will kill it then run straight to red (ask somone to kill the last minion as 1 will survive).Take the red buff and then the wraiths and wolfs then u should be lvl 3 then i reccomend to do a early gank in any of the lanes.If u can i recommend that u give away as many blue buffs as possible and steal the enemy blue for yourself.
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When u gank i prefer to decieve right in from a bush instantly putting a jack in a box behind the enemy champion.This oftenly gives the enemy no escape routa or forces him/her to flash and it is the most efficient way to gank with shaco.
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Shaco is very good for baiting or engaging fights.When playing Shaco tell ur team to get into a bush place some boxes there then walk straight towards the enemy team and bait them to chase u,if they do just simply run back towards the bush and then decieve backwards just before entering it and run in stealth to the enemy AD carry and take him/her out.Another way for baiting is to just send in ur clone and do the same thing with it but i will recomend to spare ur clone to takeout the carrys as some carrys may be quite tough.Shacos positioning in teamfight is simply to sneak behind the enemy team and takeout their carrys.
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Pros / Cons

Long steath and jump
Very nice escape
High DPS
Nice baiting
Nice engaging
Funny to trick people with
Epic dance

Low basic defense stats and HP pool
Melee/Close range
Many annoying ulti bugs
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I hope this guide and build helps you a lot hope you do good out there on the fields of justice!
Good Luck Everyone!

I might update the guide with some new tips and builds.
League of Legends Build Guide Author nimyni
nimyni Shaco Guide
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Shaco offtank jungle Build and Guide

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