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Shaco Build Guide by LoLxD

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LoLxD

Shaco, Stop Clowning Around! (Jungle/Lane)

LoLxD Last updated on June 11, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This is Not the best way to play Shaco, just putting that out there however. It is the most fun way to play Shaco.

Shaco is one of the most unique champions in the league making him super fun to play and difficult to play against.

He can jungle without smite which gives him so much versatility after the game has begun.

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Most would say that death isn't funny. It isn't, unless you're Shaco - then it's hysterical. He is Valoran's first fully functioning homicidal comic; he jests until someone dies, and then he laughs. The figure that has come to be known as the Demon Jester is an enigma. No one fully agrees from whence he came, and Shaco never offers any details on his own. A popular belief is that Shaco is not of Runeterra - that he is a thing summoned from a dark and twisted world. Still others believe that he is the demonic manifestation of humanity's dark urges and therefore cannot be reasoned with. The most plausible belief is that Shaco is an assassin for hire, left to his own lunatic devices until his services are needed. Shaco certainly has proven himself to be a cunning individual, evading authorities at every turn who might seek him for questioning for some horrendous, law-breaking atrocity. While such scuttlebutt might reassure the native inhabitants of Valoran, it seems unimaginable that such a malfeasant figure is allowed to remain at large.

Whatever the truth of his history might be, Shaco has joined the League of Legends for reasons only he knows. He is a terrifying figure, typically shunned by both his fellow champions and the media at large. Only the summoners in the Institute of War know why such a creature was allowed into the League, but most Runeterrans suspect it to be a means that allows the power that be to keep an eye on the ever-elusive Shaco. Unsurprisingly, this champion is popular in places where madness can openly reign, such as among the power-hungry summoners of Zaun and Noxus.

Whatever you do, don't tell him you missed the punch line.

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Pros / Cons

Very good escapes
Slow ability
Stealth ability
Fear ability
Fun to play

Countered by vision wards / oracles

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Ancient Golem -> Wolves -> Wraiths -> Golems -> Lizard Elder
When jungling Shaco without smite you must remember to always take Jack In The Box first. If you don't you will die to the Elder Golem if you do take Jack In The Box first you will loose 150 health at most. When you are near the end of the jungle route you must place boxes close to the Lizard Elder so you have enough force to take the mob down (will be shown in a video later).

After this you should be able to gank once or twice before heading back to get more items.

This is where no jungler does the same, you must continue to gank and jungle evenly now while offering buffs to those who may need them. For instance your AP mid may gain more from the blue buff than you will and your AP carry may need red buff more than you.

Because you are jungling without smite you can help out so much more on lane, you are now practically a roamer that controls the jungle and every lane.

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Movement speed and attack speed, not much to say really. We're planing a get in, kill, get out job. Taking damage isn't really in our plan.

Getting 2 of these is going to stop us from needing [Boots of Swiftness]. It is also going to get us hitting over 2 times a second.

The extra attack damage and bonus damage every critical hit will be awesome, especially scene as after this point in the game you will be hitting over 2 times a second and critical hitting 85% of the time.

Now you are doing so much damage the lifesteal really gets your health back to full in no time at all, the extra attack damage is again very useful.

This is the only bit of survivability you'll have but all the same its more the passive that is great. So what if they can catch me once, I live twice for I am Shaco.

With your movement speed and escape techniques nobody will be able to catch you. In team fights however you will be a target. But you should be able to escape that. When you find people alone or even two of them, that's when the party begins.

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Tips and tricks

    When ganking
decvieve from within a bush, drop a Jack In The Box behind the victim and then initiate with a two-shiv poisen. If they are clever they should run away, but not only are they slowed, they also set off the Jack In The Box which fears them. Giving you so much time to pick up a kill.

If your team is struggling with fights and it is late game and you are not being allowed to push, consider using Hallucinate to help destroy a tower faster when you have the chance.

Pick up a Vaperic Scepter early on as it will help with keeping your health to the max, ready for ganks.

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Thank you for reading my out of the ordinary Shaco guide. I hope it opens your eyes to new things. Please leave feedback, I would love to see if this has worked for you or even if it didn't I would love to see people who have given it a try. Thank you once again.